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Peakhurst, New South Wales


Here at Boyd’s Garage we service and maintain a wide range of vehicles ranging from vintage to current model year. We are a small Mechanical Repair Workshop located at the heart of Sydney’s St. George District. We offer services such as:

Logbook services are completed according to Manufacturer’s schedules and guidelines, meaning that your new vehicle warranty will NOT be void.
Repairs & maintenance for all mechanical systems including: brake, clutch, transmission, steering and suspension.
Safety checks (pink slips) to make sure your car is roadworthy each year.

Tyre repairs, wheel balancing & wheel alignments. Tyres are available in leading brands for all makes and models.

No job is too small or too large for us. We routinely carry out major work such as full engine and transmission rebuilds.

All makes and models including Asian, Australian & Euro builds are seen in our workshop on a daily basis. These include: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Holden, Honda, Jaguar, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen.

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8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 5pm


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8:30am - 1:30pm



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Verified Business

Licensed Mechanic


Battery Services
General Maintenance and Repairs
Steering and Suspension
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Windscreen and Windshields
Brake Services
Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
Air Conditioning
Auto Electrical Services


Unit 1/13 Lorraine St, Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Boyds Garage Peakhurst’

These guys are exceptional. I took my car there because they had fantastic reviews and was not disappointed. They are honest and do a great job for the price. Shout out to Sam who can explain it all to an accountant with no idea (or interest) in cars. Will always take my car here.

Nicholas Stevens

26 Apr 2022

The most reliable mechanics in Peakhurst. I drove in without a booking & they fitted me into their daily schedule & sorted out my issues quick smart. Thank you so much, Michael & Sam.

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07 Jun 2022

Great service with a strong community spirit. Thank you for checking my tyres and making sure all is safe. Much appreciated. Sam and Mick x2 are truly caring and professional. I highly recommend this place.

Doanh Tang

14 May 2022

Did a great job on my xtrail. Car needed new spark plugs and a few other repairs and they did it quickly and for a decent price to, would recommend them to anyone and will be going back

Andy Stevens (Andynopain)

26 Apr 2022

Friendly and helpful service. I called the previous day to ask if I could come by. The electric sliding doors of my car didn’t work. A scan, check and few tweaks and the problem was resolved. Thank you!


27 May 2022

Sam from Boyd’s Garage saved the day when there was an issue with my rear wheel not rotating, my car undrivable. I called Boyd’s for help or advice thinking I’d need a tow truck or an expensive repair. Amazingly Sam drove over within 5 minutes, explained the issue, fixed it and assured me all was fine. Fresh off a 28 hour flight from Europe, stressed out of my mind that I would be up for an expensive fix, Sam saved the day. Forever grateful and would recommend to anyone to visit Boyd’s for any vehicle repair needs.

Meg Mac Sweeney

21 Jun 2022

My car was affected by the floods and it needed attending to asap! I googled the nearest mechanic open and Boyd's Garage appeared. Even though they were finishing up for the day, the owner stayed behind with his staff to sort out my car. They ensured it was road worthy before letting me go! I really appreciate this and all the extra information I was provided about cars. Definitely will be coming back! I highly recommend this mechanic for their professionalism, care taken in their work and insightful information! Thanks guys!!


11 Jul 2022

Sam arranged to collect and return a vehicle we were thinking of buying for a thorough vehicle inspection. He was prompt in letting us know the results and method of inspection. He also helped answer several questions. His price seemed very reasonable. (We did buy it). We especially appreciated the manner of his assistance as we live in Victoria. Sam has a direct, practical and honest manner. Happy to recommend him.

Fiona Mottram

05 Aug 2022

My car’s clutch needed replacement and Sam and his team were a life saver and absolutely amazing in organising everything from start to finish for me. Starting from organising a tow truck to come and pick my car up and take to their shop. Sam kept in contact with me the whole time, keeping me in the loop on what’s happening and when everything is scheduled, giving me a quote on what I should expect to be out of packet for repairs and even offering a loan car while mine was getting fixed. Once my car was ready, Sam walked me through each part that was changed and had all old parts lined up for me to physically see that it was indeed changed and explaining why the problem was. This is very rare, as funnily enough I had my car serviced 6 months prior and was told air filter was changed, however Sam showed me the air filter and how bad it was, so he needed to replace. I could not speak highly enough of how honest, reliable and professional these boys are and I would definitely use them again in future and would highly recommend! Thanks guys✌?

