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The Alphey name has been known in the Devon Meadows and Cranbourne areas for 100 years so our business is built on a solid reputation. At Alpheys Garage we take a personalised approach to our work. We treat you and your cars like family.

Alpheys Garage is a family business and the personal touch is important to us. The Alphey name has been known in the Devon Meadows and Cranbourne areas for 100 years so our business is built on a solid reputation. William Alphey built one of the first homes in Devon Meadows back in the 1920’s. Roly Alphey had a truck and bobcat business for over 30 years. Now Ian has created Alpheys Garage – your one stop auto shop in Cranbourne. Ian is a well-known and trusted mechanic in the Cranbourne area. He undertook his apprenticeship with Cranbourne Carburettor & Tuning Services in Arundel Street, right next door to where he now has his own business.

When you drop in or ring, you will always be welcome at Alpheys. At Alpheys Garage we take a personalised approach to our work. We treat you and your cars like family. We aren’t like big businesses who can’t afford the time to chat with you. We think it’s important to chat. Everyone has different needs from their cars. We treat them differently; we drive them differently and we maintain them differently. By chatting you can tell us exactly what your car means to you and what it needs. We will take care of you and your car. Alpheys Garage offers tailored car servicing and repairs, working within your budget and when it suits you.

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Reviews of ‘Alphey’s Garage Pty Ltd.’

WARNING DO NOT GO HERE! Fitted a bump stop for my 4x4 backwards. Completely neglected to fit the upper control arms I had paid for and I had to bring this to their attention myself. I had to contact the supplier for a full refund.Tried to charge me extra for a wheel alignment that was included as part of the package I purchased through the company they install for. Now looking possibly having to have a shock rebuilt due to their incompetency with damage caused by the installation. Made contact with the supplier directly to have these issues rectified at one of their competent fitters. ABSOLUTE ROGUE!


24 Mar 2021

Have taken a couple of cars here. Ian and his team offer old school service, honest and at a fair price. Once I had my Hyundai in for a service and it developed a noise afterwards. Ian booked it in rightaway and fixed it, didn't ask for a cent (cause it was just serviced). That's what I mean with old school service. Also had them service and change the timing belt on my classic BMW. Recommended!

Joyce J P

27 Feb 2021

Great service there help was invaluable in getting me going


28 May 2021

last year I have had my centre bearing and drive shaft replaced and balanced plus a major service on my ML triton and so far I’m super happy with how my vehicle was treated and the customer service, mainly I dealt with Michael. Would definitely recommend Alphys Garage.

Travis Teal

18 Jan 2021

I had my brake calipers rebuilt at Alfie’s when no one else would. They did an excellent job at a decent price. The guys where extremely friendly and will return for more work. If you are in the area and need a decent mechanic I’d give these guys a go.

TCB Garage

09 Aug 2020

Amazing customer service. Got my wheel alignment here. Will be a customer in the future 👍

April Bethke

21 Dec 2020

Fantastic service care and reasonable prices

Tom Healand

24 Feb 2021

Great staff and Excellent work

paul stevens

03 Dec 2021

- Michael helped on the day. Professional and gave great technical advice about my car going forward. Did not try to upsell me like all the others. - upgraded spec parts and well suited parts installed on the car. I was just expecting cheap rubber bushes but durable poly bushing installed. - I would described going to the shop like going to the mechanic with your dad back in the day. You know you working with mechanics that know cars and know what’s best. Not like a CertIII IT specialist desk warrior tell you what’s wrong with your car when they saving up for their first.

Sugan Naidoo

14 Dec 2021