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Sometimes one of your vehicle’s systems will benefit from attention from specialized professionals

While the benefit of a regular general mechanic cannot be overstated, sometimes you need a specified service. With tailored options for all types of cars, enji can facilitate connecting you with easy to contact qualified experts in each of the below fields.

Professionals with enji cover the needs for both Australian and overseas vehicles, including Holden, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and BMW, just to name a few. Get started on your search by selecting what you need serviced in your vehicle.

General Maintenance and Repairs

There’s not always a specialised reason that prompts you to need a service. There may be an issue that you’re struggling to identify or just wanting to do basic maintaining work for your car with a professional. It’s still important to be able to find the right professional for what you’re looking for.

Enji can help with finding and receiving quotes from qualified professionals in your area. Find them here.

Air Conditioning

Keep abreast of the changing seasons by making sure your car’s climate control is working effectively. Get quotes from qualified air conditioning specialists by searching in your area using Enji.

Find out more information about air conditioning services and start your search here!

Steering and Suspension

It is essential to the driving experience that your car goes where you want it to go. If you’re having issues with your steering or suspension then it is worth having a qualified mechanic ensure that everything is working how it’s supposed to.

You can use Enji to find a mechanic in your area, as well as learn more about steering and suspension, by following this link.


It’s frustrating having to call roadside assist when you suddenly find yourself with a battery on the fritz. A qualified professional can often catch battery problems before they lead to those more costly callouts. Enji can help you find someone local to your area and get the best quote for your needs.

Find out more about what keeps the power on here.


Don’t take your tyres for granted! Wear and tear is an inevitable outcome for your cars tyres and it’s essential that you keep on top of maintaining them. Your tyres are what keep you connected to the road so it is worthwhile having a qualified professional work on them when it’s required.

Find out more about tyre services, and get a quote from mechanics in your area, here.


We could all use the ability to slow down and stop sometimes, but it’s a particularly important feature for your car! If you’re experiencing issues with your brakes then having a qualified professional give them a tune up is essential for the safety of you and others while driving.

Start with a quote from an Enji professional and learn more about care brakes here.

Logbook Services

Logbook services, particularly for newly purchased cars, are often done with the dealer by default. But you don’t have to follow the default options and Enji can help you find a qualified professional that you choose for your scheduled services.

You can find out more about logbook services here.

Clutch and Transmission

Clunky or unresponsive gearboxes and transmissions are often a pretty obvious problem. But smaller issues with gear changing or your clutch pedal can sometimes be something we get used to and just dismiss as normal. If your car is not operating as intended then it is time for a service.

Learn more about how Enji can help with clutch and transmission services here.

Engine Diagnostics

Working through and maintaining the engine is the bread and butter of most vehicle services. And this focus is understandable given the importance of what’s under the hood to making your car function. If you are having engine problems you will want to find a mechanic who specialises in the field to get the best result.

Get a quote for your engine service through Enji here.

Auto Electrical Services

Keep your lights on and sensors working by maintaining your cars electrical systems. Electronics are becoming more present in cars as the technology grows and changes. The electronics and mechanics of your car are both equally important so if your electronics need a service it’s best to find a specialised auto-electrician.

Check out our information on getting quotes for auto electricals services here.

Roadworthy and Safety Checks

There are lots of reasons why you car might need a roadworthy or safety check. The process and what they are called also changes from state to state in Australia so it’s important to work with a qualified inspector to ensure that your vehicle remains compliant with the requirements in your area.

Get a quote from Enji professionals and learn more about safety and roadworthy checks here.

Windscreen and Windshields

Solve any chips, cracks and sealing issues as soon as possible. Your windscreen’s integrity is essential to the safety and comfort of your driving experience. A qualified professional will be able to help you solve windscreen issues efficiently and economically!

Get a quote for a windscreen professional in your area here.