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What Is Car Window Tinting & How Does It Work

August 4, 2022

Window tinting is the process of applying laminate film to the inside glass of car windows. The film works to reflect or absorb different types of light rays, providing benefits for both safety and comfort to drivers and passengers. 

What is Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting refers to making the windows darker, so passengers are not as impacted by the light, and outsiders cannot visibly see through the windows. 

Car window tinting works when a layer of film is applied to the inside of the car window, filtering out some of the light. There are many types of window tints available that have different benefits. Window tints need to be applied properly and meet legal requirements for registration too, which is why it is important to seek professional assistance from a trusted mechanic. 

Types of Window Tints 

There are different types of window tints available: 

  • Dyed film 
  • Ceramic film 
  • Carbon film 
  • Hybrid film 
  • Metallised film 
  • Crystalline

Dyed film is the most popular type of window tint due to its friendly price range, compared to other options. However, it lacks the level of quality for UV protection and heat resistance other tints provide. 

Benefits of Car Window Tinting 

UV Rays

Window tinting can help reduce the amount of UV rays entering the car, keeping you and your passengers sun safe. 

Even on cloudy days, the UV index can still be high, so having tinted windows is beneficial all year around.

Safety and Security

Window tinting can provide a sense of safety and security due to outsiders not being able to see in clearly compared to an untinted window. 

Window tinting is also good if you accidentally leave something valuable in your car, as people from outside are unlikely to see it. 

Glare Reduction 

Glare is annoying and inconvenient, but window tinting can help reduce this and help drivers.   


Car window tinting can help reduce the heat in the car, keeping the temperature cool and comfortable. This is especially important in summer and on long road trips. 


For some people, tinted windows elevate the aesthetics of their vehicle. 

Window Tinting Application

Car window tinting application is a fairly straightforward process.

The tint on the windows is applied on the inside of the car window, so the first step is for the windows to be cleaned thoroughly. Generally the inside of car windows are not cleaned, and if they are they are not cleaned regularly. 

The outside of the window is used as a template for the tinted film to be shaped and cut. A heat gun is then used to remove imperfections, such as air bubbles, from the film. 

Once the film is shaped and sleek, the film is applied from the inside of the window. This is done with warm soapy water and card to help smooth the film. If there is any residual water, this will be cleared out. 

While it seems a fairly simple and straightforward process, the intricate details and precision required make it a better done job by professionals rather than a DIY project. 

Tinting Regulations

Regulations exist surrounding the window tinting. It is important to comply with these laws, as your vehicle could be prohibited from registration if it does not meet the necessary requirements. 

In NSW, the legislative provisions are found under the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017. Section 44 outlines ‘Window Tinting’ with the specific details about glazing percentages, where glazing can be used, and the types of tinting allowed. 

The main rules include:

  • Prohibition of mirror like film that can reflect, dazzle, or distract drivers through light or headlight beams 
  • Tinted/opaque bands on the top of windscreens not exceeding 10% of the height of the windscreen; and is situated above the wipers 
  • Glass must filter out at least 98% UV rays and recommend medical grade film 
  • Film must not affect the visible light on the windscreen 
  • Tinted film generally not allowed on main area of the windscreen

Professional Tinting

If you want to upgrade your car and add in window tinting, professional and skilled Enji mechanics can assist you. 

A qualified mechanic will know exactly what to do with your car to not only tint the windows, but ensure they meet the regulations requirements to comply with registrability. This takes the pressure off you making sure all of the technicalities are met - not only is convenience a worthwhile investment but also safety! 

Offering services all over the country, Enji mechanics can add window tinting to your car during your regular service or for a scheduled appointment.