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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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192 McIntyre Road, Sunshine North, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Sunshine Tyre & Auto Service’

Wonderful place for my car. Very good service. You can feel willingness to help. Recommended

Ranajit Sinha (RJ)

30 Jun 2021

Clear and well explained diagnosis. Been servicing my car here from last 7 years. Never had any issues. They are knowledgeable, punctual, honest and know their stuff. Very professional and economical. Highly recommended.

Ripu Daman Gairola

01 Mar 2021

'' Most reliable, kind, supportive and respectful service around the suburbs. I appreciate the warmth with which your advisors treated me. All great attributes for a new driver's to feel confident about an repair. Thank you! ''

gaurav kumar

27 Feb 2021

Fast and professional service. Well priced. Will definitely be using their service again and will be recommending to friends and family.


27 Feb 2021

Excellent, best car service company out there!! Highly recommend!

Pooja Kamath

17 May 2021

Midas on McIntyre Rd are the best in the western suburbs. Real professional and they take good care of us customers. I have told all friends and family about them. I will go back again 9 out of 10 for me.

Ignacio Zuniga

26 Nov 2021

Few days back I gave my car for general services and fixing a light they charge me 189$. I took my car and I drove 10kms and Suddenly an engine error on my dash board and a lot of black smoke From exhaust. And I check the engine oil it was literally black think oil and I drove car just 10kms after serviced.and also in the picture which I posted (1) he added so many near 6 washers to 1 bolt (great job) instead of spending 15$ they sort it like this. When I went to other mechanic they were laughing. This deserves 0 star and not recommend.


04 Dec 2021

Worst car service I never seen in my life time, I went for RWC as well as serving they gonna charge me more and more money, when I went there they always created new problems on the Car. They changed spark flogs they put a hole on the RPM to fix this problem it took me to 3 weeks it took me 1000$

rohit babu

05 Dec 2021

I went for servicing and told them about my AC problem . when I stall with AC on my car is struggling for fe secs and turning off by itself . When told them the problem they told me they have change spark plugs and if it workout they told they some other stuff in transmission. I said ok and they charged me 1100 for spark plugs , service and air filter but the problem is still there . He told the next parts that to change would cost me 1800 dollars . As I can’t afford that type of money as I already spent 1100 on car . I said nooo and one day I thought of repairing myself Using YouTube university.all I spent is 30 dollars for bushes and WD -40 to clean throttle body clean . Now it’s running perfect. Second time I went there as when I am going in High speed my car is shaking .he told me my back tire is bent and it cost would cost 400 to change tire but all I needed was wheel alignment ( I went there second time before I repaired my AC .so I don’t have any idea they are robbing people )

sai kiran reddy k

08 Jan 2022

Great people but not so great mechanics/service ..i took my car to the shop after it broke down and after different diagnosis and lots of charges, they still couldn't fix the initial issue. The issue continued even after they claimed that it was fixed(it broke down again after a week).

Diana Liech

20 Feb 2022

My experience couldn’t be worst. My car got in working perfectly and got out on top of a tow. If you like your car and your money, RUN away from these guys. I’m still trying to figure what they did.

Lucas Silva

25 Apr 2022

Excellent service! Great pricing. Would absolutely recommend!

Ian Messig

07 Sep 2022

I had my brakes fixed that was fine but then you quoted me on control on arm with ball joint and front bushes $1700 to fix so I got a second opinion had it fixed for $781 just shows how much you tried taking advantage of me.

Matthew Aldgate

11 May 2023

They aren’t mechanics but the rippers and ll rip you apart inch by inch. They charge even more than they already quoted , moreover the quote they gave me which was around $2500 and I fixed it in 1300 can you imagine. Seriously never even thinking about them going is far.

Rajvir Singh

27 Sep 2023

I just randomly chose Midas Sunshine and took them a car with long standing issues. Darryl was an absolute legend and after good look at it, told me he thought he could resolve it. He delivered! I couldn't recommend the crew at Midas any more highly!!

Simon Lamb

20 Dec 2023

What an excellent mechanic! I was ready to give up on my car as she was running so rough! Right from the get go I was looked after by Darryl! He knows his stuff & a very kind bloke. I will be definitely coming back as my car is now purring like a kitten. I definitely recommend Midas in Sunshine.


09 Jan 2024

Darryl absolutely looked after us. Car, abruptly, needed a service of the Christmas Holidays (pre caravan trip) and Darryl was able to fit us in, no hassles. Worked hard to work through a few issues, honest and integrity to the core Thanks again Rohan (Pajero Sport)

Rohan Murray

15 Jan 2024

High quality service and very efficient at a reasonable price, Very happy with the service. Definitely recommend it

Richard Musoke

15 Jan 2024

Daryl knows his stuff and will save you money! No dodgy stuff here. Good bloke good service ????????

Xavier Smith

17 May 2024