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Beenleigh, Queensland


Rapid Tune Beenleigh is set to become a major automotive Service Centre within the local community. Opened in 2020, this clean and professional workshop is proudly run by Mariah and her team who boast many years of experience in the automotive industry.

Talk to the car mechanic experts at Rapid Tune Beenleigh about car servicing and car repairs. Our passionate, friendly and fully qualified mechanics are here to help.

All products are covered by manufacturers warranties, and workmanship is guaranteed.

Call Mariah on 3386 1376 to book or obtain a competitive quote or you can complete the online booking form above.

Your local mechanic and brake experts at Rapid Tune Beenleigh offer a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:

Log Book Servicing
Fuel Injection Services
Auto Transmission
Roadworthy Tester
All Mechanical Repairs
Wheel Balancing and Alignment

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Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
Auto Electrical Services
General Maintenance and Repairs
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Battery Services
Steering and Suspension
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services


55 Main St , Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Rapid Tune Beenleigh’

Staff were all very friendly and helpful. They were able to book me in ASAP as my car was overdue for a service. They were quick so I didn’t need to wait around long with my baby and car drives better than ever. Thank you to the amazing staff will definitely be back.

Courtney Colburn

02 Aug 2021

The team at Rapid Tune Beenleigh are nothing short of amazing! Their customer service, straight forward and honest advice goes a long way. Safe to say both of my cars are in good hands and would definitely advise you to check them out ?

Jacob Lawson

09 Nov 2021

I asked at short notice if they could take a look at a car I was going to buy. They gave me a detailed report and were super helpful when they discoved so many problems. They even called someone to check my rights about getting my deposit back. I couldn't have wished for better service or treatment. So grateful for you guys. It was so great to recieve genuine support and help after having been shafted so much in my life. Huge thank you!

Lothar Ledgerd

12 Feb 2022

This is a great company. My 2nd time at Beenleigh, I must say the staff are so professional and courteous.

Maree Sweet

03 Dec 2021

Team at Rapid Tune Beenleigh has to be one of the best in the game, with exceptional customer service and top notch work. It is hard to go elsewhere once you experience the service by Team RTB.

Manu Sharma

09 Nov 2021

Best thing I ever did was making the decision to take my car to Rapid Tune Beenleigh. Customer service was great, Mariah was amazing and was so helpful from start to end which made it so comfortable. Everything was explained very well and they were quick to get my car in and fixed. Highly recommend

Ben Vienot

08 Oct 2021

I would like to thank the team at Rapid Tune Beenleigh for helping me get my car back on the road. After calling multiple mechanics I was unable to get anyone to look at my job untill next week... But thankfully Mariah and the team understood my situation and within 10minutes I was back on the road. Looking forward booking my next service with them. Thanks again ?

Luke Benson

01 Nov 2021

Thank you for the car service. Fast service and fair price.

Matthew Harm

04 Mar 2022

Layla and her husband (didn't catch his name) went above and beyond for me today. Thank you very much from out of towners. Excellent service and understanding.

Shaun Comber

14 Apr 2022

I found its bit over priced, normal service ended with a 933$ bill. As per the bill the spark plugs are changed, checked the car and its not changed, but it is 70kms and no need to change spark plugs. Checked with another mechanic and i found that most of the problems they told me is not even existed and i paid the bill because i need the car to go for work not because of i happy to pay that, also i found that it happened to my colleague too. She gave car for a normal service few months back and ended with 1500$ bill. So i wont recommend this for anyone.

Teena Thomas

20 Apr 2022

Very unprofessional. They couldn’t even find a simple issue i have had with van. Very unprofessional, rude and poor service. Won’t recommend to anyone. They charged me extra for waste management They should mention that before they get onto someone’s car to fix.


06 Jul 2022

Great service a pleasure from the moment I spoke to Leyla .. extremely tidy workshop , friendly staff and competive pricing. Leyla was outstanding in searching for parts. Totally recommended and have found my ideal local mechanic ??

