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Peakhurst , New South Wales


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Battery Services
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Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
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97 Boundary Road, Peakhurst , New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Peakhurst Tyre & Auto Service’

Amazing and ON PAR services. All the mechanics are so accommodating and lovely. They care about your car service and in my experience were not after my money at all! The best, I wish I was local to make them my regular mechanics. I dropped by to ensure my engine levels were okay and for general advice. Really good experience 5/5 truly

Amar Selene

20 Mar 2022

Great service done quickly. Family has been coming here for years and have always been happy with the services. Highly recommend. Notified of what parts needed and their cost prior. Very happy with the services done to my car

Amanda Lloyd

20 Sep 2021

Very good customer service, efficient and professional.

Vasco Raleski

01 Sep 2021

Great service. Notified before repairs were made and with price.

John Holloway

23 Apr 2021

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! - enquired about fixing brake lights and the manager quoted me way over price and then told me to go away. VERY RUDE SERVICE!

Liam Lavender

18 May 2021

Terrible job, had to go to another mechanic to get it fixed. Guy also spends a lot of time yelling at his wife and can never seem to keep stable workers. Rude customer service, bad mechanic after your money

Kay L

08 May 2022

John and his team will take care of you. They are not cheap but they know their stuff and do a thorough job each and every time. Great mechanics.

Karl W

19 May 2022

Owner is the most uneducated and rude bloke out. He couldn't read a number plate infront of his face that was also writtendown for him before hand. If you really don't like somone and want them to suffer send them here. Blame customers for their own mistakes and can't handle simple tasks. If 0/5 stars was an option I would definitely be hitting that.

Nathan K

09 Jun 2022

Wonderful team to do all kinds of automotive work.

Jack Wu

10 Jun 2022

From the minute I dropped my car off till I picked it up I was kept up to date with the progress so there were no nasty surprises when I paid the bill. All work was done with outstanding competency and accuracy. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that the experience was a positive one. Highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs an amazing mechanic who isn’t going to rip you off.

Matthew Attwater

12 Sep 2022

John at the team at Midas peakhurst were friendly, affordable and transparent about all the work and cost to my car. Couldn’t recommend them more

Joey Auciello

16 Dec 2022

Owner is the most uneducated and rude bloke out. He couldn't read a number plate infront of his face that was also written down for him before hand. If you really don't like somone and want them to suffer, send them here. Blames customers for their own mistakes and can't handle simple tasks. If 0/5 stars was an option I would definitely be hitting that.

Nathan K

26 Feb 2023

Would recommend everyone come here They keep you updated of any additional issues they come across. From booking to pick up it’s always easy and friendly, will always bring my car here.

Andrew Dalton

28 Apr 2023

Midas Peakhurst team went out of their way to assist me recently when I broke down. John personally came to help, arranged a tow truck & repaired my car! All in a days work. Legend!!

Lesley Mackellar

17 Mar 2023

I had a breakdown outside their service station on Norman Street. They quickly stopped what they were doing to help me off the road and then ran some diagnostics in the hopes of sending me along with a functional car again, all out of the kindness of their hearts! As such I recommend their services because they genuinely want to help people. Review date: 08/06/2023


08 Jun 2023

Took my car here for urgent pink slip inspection, tyre change and a problematic side mirror. Even though they were very busy leading up to Christmas, they were so accommodating. My car was attended to as quickly as possible, nothing was too much trouble for them. Friendly, professional and brilliant service. I am very grateful and impressed, and I will definitely bring my car here for any repairs/pink slip in future. Well done Midas Peakhurst, thank you for the seamless service and for being so kind! Anna Christine Boss-Mulholland

Christine Boss

11 Jan 2023

Great service they both went above and beyond to help us. Both very friendly

Candyce Nairn

10 Jul 2023

My vehicle unexpectedly shut down and came to a complete stop. Concerned about the situation, I immediately brought my car to your Midas Peakhurst by roadside assistance for diagnosis and repair. Upon inspection, your technicians informed me that all four ignition coils needed replacement, despite the fact that I had already replaced them just last year. This raised concerns, as the coils should have been under warranty. In order to address the issue, I decided to contact the mechanic who performed the previous replacement, as they should have the warranty information on file. However, when I mentioned this to the store manager at your Midas Peakhurst, I was met with a disrespectful and dismissive attitude. The store manager went so far as to say, "I hate people wasting my time." This response was both unprofessional and hurtful, leaving me at a loss for words.Furthermore, I respect the fact that diagnostic fees may apply for identifying the problem with my vehicle. However, I was shocked to discover that I was charged an exorbitant amount of $140 for the diagnosis alone. This fee greatly exceeded the reasonable expectations for such a service, and I feel it was a clear case of being taken advantage of. I believe it is essential for any reputable service provider to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain a high standard of professionalism. Unfortunately, my experience at your Midas Peakhurst fell far short of these expectations. As a customer, I deserved to be treated with respect, understanding, and fairness.

John Benjamin

09 Aug 2023

Great service!. The service was prompt, and they communicated every step clearly. I appreciate their professionalism and the way they went to ensure my car was running perfectly. I'll definitely be returning for any future car maintenance needs. Highly recommended!

Ann-Maree Awad

25 Aug 2023

Amazing team, super friendly and great service! Took my car in on very short notice to get the brakes checked, John fixed it all right up and explained everything to me so I understood exactly what was going on. I will 100% be coming back :)

Veronica Gallardo

02 Nov 2023

Service: Yearly As a first-time MIDAS Peakhurst customer, I had concerns about whether their mechanics had the necessary knowledge and experience to perform the required tests and repairs on my newly purchased BMW 125I Coupe. However, my assumptions were wrong as the mechanic demonstrated their professional knowledge and dedication to delivering high-quality service. They conducted a thorough inspection and kept me informed of any mechanical issues that required the cost of replacing any faulty components. The staff provided me with quotes and repairs, along with documentary evidence of replacement parts. I greatly appreciate their extra care in returning my car clean and smelling like new. Attention to detail like that is always appreciated. Colleen and John, the business owners, were friendly and welcoming throughout the process, making it an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking the services of a highly qualified auto service.

Rik Hurst - Waitoa

18 Nov 2023

Went to enquire for a rego check at Midas Peakhurst , the owner and wife were sitting not doing anything and was told arrogantly to come back later in the day. I found Ultra Tune down the road were more than happy to do a rego check without the arrogant tone. Was going to book a service but will never use Midas Peakhurst they have no idea on how to treat a customer


08 Feb 2024

Called Midus today as my mum was stuck with a flat tyre. They went out of their way to pick her up and help her as she was distressed. They changed her tyre and replaced it for her. Great friendly service. Would highly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you again to the friendly team.

susan D

06 Mar 2024