Mirela Karadzhova

14 Aug 2022

the boys at Boyds are fantastic. Very neat and clean workshop. They went above and beyond all my expectations and at a very reasonable price. They are very thorough, I was kept informed every step of the way. My car broke down after driving down from Queensland and I couldn't believe my luck finding such honest and decent mechanics who don't try to rip you off. We don't have great mechanics like that in Queensland. Whoever owns this business, you sure have a first class group of mechanics working for you. I could not fault anything with them.

maree simpson

22 Aug 2022

These guys are the best! I have been taking my car here for servicing and repairs for over 3 years now. I have never felt that I am being sold anything that is not needed and they didn't hesitate to go above and beyond to resolve a "funny noise" recently. I would 100% recommend

Lara Campbell

31 Aug 2022

Highly recommended. My van needed major repairs to the steering, the front intercooler, the gearbox and some other issues underneath due to an accident. The two mechanics at Boyd's were patient, helpful, dealt with the insurance company and got the van fixed as soon as the quote was approved. The van drives straight, stops straight, and is quiet and I swear its better than before. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Langlee Avenue

26 Oct 2022

We needed to get our classic Datsun 260z Registered. So the guys at Boyd's Garage arranged a Blue Slip Inspection, performed all the issues which included, steering rack rebuild with tie rod ends, steering boot, wheel alignment, rear brake slave cylinder was jamming so they rebuilt it quickly, changed the rear brake mounting springs and clips, changed 2 broken light globes, changed some suspension rubbers and went through the whole car from top to bottom before it was fine to pass the blue slip. All this was done at a very reasonable price and nothing was a problem for them. They showed me exactly what the issues were so i can understand. Overall we are VERY satisfied and excellent work.

Andrew Giannopoulos

26 Oct 2022

Amazing service! I highly recommend Boyd’s Garage. This place was initially recommended to me by someone else so I took my car there for service. Mick, one of the mechanics there, was amazing and so helpful! I’ve had other minor issues as I bought my car used and Mick was so helpful and professional. He was always able to fix things and educate me which I found so helpful. I will always go there for my car service and any other car issues. Thank you Boyd’s Garage.

Nahla Amin

04 Feb 2023

Boyd’s garage is a quality service of effort and dedication. Their booking system is organised and efficient, their workshop is immaculate, their customer service is very considerate. They take the time to explain the work being undertaken allowing you to feel comfortable and informed. Above all, they provide a reliable and effective service that is guaranteed to solve any issue. A great asset to the community. Highly recommended.

Laila Naser

25 Jan 2023

With Christmas just a day away, Mick was super helpful when I needed a last minute rego check for a boat trailer! He had actually finished up for the year but after receiving my call still happily drove over to where my boat was and did a full inspection of the trailer, signing it off and submitting the pink slip for me all with a smile. 10/10 would recommend Mick and Boyd’s Garage to anyone in need of any vehicle work!

Mitchell Slater

24 Dec 2022

Recently has issues with my Volvo XC90 and took it to Boyd’s Garage on the recommendation of a friend. Sam at Boyds is fantastic. Very neat and clean workshop. He went above and beyond all my expectations and at a very reasonable price. They are very thorough and keeps me informed every step of the way and took the time to explain the work being undertaken allowing you to feel comfortable and informed. Above all, they provide a reliable and effective service that is guaranteed to solve any issue. Highly recommended.

Dung Hua

06 Apr 2023

I've been bringing my car to the guys at Boyd's Garage for over 10 years for services and repairs. They're always helpful, practical, and open and honest about the repairs they do. They certainly go above and beyond to keep my car on the road. Highly recommend for all your car needs - wouldn't go anywhere else.

Diane Sylvester

07 Feb 2023

Sam and the team always exceed my expectations. They’re always friendly, professional, trustworthy, great workmanship and finish the work in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Boyd’s for all your mechanical needs and will always be taking my car there.


29 Apr 2023

Boyds Garage in Peakhurst offers excellent mechanics and workmanship. I highly recommended them to anyone looking for a mechanic that can diagnose and fix the problem and at a good rate as well. Good job. Well done guys.

The One 2020

15 Jun 2023

I have had my car serviced, and repaired for various issues ranging from small to more serious at Boyd's Garage since I started working in the area. The staff are always friendly and their knowledge is second to none. This is apparent with the way my Honda now drives! The repairs have been carried out very well and I could not recommend Boyd's Garage enough. If you live in the area and are looking for a good honest local mechanic, do yourself a favour and give the team a call!

Tomas Noll

19 Jul 2023

The gents there were very knowledgeable and honest. They took the time to understand my issues and explain what was required to get my car going again. I’ve found my new local mechanic. Would recommend.

Doug Craven

25 Jul 2023

Sam and Mick are quality trustworthy mechanics and great guys. I’m so glad I have found them. They have helped me out a number of times in the last couple of years. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Dylan Jamieson

31 Jul 2023

Excellent service and a great experience. I can leave Boyds Garage knowing my vehicle has been in the best hands and taken care of thoroughly. Mick and Sam exceed all expectations.

Ahmed El Mohamed

08 Aug 2023

I broke my side mirror (glass only). I tried to fix it by myself but failed. Therefore i asked Boyd garage help. They carefully remove the broken mirror, clean the back and put the new one back on. They even helped me to adjust the mirror position. Great service and the price is super low. I decided to switch my car service to Boyd next time!! Thanks for your help again!