Buzz Zzub

15 Jul 2022

Incredibly friendly staff who seem to go out of their way to help their customers. Any more troubles with the Ute, I'll be coming back here. Thanks RapidTune Beenleigh for the excellent service, price and for letting Jackson take over the customer lounge.. Flick & Jackson

Felicity Burchett

23 Jul 2022

Excellent service on my jeep wrangler, I never feel worried leaving my vehicle in the hands of the mechanics at rapid tune Beenleigh. Honest and extremely tidy workshop, also found faults other vehicle specific mechanics failed to recognise and repair. Will be my permanent mechanics from now on.

Luke “Xsleuth83X” Stanton

23 Oct 2021

Rapid Tune Beenleigh has never let me down. Amazing customer service and a mechanic that guarantees results. I refuse to take any of my vehicles elsewhere. Thank you

Bry Early

19 Oct 2022

I wouldnt take a kids billy kart to these clowns. Started off with a gearbox service and check over, discovered a problem and quoted 750 odd dollars to fix which is fair enough. Then turn around and say that the thermostat and radiator and broken and need repairing. Ok funny when id been checking there was no coolant leaks and thermostat was working 2 days before hand. Then they have the ordasity to charge another $1100 dollars to do these repairs for something that wasnt broken and then the car had temp problems. Was rude to my misses and took full advantage of her and her mum. Low life scumbags that rip off women

Big Red

10 May 2022

I wouldnt take a kids billy kart to these clowns. Started off with a gearbox service and check over, discovered a problem and quoted 750 odd dollars to fix which is fair enough. Then turn around and say that the thermostat and radiator and broken and need repairing. Ok funny when id been checking there was no coolant leaks and thermostat was working 2 days before hand. Then they have the ordasity to charge another $1100 dollars to do these repairs for something that wasnt broken and then the car had temp problems. Was rude to my misses and took full advantage of her and her mum. Low life scumbags that rip off women Edit- just received invoice for work on the car. These low lives have charged for 3 thermostat housings when theres only 1 then charged 260 labour to replace it. Then charged $357 for a stock radiator kit and 3 hours labour ontop. Then had the ordasity to tell me thats the bill is right. What an absolute joke of a business. Do not use whatever you do. Have posted a picture of invoice as proof of this disgusting business antics

Big Red

11 May 2022

Really disheartened after my experience with Rapid Tune Beenleigh today as I feel they took advantage of me being a younger girl. My car had been making a strange sound so I booked it in and dropped it off with them this morning to check it out and find the problem A few hours later I received a phone call saying there was multiple issues with the car and the total would be around 4k to fix. They said I could leave my car there and they would be able to get started on fixing these issues tomorrow I declined and said I would pick up my car this afternoon, I also asked if they would be able to give me a breakdown of all the issues and prices for what needed to be repaired, they said they would have that ready for me when I picked up my car When I got there to pick up my car she said they had already completed a service and that I owed $270. This was not discussed previously at all I was also then told that they couldn’t give me a broken down quote on what needed to be repaired because ‘there was too many issues’ I believe this was unprofessional and can’t understand why they weren’t able to give me a breakdown quote for what needed to be fixed I was made to feel like I had to pay $270 for the service that was never previously discussed so I paid and left feeling upset taken advantage of

Cailis Baldwin

08 Sep 2022

had a thermostat replaced on my daughters car, they didn’t install the circlip that holds it in so they used a grinder to cut it back and glued it. they would not come out to look at the problem and wanted us to pay for a tow truck to take there. absolute scabs at this place and wouldn’t recommend anybody using this low life

Jakie Haase

11 Nov 2022

Rang Rapid Tune and the Lady on the phone was courteous and very helpful finding the correct brake pad for my Sons car. Was told of a price and Rapid Tune had an opening in less than an hour. I actually paid less than I was told. Happy to recommend Rapid Tune Thank you

Barry Fisher

22 Nov 2022

Do not use this mechanical workshop under any circumstances. Apparently the previous owners were good but the new owners are shocking and will try anything to rip you off. I will not go into any detail but hopefully after reading this you will go somewhere else for any mechanical repairs. I will send head office a detailed email of my experience explaining exactly what happened. I can only hope that this was just a once off bad experience with this particular Rapid Tune but what I am now hearing from locals and other businesses in the industry is to stay well clear of Rapid Tune Beenleigh.

