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Beenleigh, Queensland


Family owned for 25 years ,we can service all types of vehicles including logbook servicing, safety certificates, and any mechanical works.

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Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
General Maintenance and Repairs
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Windscreen and Windshields
Air Conditioning
Battery Services
Steering and Suspension


51 Logan River Rd, Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Beenleigh Tyre & Auto Service’

I have been having my car serviced at Midas Beenleigh now for 2 years. I have total faith in this team to tell me what my car needs, without taking advantage of my lack of mechanical knowledge. I have compared prices with the quotes given before I authorise the work. They always come out on top with the most competitive price. The work is always done promptly and with great pride in what they do. Can’t recommend this friendly professional team enough.


05 Apr 2022

Always have been very helpful whether they got my business or not.

Edward Paget

26 Jul 2020

I've been a fan Midas for years, the work is always perfect never had to go back . An they're pretty much honest about what has to be done , service with a smile. GO TEAM

Andrew Smith

13 May 2022

Always get great service with these guys. Will always call first to get the go ahead with my service. Very reliable . Highly recommended. Very friendly.

Michelle Smith

10 Feb 2020

Every time I have been to Midas at Beenleigh no job has been too hard or too big. Not being car minded each time they explain what they have done or will need to do. Even if I have an emergency issue Matt and his team are always obliging, helpful and professional. I’d recommend Midas Beenleigh to anybody. The last time I was in was because of lights flashing everywhere, they ran a diagnostics test and gave me the results and what it all meant for me, and a price to replace the “faulty” item. Great service, as always.

Paul Cooper

24 May 2021

I'm happy with the outcome ?

Patricia Fitzpatrick

08 Dec 2020

Grant and the guys at Midas Beenleigh have been looking after our car for 2 years now and they always do a thorough job. Midas always let us know what work needs doing and the cost before they start working on our car. No surprises. We are so happy with the care they have taken with doing regular services, and extra work like replacement of the control arm and wheel alignment. ? We found the staff at Midas Bennleigh always professional. Thank you. Susan and Colin Anderson.

Susan Anderson

19 Jul 2022

Great staff and very professional as well as accommodating to all my questions

Graeme Osborne

19 Jul 2022

Not happy, Not professional people in Midas beenleigh.. give away jobs

Ramin satar

18 Aug 2022

This business fitted airbags to my ute. They are professional and friendly, very cost effective and did the job as per specification. Job well done and thanks Team.

Gerald Schlebusch

22 Aug 2022

What a polite and helpful young man I just encountered when booking my Subaru in for a service because the car dealership can't fit us in until October!! Went out of his way to check that the service would meet warranty requirements. Up front quote on time and cost. Thank you! Looking forward to bringing the car in.

Amanda Huf

09 Sep 2022

All the team at Midas Beenleigh are extremely professional. Kept in contact through the entire repairs process. Always greeted with a smile and showed an interest in both my vehicle and my requirements.

Ken Robertson

12 Sep 2022

Grant and the guys at Midas Beenleigh have been looking after our car for 2 years now and they always do a thorough job. Midas always let us know what work needs doing and the cost before they start working on our car. No surprises. We are so happy with the care they have taken with doing regular services, and extra work like replacement of the control arm and wheel alignment. ? We found the staff at Midas Bennleigh always professional. Thank you. Susan and Colin Anderson.

Susan Anderson

15 Nov 2022

I found them to be very professional & I wasn't kept waiting for hours. Pricing was reasonable. Still have a couple of items to be done. Will definitely use them again to service my car.

Grace Wasley

15 Nov 2022

These guys never disappoint !! From the customer service when booking to the end product these guys score a 10 / 10 . I had booked my car in to have timing belt replaced and service . I received a call advising it was to early for timing belt but had found a couple of other issues. All recommended repairs were explained. ( without mansplaining) and a cost quote given. When I collected my car the damaged part was shown to me and explanation given why it had been important to replace. The cost had no hidden surprises and a fully itemised invoice was provided. Perfect business to take your car for care if you are female and want to drive away with full confidence that your car is mechanically healthy. I highly recommend Midas Beenleigh .

Kim Lamberton

02 Sep 2021

I wouldn't use this company, even if I was desperate. The man you are getting to try and drum up business is doing the exact opposite for you. Yesterday he came barging into our office, speaking loudly, as he walks in the door trying to get someone's attention. 1 second had passed and he then aggressively starts ringing the bell. He was very impatient as people are trying to speak to clients on the phone. When speaking to one of our staff, he was abrupt and very pushy when asking to speak to the manager. He was also pushy when asking our staff member if she requires servicing and when she replied that her husband was a mechanic, he then continued to be passive aggressive asking if he could help anyone else with servicing and when she said everyone was unavailable due to being on phone calls, he sarcastically said "So i can't help anyone here with servicing, then?!" The answer was "No, sorry about that" and he turned around and attempted to slam the door. He didn't leave any brochure's, didn't say anything to the effect of "Well please don't hesitate to give us a call if you require any servicing in the future." His attitude was shocking, he disrupted the entire office and even our manager came out as he left to see if the staff member was okay as she could hear the whole ordeal from her office with the door closed.