Alison Chan

04 Sep 2023

Our fuel pump was noisy and the car was fluttering on take off. The fuel pump is no longer made as its an old car. The guys there found an almost identical replacement pump somewhere and also found some fittings to match and modify and replaced it. While the car was there, they changed the oil, greased up the underside of the moving parts and changed the spark plugs as well. This saved me time and money having to bring it back later and we did a pink slip for reguo due in a few months. They offered me water while i was waiting to collect the car as well. They were friendly and knowledgeable and worth every penny thank you

Test PC

10 Aug 2023

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I've been here a few times now and Mick has just been flawless. Knowledgeable, down to earth and just good old fashioned service. Was up front and just pleasant to deal with, provided options to ensure I can make a decision on next steps. Can't thank and recommend enough.

David Do

30 Aug 2023

Extremely reliable, honest and genuine guys at Boyd's Garage, Peakhurst. Great work and competitively priced, these guys go the extra mile and truly have that good old customer first attitude. If you live or work anywhere in the area then please try them out yourself.

Ziyad Ali

11 Oct 2023

The team were absolutely amazing. They were professional, affordable and efficient. Was able to pick up my car within the estimated time and without any hidden fees!!! Highly recommended Boyd's Garage!!


13 Oct 2023

Awesome and trustworthy mechanic. I took my newly purchased Suzuki Swift which had been neglected and needed a major service/health check due to a rattling noise coming from the engine bay. Sam quickly diagnosed the problem (it was a missing alternator bolt) and fixed the issue. He then went above and beyond to service what was needed for the car and gave me reasonable options. He even cleaned the engine bay too which was filthy, at no charge. I would definitely recommend Boyd's if you want a reliable and honest service.

Miko Koskela

04 Nov 2023

Thank you for the team at Boyd's Garage for their consistent efforts and quality services! A very trustworthy and reliable team. Their communication and prompt services are very impressive. Sam and Mick responded immediately to my call, booked my appointment and had my car serviced in no time. I must also note that their workshop is impeccable which is a great sign of their work ethic.

Laila Naser

12 Nov 2023

Boyd’s Garage is too good to gate keep. The quality service delivered by Sam and Mick keeps me coming back. They’re straightforward in giving me updates and I walk away very much aware of the state of my vehicle despite me knowing little when it comes to cars. I honestly appreciate that their expertise and integrity as independent Mechanics is prioritised over profit. I highly recommend them.

Mallory Flavell

12 Nov 2023

I regularly use Boyd’s garage. Sam always works to the time frame given. He explains anything that is wrong with the car clearly and what will need to happen. The billing is clear and transparent. The pricing is very reasonable. Visiting the workshop is always a pleasure as they are so friendly and hospitable. Totally recommend Boyd’s garage!!!!

Fiona Jensen

13 Nov 2023

I’ve had outstanding experiences at Boyd’s! Their expertise and attention to detail are unmatched. The service was prompt, prices were fair and clean work. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking reliable and top-notch car care. My regular service shop and go-to. Thanks Sam and the team.

Sarah R

23 Nov 2023

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional service of Boyd's Garage, and I must say, they've earned themselves a loyal customer. The staff exuded professionalism and expertise. The mechanics are not only highly skilled but also take the time to explain the issues. They also completed the repairs ahead of schedule without compromising on the quality of the service.

Hiba D

12 Dec 2023

After getting ripped off by other mechanics throughout the years. It was great to finally find a mechanic that’s professional, honest and does a great job. Got my disc brakes changed and even fixed my controller arms that my old mechanic didn’t do properly. Highly recommend, ask for Mick.

Justin Han

18 Jan 2024

Our car broke down on the side of the mwy on NYE and we had it towed back to Boyd's. Mick inspected the car and is trustworthy, respectful and very informative. I will definitely be bringing our future cars here for servicing. Thank you Mick!

Trisca Kumar

20 Jan 2024

Outstanding service from start to finish! The team went above and beyond to diagnose and repair my vehicle. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident every step of the way. Not only did they fix the issue promptly, but they also took the time to explain the problem and provide helpful maintenance tips for the future. The level of professionalism and customer care is unmatched. Highly recommended!

Jeff Mustapha

09 Feb 2024

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing top-notch automotive service at Boyd's Garage, and I must say, it was an absolute game-changer for my car care needs. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was greeted by a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who exuded a genuine passion for their craft. One of the standout features of Boyd's Garage is the expertise of their mechanics. The team boasts a wealth of knowledge and skill, evident in their ability to diagnose and address issues with precision. They take the time to explain the necessary repairs in a language that's accessible to the average customer, fostering a sense of trust and transparency that is often hard to come by in the automotive industry.

Hala Naser

14 Nov 2023

Went in to get my tires checked as I hit a curb pretty bad. They took a look at all my tires and said that everything was okay. I asked how much would it be and they didn't charge me at all. I didn't know anything about cars and they could have scammed me but they didn't. Will definitely be back in the future and highly recommend! Thank you so much. Made my morning :)

Pamela Cuaresma

06 Apr 2024