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Sunshine North, Victoria


Are you looking for a Car Service Sunshine near me? Star Auto Group is the solution. We’ve got you covered with end to end car repairs, car service, replacements at cost savings and 100% genuine parts. Our auto repair shop is equipped with advanced infrastructure & equipment with certified mechanics & you can get your car fixed with confidence.If you’re in Sunshine & looking for car service at Sunshine at an unbeatable price, we’re just a call away.

From RWC inspections Sunshine to general car service, tuneups, electrical service, truck repairs, car tyre replacements, premium tyres, mechanical services, wheel alignments, car detailing services and more, we can offer the best car service for you at a budget. Get the best support for car & truck repair service from expert professional mechanics Sunshine. For car service Sunshine, book us online or call us to schedule your appointment today.

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99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Star Auto Group’

A professionally managed auto workshop for cars, utes, vans and light/heavy trucks. Friendly staff, and reasonable rates. Star Auto provides wonderful experience!!!!

Bikkar Singh Brar

04 Aug 2022

Went for a roadworthy with them yesterday, very professional and quick at what they do depending on their schedule. Very great prices also considering other places! Highly recommend if you haven’t been here before


24 May 2022

The best auto workshop for trucks and car, experienced staff and affordable rates.


08 Aug 2022

The team at Star Auto Group are true gems! They went above and beyond for me today. It’s the second time I’ve used their services and they’ll definitely be seeing me again for all my future repairs and services. Thanks again guys! Your professionalism, friendliness, fair prices and knowledge is very much appreciated ??


01 Feb 2022

the best auto workshop, reasonable rates for car and truck service and repair. friendly staff and good amentirs.

Rnvr Cheema

13 May 2022

top services , Fair prices highly recommended

Badr Abed

07 Mar 2022

Worst Experience! - Took my car to have a couple of wheels replaced, which have Wheelocks. Unfortunately, my wheelock had previously been damaged, therefore I had borrowed another wheel lock from a friend 30min prior, who owns a business nearby. I placed the new wheelock in front cup holder and the damaged one in the glove box. Shortly after, I received a call from the staff mentioning the wheelock in the car is damaged therefore cannot unscrew the tyres. I explained to the staff member that there should be two wheelocks in the car, one is damaged and the other one is fine as I had just picked it up from a friend before dropping of my car. The staff member refused to accept that there were two wheel locks in the car, so I decided to comeback to the workshop (in peak hour) to check the car myself incase it had dropped on the side of the seats. 1 hour looking through the entire car, I was in disbelief that the wheel lock had gone missing but did not play the blaming game, as I mentioned to the owner of the wheel lock being in the cup holder but should have physically handed it to him. Despite being 100% sure that I had left the wheelock in the cup holder, I chose to purchase a brand new wheelock out of my own pocket to get the job done and took the old one with me home. Upon collecting my car, one of the staff members accidentally mentioned that he had left both Wheelocks in the car, which could not be right as I had taken the old damaged Wheelock back home. At this point, I was shocked, as the dissappered wheel lock had come back magically, but in the worsen condition. Upon confronting both the supervisor and his colleague, Both, did not have the audosatasy to accept there mistake, and continued to beat around the bush. ** Saff were very unprofessional, not trustworthy.** The owner was decent, so I expected at least a courtesy call for the waste of time. Will definitely not be wasting my time and money there.

Aeric Badyal

18 Feb 2022

I have been servicing my car last six years. Genuine guys, great prices. I recommend.

Omer Turan

15 Sep 2022

Rang up for Roadworthy today for an Audi. The guy told me $220 straight off the bat. Had to mention to him that their website states Certificates starting at $149. To which he rudely replied yeah mate "starting" at $149 but I don't know what needs to be done to the car. So I said neither do you considering you haven't yet seen it. Despite informing him the car was purchased new from a dealership he insisted work will have to be done. Needless to say I was taking my car there. Funny to me that have a guy that looks like Tom Brady offering the Certificates for $150 on their website. Think they change it to an Indian bloke wanting to charge more. Would be fair suggest the reality of the company.

david jilla

13 Dec 2022

A professionally managed auto workshop for cars, utes, vans and light/heavy trucks. Friendly staff, and reasonable rates. Star Auto provides wonderful experience!!!!

Bikkar Singh Brar

20 Dec 2022

Not the best place. A lot of waiting time, probably only 1 good mechanic, no receipts of parts bought, list goes on

Ronaldo H

03 Dec 2022

I found star auto is professional run auto workshop . The staff is very friendly and the charges are affordable. Plz try get their service . I wish merry Christmas to star auto

navi singh

19 Dec 2022

Great service. My family has gone to this mechanic for many years and they do a reasonable price for the cost of the repairs for the car.

Tracy Nguyen

22 Dec 2022

Great and efficient service every time . Very reasonable priced tyres for all makes and models . Staff are very professional and helpful.