Daneeka Hudson

29 Sep 2022

Extremely disappointed and would not recommend using this service. I was approached by a very enthusiastic man in a shopping centre carpark who pushed this "discount certificate card" onto me after explaining the business is supposedly under New Management. He very poorly explained what this certificate includes while asking me to sign. I paid $199 for the certificate after asking multiple questions and clearly misunderstanding the details that were very cleverly not explained. Called a month later to book in my car like the guy had told me to do and was told I would need to pay another $382 on top of the $199 I already paid ($581 for a service) Extremely misleading marketing and waste of money for dishonest marketing tactics, STAY AWAY from Midas and "Value Marketing"


26 Oct 2022

I have been living on the Gold Coast since 2020. When I arrived I used a local Mechanic to perform the necessary registration roadworthy certificates on my vehicle. The mechanic tried to tell me that my car had several faults that required fixing at a cost of hundreds of dollars. I have some knowledge of cars, so I checked the faults myself. I soon discovered that I was being over-serviced. I declined the extra work. I went to Midas at Beenleigh for the next service on my car and I have never looked back. They are professionally run, they ask all the right questions about your cars' current performance and they ask if there is anything you would like them to pay particular attention to. Midas then gives your car a thorough once over and calls you with anything that needs to be done other than your original request - as well as a timeframe and cost. When it's ready, you get a call. They go through the invoice thoroughly, explaining what services were performed, warranty, and cost. My family now has 3 more vehicles as my adult children have all learned to drive. All 4 vehicles are serviced at Midas Beenleigh. It's a little further away than some other mechanics around here, but I have peace of mind knowing that my cars are being properly taken care of.

Greg Byrnes

16 Dec 2022

I paid for$200 labour free services, by super friendly salesman at the shops. One service in I will not bring my car back. Even with losing money not worth it. Charged for broken bulb not repair, latch rip off to bonnet. All fixed cause went back by cant leave work like that. 0/10 legitimate reason no to trust mechanics

Kade Aleckson

04 Jan 2023

Service was quick. They stuck to the quoted price. And i got a nice keyring ????

Beverlee Phillips

02 Apr 2023

Easy going, kind & great staff. Reasonably priced for a road worthy. Offered to assist with changing over number plates at not extra cost & assisted looking up information for interstate registration

Kasey Marie

11 Apr 2023

Had a GVM upgrade done here and the service was spot on. Very happy with the results

Shane Turvey

11 Apr 2023

We recently had both our cars serviced here and the team were great! I didn’t feel they were trying to “fix” things to get money out of us like I have felt with other places in the past. Thanks guys!

Alisha Lowe

19 May 2023

My pensioner parents used this service. After purchasing a coupon voucher for $200 Car had a stalling issue, paid an additional $590 to fix problem. Issue was not repaired. took it back to Midas they did some more work on it. Parents couldn't get down to collect car so Midas drove it back to their place. Car stalled on them driving it back. They said if it happens again just get under the car and give it a tap. What a joke. Took money happily not happy to fix problem. Had to pay to have it towed home on the 9th February, it remains in the front yard unreliable. I will be contacting the ombudsman regarding this situation unless full refund is given. So we can afford to get the problem fixed by a more competent and reliabe service.


25 Feb 2023

Awesome to deal with. Friendly & professional. Will be using them for all servicing/ repairs.

John May

26 Jun 2023

Awesome customer service. Car drives like new after a service and new tyres. Big thumbs up ???? I will be back.

Paula (Gem)

30 Jun 2023

I had a good experience at Midas in Beenleigh they were able to do a road worthy on my car the day l phoned up l also had other work done on my car they were great and were able to drive me back home until my car was ready to be picked up

Connie Vella

10 Jul 2023

Explained everything very well and they fitted me into their schedule, which suited mine to. My car drives nice again, no squeaky brakes and a smooth ride again.

Andrew Houghton

26 Jul 2023

Explained everything very well and they fitted me into their schedule, which suited mine to. My car drives nice again, no squeaky brakes and a smooth ride again.

Andrew Houghton

15 Aug 2023

Awesome customer service. Car drives like new after a service and new tyres. Big thumbs up ???? I will be back.

Paula (Gem)

15 Aug 2023

Always happy with their service. Been going to them for years. Highly recommend them.