Tony Hartwig

24 Nov 2022

I will definitely go back to Rapid Tune Beenleigh for service and maintenance on my car, they are very honest and trustworthy people, he explained and showed me what needs to be done on my suspension.

hasan zand

14 May 2023

Went above and beyond to help me get my brakes repaired on the day with short notice would recommend there professional service on my LDV d90


09 Aug 2023

One of the best mechanics in Beenleigh area by so far, workshop was very clean and their customer service was great. Thanks for your support and help.

Mahmoud Taghiei

05 Sep 2023

Do not recommend machanic has fully put my vehicle into limp mode . As soon as I noticed the problem I attempt to take it back and the man has swore at me told me to take him to court .extremely rude and un professional.

Matiu Te Huia

03 Sep 2023

Very good place to have car serviced, good price and very friendly and helpful people to deal with. I will be back

Alan Wills

22 Oct 2023

Please do not take your car here if you have a euro car????????‍♀️ Firstly I had purchased a “ticket” from one of the sales people from Marsden Woolworths for $199, the sales people said to me when I brought it that it would include everything and the $199 I spent on the “ticket” would cover the cost of the service. Fast forward to when I went to go get my VW serviced I pre booked, walked in and told them I had a ticket and went to leave. The lady at the service desk said that it was not included in the ticket & that I had to pay $140 for the service. I asked why and she stated that the ticket was only used to be discounted off. When I said the sales person (MO) who told me that it was included in the $200 I spent on the ticket she explained that they are sales people who were hired from somewhere else and that he did not explain it properly. ANYWAYS, fast forward to the service, I ended up paying the $140 to get my car serviced. After my car was serviced I receive the feedback on my car and take a look at it. They said my LH reverse light was out???? Golf’s only have 1 reverse light (first red flag). They also mistakenly said I have the wrong air filter when they were pointing to my cold air intake (second red flag). The last red flag for me was they did not check the air filter, cabin filter or brake fluid flush. Anyways don’t waste your money like I did if you have a golf or euro car. The mechanics do not have any knowledge about them & it’s better if you take it to a specialist within your car brand. Thanks & don’t waste your time with the sales scammers.

Edenlee Samuels

17 Feb 2023

My car had a problem with a coolant leak from the A/C. I came to this service and said that I need to do a diagnostic, they did and said that no leaks were found. They refilled the air conditioner - after 3 days the coolant all leaked out, it turns out there really was a leak. I came to them for the fourth time when they finally found out where the leak was, they sealed this leak with glue and did not give any guarantee. However, they took money for the second time refueling the air conditioner, despite the fact that it was their fault that they did not find a leak. Very surprised by such unprofessionalism and poor customer service. I would not recommend this auto repair shop to anyone!

Анатолий Хмелевской

22 Nov 2022

Won’t be back. Went in for a service and a few other little things, he cleaned the engine and got the ignition coils wet. I told him this is the 3rd time a mechanic has done this, I new exactly what the problem was, had a radiator flush but had to call 2 days later frustrated with hardly any water/ coolant and gurgling, I realised it was the radiator cap. Why wasn’t this checked. It was fine before and I noticed it had little dents probably from being dropped. I hope they lift their game. Frustration when you have to take car back and forth when it should be done right the first time.

