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Why Does My Car Have Power But Won’t Start?

August 4, 2022

So your car won't turn over but has power? It happens to the best of us sometimes! While it can be startling and a significant inconvenience, there are normally some pretty regular reasons your car has power but won’t start. 


When the weather is cold, it can take some time for your car to start properly. The cool weather can leave the ignition on struggle street. Make sure not to crank the starter engine for longer than 15 seconds though because this can cause serious damage to the engine. 

If the engine won’t start properly after cranking the engine a few times (with adequate pauses in between), you could have a more intricate issue on your hands. 

Dead Battery 

The culprit is more often than not an issue with the electrical component of the vehicle, such as a dead battery. 

A dead battery can be caused due to a number of different reasons, but the simplest fix is to jump-start the car. If you don’t have jumper cables handy, you can call your local mechanic or NRMA roadside assistance to help. 

If the issue persists past restarting the battery, look at whether there is any corrosion build-up around the battery. If the problem continues then you may need a full battery replacement. Car batteries are generally replaced every four to five years, so you could be due for a new one regardless.

Starter Engine Issues 

You could be experiencing starter engine issues if your car has power but won’t start. Open the hood of your car to locate the starter. 

If you start the engine and do not hear a clicking noise, you could have a dead battery.

If you start the car and hear the clicking noise, but the engine does not crank, then the starter engine may require more electricity. 

Your car’s user manual should be able to point you in the right direction, otherwise, your mechanic can assist you. 

Broken or Damaged Ignition 

When your car has a broken or damaged ignition, the engine will struggle to start. Telltale signs of a broken or damaged ignition system include: 

  • Headlights that don’t turn on 
  • Car not cranking 

Usually, these functions will work when the battery is charged, but the starter or ignition is damaged in some way. 

To fix this issue, you can jump-start your car with a charged battery. 

Empty Fuel Tank 

Sometimes in extra cold weather, the fuel line can freeze over. This will require thawing out. If the fuel line seems okay, you could have a faulty fuel gauge. Contact your mechanic when this happens as they will need to fix this issue relatively quickly. 

Fuel Filter Replacement 

Engine problems can occur when the fuel filter needs to be replaced. When your fuel filter is clogged, gas does not reach the engine properly. This can wear down the vehicle and cause issues with the ignition. 

No Spark

Cars need a spark for the car to start, as the spark ignites the fuel. Checking the spark plugs is best left to professionals, so contact your mechanic for them to assess the situation. 


If your car has power but won’t start, there are many reasons for this: 

  • Cold weather 
  • Dead battery 
  • Starter engine issues
  • Broken or damaged ignition 
  • Empty fuel tank
  • Fuel filter replacement 
  • No spark 

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