Pamela Nogaski

15 Aug 2023

They where passionate in there work great and friendly service also they where cheaper than the other quotes we got from multiple mechanics and got the job done quick and professional ????

James Riley

14 Sep 2023

SCAM ARTISTS! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. Was approached by a guy in a carpark who sold me a “great deal”. That should’ve been the first red flag. He presented me with a card that had all these discounts with over “$1500 in savings!” For just $200. Sounds good right? WRONG. Let me make it clear that this card tricks you into thinking that these services will be greatly discounted, maybe even free. Example, I went to book my 16500 logbook service (which had a discount under a minor service) which was around 280 when booking online without the discount. I was then told I could not use my discount card if I booked online and I needed to rebook to use the discount. Fair enough. So when I rebooked, this discount (I don’t have the card on me but I believe it was around $200) tell me why the service was still $280? The math isn’t mathing here. Whatever I paid the service fee because I had no choice. They then informed me that I needed new rear shocks, spark plugs, new rear tyres, wheel alignment and balance. This ended up being super expensive and I complied with all but the rear shocks because they quoted me $500 for just that. When I went to pay using Afterpay they informed me that afterpay had a surcharge which ended up being $50? Last I checked afterpay was a free service to use. Again- capitalising on people who already cannot afford their services. I rebooked with a different mechanic to get my rear shocks for $150 less only to find out they are in perfect condition and do not need fixing at all. NOT ONLY THIS but my spark plugs which “Midas replaced.” were never even touched. Now I’m out of pocket for spark plugs and for potentially all these other services they tacked on when probably didn’t need doing. Do not trust these people. Do not spend your money here. They charge you and do not even touch the car. And yes, this is definitely for MIDAS BEENLEIGH. You are scam artists performing fraudulent activities then denying everything and just tell people they must’ve confused the shop with someone else.


10 Oct 2023

Absolutely awesome rang them when they opened on a Saturday needed front end fixed got me in straight away had it done by lunchtime good job

John Frost

18 Nov 2023

Great Customer service, stick to their word and the amount it will cost, no extra. Straight forward with what the issue is and what’s required to fix it etc. Sticks to the deadline when they say it’ll be done. Very Friendly staff. Very Affordable Prices. Thanks Midas !


05 Dec 2023

STAY CLEAR SHONKY WORK POOR ATTITUDE..... I paid $1100 not to have the problem fixed and a vital part of my air filter system to go missing. I can verify all information. Rang to book service 23/9 however our car started to play up the 15/9, they said to bring it in tomorrow (16/9) we were advised they would do the service and find the fault. Paid and left, not hearing from them again. 1 month later car starts blowing smoke again, I ring and then take car back only to be told that a service wasn't done. If what they are saying is true and they didn't say they would do the service at same time, why didn't you call when we didn't show to our booked service on the 23/9?. (they claim now that we didn't have a booking, how convenient) and if you fixed it why is it still playing up? They also claim that the part was already missing even though we saw it on there before it went in. BUT if a vital part of the engine is missing WHY DIDN'T WE GET NOTIFIED WHEN TRYING TO FIND THE FAULT THAT IT WAS MISSING ?????

Chrisy Jones

23 Oct 2023

Midas Beenleigh have exceeded our expectations. We have recently relocated from interstate and were thankful to deal with a professional, trustworthy, and efficient centre. They kept us informed at every stage. We had our 2 cars booked within a week of each other. 5 Stars ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

Christopher Forsyth

05 Dec 2023

Thanks so much for the Beenleigh Midas team, great service and exceptional workmanship. There’s a reason why I’ve used them for over 25 years. A+

Daniel Court

11 Jan 2024

I bought a Midas promotion voucher in Beenleigh shopping centre few weeks ago.Today I had a problem with starting of my car. I was with my disabled client.We drove to Battery place in Beenleigh and guy said battery is ok it's a starter.We drove to Midas,where I have mention the voucher. People there hasn't been helpful at all and said I have to leave the car there for 2-3 hours and possibly overnight to look at it. It was emergency situation for me.Luckily next door company mechanic fixed my problem quickly and efficiently. Very disappointing experience as I used Midas services in Sydney in the past.

Teresa Kohout

29 Apr 2024

Complete rip off shop. Using substandard parts and charging premium prices. Apparently their work is only as good as 6 months and 10000Ks whichever comes first.????

Subodh Subedi

14 May 2024

Friendly staff and great service. Always communicate well before doing any work. Thanks, Matt and the team

Ken Robertson

16 May 2024

Being on the road all the time, Midas Beenleigh has been essential for my business. For nearly 15 years, the owner and staff have kept my car running safely and in perfect working order. They consistently go above and beyond to assist with servicing my cars. A+ service! Frank Miletic ACE Sunglasses Founder

Ace Sunglasses AU

04 Jul 2024