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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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4/750 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale , New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Brookvale Tyre & Auto Service’

Don’t go there! I took my car in for a pink slip and service which I found on Groupon. They phoned and said it needed $1200 worth of work done and when I said that I couldn’t afford that they said they’d do it for $800. Very clearly they were trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of me. When I collected the car and asked for them to make a note of what the car needed for my own information, they just said it was in their system for their reference. Needless to say, I won’t be returning.

Melinda “Mel Peck” Peck

17 Mar 2022

These guys are great! I've now used them about 3 times for my car servicing and they're really good! Tim was great, and went above and beyond by dropping me off to my home (5-7 mins away from the shop) while the car was being service, and came back to pick me up. Highly recommended

Milendra Dhakal

13 Dec 2021

In response to Midas: I already provided feedback on this within your system, so I'll not be sharing my rego (as you request). Basically I rang up and got a price for a standard service which was a price I was happy with. Dropped my car off, when I picked it up I was charged for a gold standard service (that was much more expensive) that I didn't ask for. There was no clear confirmation of the servicing options and clarification of which option I will be charged for. Simple filters and wipers were replaced (at what I feel) was a very high parts and labor cost as well. Midas did call to confirm I was ok with that, but I felt there was no choice and I had to just go with it, I also felt the replacement was not necessary (I cannot confirm this) but I had to just accept and get it done. A month or so later the wiper clicks loudly on every stroke, when there was never an issue before: very annoying. So my perception and experience is not great value, unwanted upsell and a job done not that well honestly. The whole reason for me going to Midas was to get cheaper servicing than through my vehicle provider, it actually ended up hundreds more expensive than every service I've ever had with my vehicle provider. I appreciate you reaching out to try to improve your service, I hope my feedback helps you understand my rating. I'm sure your you're doing your best, but unfortunately it was not a good experience for me on this occasion.

Lachlan G

23 Feb 2022

Tim was very helpful and knowledgeable, he did a detailed check and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way. He was very friendly and professional. Will definitely go back, I know I’m in good hands with Midas Brookvale, Thankyou!

Holly Allon

12 Jan 2022

Dodgy and a rip off. I took my car here for a pink slip inspection and Tim the mechanic said that my car needed brake replacement and that he was going to fail my pink slip inspection because of this. I declined the $400 plus job because I knew my brakes were perfectly fine. Then I went to my usual car mechanic and they passed my pink slip inspection, saying that my car brakes were fine and didn't need replacement. Avoid going here due to the upsell, they tried to rip me off with unnecessary repairs that my perfectly fine car didn't need!


04 Dec 2021

Front and back brakes replaced on my commodore. Quality replacement parts installed by quality tradesmen. Have used these guys before for services, very pleased. Will continue to use Midas Brookvale.


12 Jan 2022

Tim the manager was fantastic! Great guy and very helpful. Instantly felt the improvement in the front end of the vehicle as I drove away. Fantastic job at replacing the control arms and wheel alignment. Will definitely go back. 10 out of 10 and a very fair price.

Richard Hoskins

24 Sep 2021

Midas Brookvale took absolute advantage of someone that doesn’t know much about cars and who trusted that they would provide me with a trusted service. I was having trouble with my car in January 2022. As most mechanics were closed during the new year period my normal trusted mechanic was away on holidays. Midas at Brookvale we’re open. I had experienced smoke coming from my engine after finishing a 20 minute drive one morning. I had also noticed that my car was revving more then usual. The only way I can explain it is as when a manual car revs if you don’t change gears. However my car is a auto. The revving would make my car slow down and even if I had my foot on the accelerator it would continue to revv out. My car also had been leaking coolant and I told the mechanic all of this on the phone when I first spoke to him. My car was booked in to be looked at, he said he would look at what’s the problem and call me with a quote. He had my car for 2 days and quoted $1,205.00 to fix the issues I was having with my car. When I picked up my car I paid $1,204.00! On the invoice…. I was charged for oil cooler seal kit $551.00, overflow cap $23 and service labour $630.00! Thinking my car would be fixed and the problems would be gone I was wrong. Within 13 days my car was back at Midas as it was still leaking coolant. He said the 2nd time he would call before anything was done which I thought he would. Turns out he calls me after he did something to my car. Me thinking he definitely wouldn’t charge me anything as this is still the same problem that I was first quoted, again I was wrong and he charged me a further $198!!!!! On that invoice I paid coolant throttle body hose $123 and service labour $75! So overall I paid a total of $1,402.00 and the only problem that has been fixed is the coolant leak. I will never take my car back to Midas at Brookvale! I really felt taken advantage of and can’t believe they ripped me off so badly!

Brooke O'Brien

24 Apr 2022

Dropped my car in, and instantly got Greeted with a smile. They were super friendly and reliable, I told them I needed my car by 1:30pm and they called me up at 1:00pm with it ready to be picked up, will 100% be coming back

nick douneen

10 Jun 2022

Great service value, knowledgeable mechanics, and refreshingly transparent!

Callum Scott

15 Sep 2021