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Deciding Between a DIY or Professional Approach to Car Maintenance

May 16, 2022

Car maintenance is a task that can be tedious and time consuming - unless you are making upgrades to your car, it will likely involve dealing with unexpected (and often expensive) problems. 

With this being said, the right approach to car maintenance is crucial in having a convenient experience and high quality results, without breaking the bank. 

The Benefits of Going With a Professional

In making the decision of how you want to approach the task of car maintenance, it is important that you have an understanding of the benefits associated with using a professional mechanic or car expert. 

Firstly, while DIY approaches have the potential to save you money, the opposite can often be true (depending on the job at hand). This might not apply when it comes to small fixes, but bigger problems often require various tools and materials, and a lot of time. Enlisting the help of a mechanic means that you won’t have to pay for the items required, and won’t need to take time that otherwise would have been spent earning an income.

Next, it is important to realise that many mechanical tasks require extensive mechanical and electrical knowledge. There are a vast range of areas within a car that might require maintenance, repair and replacement - this includes the lights, the heating system, the sound system, the brakes, the steering, and the engine, to name a few. The modern car even relies significantly on code - smart car or not. Within each of these areas, there are countless things that have the potential to stop working, and the right professional will know exactly how to tackle the problem at hand. 

Finally, going with a professional offers convenience. While a DIY job will require you to dedicate what is likely to be a lot of time to fixing your mechanical problems, using a mechanic means that you can leave the job to them and go about your day, without having to worry about the other things you need to get done. Not to mention, a mobile mechanic makes this process even better - they’ll come straight to you, get the job done, and your car will be ready to go right from the driveway. 

The Areas in Which DIY Wins

While it might sound like a professional mechanic is the way to go, there are a number of benefits to a DIY approach. Once again, these will all come down to the job at hand, as well as your personal situation and the knowledge you have. 

Firstly, if you want to learn more about your car and how it works, a DIY approach is often the obvious choice. As long as you aren’t diving straight into the more advanced areas of car mechanics, and solving the problem doesn’t involve the potential for danger, performing DIY car maintenance will teach you more than you could ever learn from a book. 

On top of this, there are obvious financial benefits that come with DIY car maintenance. You’ll likely have to purchase some tools and materials yourself, however these can come in handy down the line, and this is where the costs will end. However, be sure not to make the problem any worse than it already is - otherwise, you might be looking at even higher costs. 

Lastly, a DIY approach is great because it provides you with freedom and the option for customisation. If you want to make upgrades to your car (as opposed to repairs), whether they are to the paint job, lights, interior or exhaust, you’ll be able to approach the task the way you want to. 

Deciding on the Right Approach 

Making the decision on whether you should go with a mechanic or a DIY approach will come down to a few factors. Above all, consider the convenience and quality of your local mechanics - if you find the right one, the decision might be a no brainer. There are a number of ways to find the right mechanic, whether it is using a service (with as an example), having a look through your local business directory, or getting the help of friends and family. 

If you’re able to pinpoint your ideal mechanic service and are still unsure, shift your attention to the task at hand. Considering the importance of the problem, as well as whether it is an issue with your car's interior, exterior, or under the hood will help you to decide whether you think you are capable and willing to put in the work. If it seems like a more specialised task, there are plenty of specialised mechanics out there that will know exactly what to do. 

Another important consideration to make is in regard to your budget. If you are worried about the costs associated with a professional service, and think the problem is one that you are capable of solving, the right approach might be to get the job done yourself. You’ll also learn a lot about your car and might even pick up a new hobby in the process.