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Frequently Asked Questions

If you own the car

How do I know if I need a basic service or a scheduled service?

Every car has scheduled services, you can find your service schedule in the logbook of your car. It is often in the form of “10,000km or 6 months”, “40,000km or 2 years”, etc.  A basic service is an option if you would like a check-up in between your scheduled services, a service often recommended if you are about to go on a trip.

Why are there no workshops showing for my area?

Welcome! Enji is still in the early stages of development. Congrats to you for being one of the first visitors in your area to the greatest mechanic booking platform in Australia (we are only a little biased). Keep checking back soon!

Am I going to be inundated with phone calls once I provide my details?

Absolutely not! There is nothing worse than entering your details into a website and being bombarded with calls. That is why we do not provide your phone number to a mechanic or workshop until after you have accepted their quote via email.

Is the price quoted to me a fixed price?

Mechanics will do their absolute best to be as accurate as possible when providing an estimated price, however this may change if problems are found when inspecting the car. They will always communicate any new issues or changes to the price with you before commencing any work.

If I send a mechanic my details, does that automatically book me in?

Not just yet! You will receive an estimated price and either acceptance or amendment to your suggested time via email. Once you accept this, you are on your way!

If you fix the cars

Do I need to be tech savvy to get a booking?

No way! We have made the whole process as easy as replying to an email. Watch a video here of how you respond to quotes, get bookings, and make car servicing easy with Enji.

Why should I sign up to Enji?

We are a FREE listing site, to connect your business to car owners that prefer to communicate via online platforms. We have consulted with mechanics and workshops in the design of our workflows to ensure the website works with you, and for you.  For more information, see our Benefits page.