Louisa La Greca

16 May 2023

If you have a Euro car please don't take your car here. In fact don't take your car here in general. I enquired if they were familiar with my car and they said yes. They allege that they completed the issues and after paying them over $2,000 and driving down the road, the issue was still there. I went back and told them about the issue and they turned around and said "we don't know anything about that type of suspension. We did what we were ament to". When we questioned what they did, they stated that they fixed components of the vehicle that were just done by a dealership! They refused to fix the issue or even provide a refund. I never gave them consent to touch the components that they touched. In fact, I had told them prior to working on the vehicle that those components were just done a couple of days beforehand by the dealership. After going back to my dealership, they fixed the issue for less than half the price that these guys charged me. I'm now engaging in a law firm to take further action. Yes, when you search my name in your system, you won't find me because I don't use my actual name on public forums.

Brayden Walker

16 Jul 2023

The team at rapid tune Beenleigh have awesome customer service and were able to help me out with my 4wd. Would strongly recommend :) Thanks guys!

Adam Porter

13 Nov 2023

I strongly recommend this workshop, as they have been very helpful and assist me with my inquiries. Great work, guys, and keep moving forward.


14 Nov 2023

Pretty disappointed. Had air con regassed and they found a leak. ‘Fixed’ the leak and air con is once again out of gas. So didn’t find the leak and charged me for something that probably wasn’t even leaking but just the easiest fix. Waste of money, will take my car elsewhere to have it fixed once again.

Cedric “Ced” Sixx

18 Nov 2023

Pretty disappointed. Had air con regassed and they found a leak. ‘Fixed’ the leak and air con is once again out of gas. So didn’t find the leak and charged me for something that probably wasn’t even leaking but just the easiest fix. Waste of money, will take my car elsewhere to have it fixed once again. Try a different last name. ‘Barr’ you’ll find me.

Cedric “Ced” Sixx

21 Nov 2023

Rapid Tune Beenleigh service is always the best and their auto service and other mechanical work is great. They have never charged me excessive fee and worked on two of my cars with great attention. I have used many other service places for my cars but never found a better place than them. That’s why I still go to Beenleigh at their shop for car service, even now when I am living near Brisbane city. It’s worth the travel for the sake of my car’s health.

Fahim Ahmed

02 Dec 2023

DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS PLACE OF BUSINESS FOR YOUR CAR. DEALT WITH INDIAN MAN WITH GLASSES AND A BLACK TSHIRT who was extremely unprofessional, rude, aggressive and well not a nice human. Had a service done on our Toyota hilux today only to realize that something was now majorly wrong with our vehicle right after the service once we hit the motorway our vehicle could not go past 75ks. Took our vehicle back to advise the worker/owner whom ever he is for him to say it will cost more for him to check the issue obviously caused from the service PROVIDED FROM THIS TERRIBLE PLACE OF BUSNIESS and to have this nasty man smack his hand on our bonnet and tell us to leave along with verbal abuse. SAVE yourself money time and a far better experience by avoiding these rip offs At all costs.

Connorly Church

31 Aug 2023

Avoid warning! Took my car here because the day prior the car wasn’t running properly had a miss and vibration. I knew what the problem would be immediately a coil pack failure as these are common on Holden Commodores. The first thing I said when I arrived was I think I have suspected coil pack failure. They did a diagnostic check and a misfire on cylinder 4 was reported by their system. A bit more checking and the problem was apparently spark plugs so they changed the plugs, after that was done he come back and said that it was actually a coil pack failure. The bill was originally $555 but they knocked off $90 for the diagnostics check. I literally told them what the issue was when I first walked in.. a coil pack should be $75 plus labour to replace around $150-$200 mark all up. I had to pay $465 because they changed the plugs which wasn’t even necessary as the car was running beautifully before the coil pack failed so they charged me labour for the plugs too. I’d hate to think what he’s charging people who don’t know what they’re talking about and question his billing. Owners are horrible too and was yelling at his staff and treating them like dirt. Total third world workshop. Avoid at all costs.

Nick Rea

30 Sep 2023