Max Goundar

06 Jan 2023

Been custom for nearly 5 years. Very affordable, very reliable and promt on helping me on time. My car had no problem at all when doing services using this guy. Very happy.

Jimmy Le

23 Jan 2023

Auto star workshop is good place for your vehicles, especially mandeeep is highly skill full mechanic and he has solve all the problems very easily,I prefer to my all friends and family to auto star workshop.


15 Feb 2023

It’s a rip off. They try to charge you more money than what it actually costs. I had dropped my VW Jetta for getting RWC the guys just charged me $250/- just to check and tell what it needs. Later came up saying rear doors not locking so I need to fix and come back. I asked them where can I get it done aren’t you a mechanic ? He says ahh sorry google it up and see who can fix it. We don’t do it was his reply. Lol these are the kinds of mechanics that this place has. Guys pls avoid going here as they aren’t technically sound guess they donno what they are doing.

Rakshith Shastry

14 Feb 2023

Extremely poor customer service and tried to over charge me when I dropped the car off. He then proceeded to call me a liar which in itself was incorrect. I would NOT recommend this business.

James Gillet

13 Feb 2023

I was booked for service, they genuinely charged me for a service with safety inspection. I am happy with the service.

Sahil Arora

15 Feb 2023

I’m always happy with the service The car service here are the best ????⭐️

Anhar Mekha

05 Jul 2023

Very welcoming and helpful with all enquiries. Very affordable.


06 Jul 2023

Great place to work. Great place to fix cars. Highly recommended.


04 Aug 2023

Do yourself a favour and Don’t bring your car here. I had taken my car for a service and brought my own oil so I knew what was going into my car. They kept my oil and put their cheap oil into my car and on top of that charged 250 for a service. Very shifty

Ace G

08 Aug 2023

Been custom for nearly 7 years. Very affordable, very reliable and promt on helping me on time. Very Happy.


17 Sep 2023

This star auto team is very professional and do good job at affordable price. Don't waste your time and money somewhere else come and experience the difference.

Jeet S

23 Aug 2023

Great Owners. Real Gentlemen. Highly recommended.

Wasim Somo

26 Sep 2023

Able to tend to my car as priority and was clear communication throughout the repair process. Thanks for sorting everything out.

Adam Rybak

12 Nov 2023

Great service, quick and efficient with replacing my tires

Jacynta Watts

13 Feb 2024

My first time taking my car into this business & I felt comfortable & looked after. They took real good care of me & explained to me the process before bringing the car in over the phone which I liked, as some company’s may not do that in detail. Good location close to home, & they’re professional, hospitable, welcoming & reasonable priced. I will diffidently recommended to friends/family & will use their service again. I can’t thank the team enough truly appreciated! Thank you Star Auto Group!


16 Feb 2024

Amazing people and service done. Well looked after my cars than anywhere else. Best price in area with all service provided. Cant dwell to go anywhere, this is one stop repair shop for literally anything. Thanks guys


15 Feb 2024

Hidden gem in the corner of Davies avenue, thanks guys for outstanding service you provide


15 Feb 2024

Never take your car to this workshop they don’t help in any way, but they are happy to take your money, they are also very rude to deal with, on top of all these issues it took the workshop one week to diagnose a throttle body fault, I’m unsure if it was due to lack of knowledge or due to being lazy as the workshop was not busy at all.

Arron I

06 Mar 2024

I would not bring your car here, they are just after your dollars. Over quoted and said things needed replacing when that was not the case.

Stephanie Nicotra

06 Mar 2024

I brought my 2014 Mazda 3 SP25 GT in for a service and Road worthy as i was looking to sell it. I dropped the car off at ~9am and had heard nothing by 3pm that day. i had to call them to get an update to which they told me my car failed the Road Worthy check, stating the car needed new front tires, low control arm bushings and a rear tail lamp according to the sheet. The front tires has 3mm of primary tread and 2mm in the secondary tread lines and when i questioned them on why they said i needed replacements i was told "I'm not going to argue mate" I declined any further works on the car as i didn't trust them afterwards. When i picked up the car they asked why i declined the works and after giving them the run down they further explained that it was the INSIDE tread that was low which was still not that case as the tread was above the legal minimum of a roadworthy of 1.5mm. After this i took the car to Kmart Tire and Auto as my partner gets her car serviced there and their roadworthy report came back with NO ITEMS required to pass. If you're looking for a quick roadworthy stay away as it feels as if they just want to take your cash!


19 Mar 2024

Very good service. Thank you himal for you help and overall happy with the customer service????

Enjila Bista

21 Mar 2024

Staffs are friendly and works effectively. Mandy is a professional staff who takes care of my car. I requested for RWC and also fixed, they chargd reasonable price and fairgo. If you look for a reliable mechanic shop, I would highly recommend to call them or walk in.

Wai Kwok

29 Apr 2024

Mandy was very accomodating, did a really good job with the Roadworthy and at a very fair price

Denis Dcotta

06 May 2024