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Melton, Victoria


Rapid Tune Melton is now open and is set to become a major automotive Service Centre within the local community.
Talk to the car mechanic experts at Rapid Tune Melton about car servicing and car repairs. Our passionate, friendly and fully qualified mechanics are here to help.

All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, and workmanship is guaranteed.

Call Jay on 8798 9710 to book in or obtain a competitive quote today. You can also complete the online booking form above if you prefer, or are looking to book in after hours.

Your local mechanic and brake experts at Rapid Tune Melton offer a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:

Log Book Servicing
Fuel Injection Services
Auto Transmission
All Mechanical Repairs
Wheel Balancing and Alignment

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8am - 5:30pm


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Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
General Maintenance and Repairs
Battery Services
Steering and Suspension
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services


4/120 High St, Melton, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Rapid Tune Melton’

A friendly team who go out of there way to help with all of your motoring needs. They explain what work they are going to do and get it done on time.

Michael Presidente

10 Jan 2022

First time customer today, my car went in for a general service. They have a really friendly team and great customer service, however I found that some of the work that is stated on the invoice was not completed.. for example the road test and vehicle cleaning was not assessed and I'm sure of it because I was aware that the left rear brake light was out, and even though it's a small job I could do myself the purpose of taking it for a service is to get a mechanical assessment made by professionals and replaced/repaired if necessary. If it is stated on the invoice I would expect it to be completed even if it is as little as a light globe replacement, I feel as if you are missing the little things there is a chance that important work is not being looked at and from experience it is really hard to find a reliable mechanic that isn't going to rip you off just because they can.

Patrece Thompson

16 Aug 2021

Finally found a mechanic! A genuine bunch of guys that are in it to help people not just fill their pockets. Knowledgeable, professional and good at their job. Tired of being ripped off?? Give Rapid Tune Melton a go.

Linda Oliveira

28 Jul 2021

Excellent service from the guys here. Definitely found a gem here.

Mark McDonald

11 Oct 2021

Very professional and they have done a great car service. Car is running very smooth. I could feel the difference before and after the car service. Will keep going to them for future car services. I highly recommend them.

Srikumar Ramanan

24 Apr 2021

Make sure, request a text or email copy of the quote before taking your car for service there !!!!. Terrible place though it's newly established they seems to lack pricing, you get quote on phone and after service you received over price invoice. The worst is that, when they explain, by stating a lot car things none of the ordinary person knows about it.

Inter Digital

18 Feb 2022

Friendly Manager & great prompt service

Frank Bott

06 May 2022

Quickly response and helpful support from Luke, and his team, I'm so happy, thanks

Vaisigano Filemoni

14 Jun 2022

Went in last year for their service special $99 and left paying over $400 later, didn’t get a quoted price until it was time to pay


15 Aug 2022

The price. Oil and oil filter @276.80AUSD. Nothing else but those two itema and come what needs to be done starting with wipers @45 dollars each and the list is endless.

Kisiangani Geoffrey

08 Oct 2022

Just got my car running again took it for a test drive and someone had loosened my wheels while it wasn't running and rapid tuned helped me out! As I had no tools in the car thanks again ????

Royston Chadwick

09 Nov 2022

The guys were so amazing and helped me.out in a sticky situation with a tyre without a charge.. will come for the services here anytime

Mirza Krajina

18 Nov 2022

If you have money to burn… go here. I’ve never driven away after having a major service for more problems to appear less than two weeks later. Honestly go anywhere else but here, You are wasting your time and money. Very poor Communication and expect an overpriced bill of more problems that aren’t even there (I went somewhere else for a second opinion and luckily I did). Absolutely disgusting!

Ally Grey

18 Jan 2023

Hard working honest shop. Did an excellent job on my car. I asked for a log book service, they called me after dropping the car off to tell me the filters looked new and they didn't think they needed changing. They could have just put them in and charged me and I'd have been none the wiser. Will be returning.

Chris D'Abaco

09 Jan 2023

Tell one price on phone get there and price gone up because they quote wrong oil. Rip off


21 Feb 2023

Awesome service even when they were under the pump they still found time to sort me out

Robert Hamilton

20 Feb 2023

Bought the service package from there marketing person who told me that it includes 3 services in $200 and called them this morning to book in and just to find out that it’s a discount Boucher such a rip off..and they charge double the fee than any other mechanics out there..such a scam

bally pandher

16 Feb 2023

BEWARE!! If i could give 0 stars i would!! My wife took our car in for a service in January and they came back with other things that needed to be done or recommended to be fixed which included the front shocks both left and right which was causing a slight knocking at the front left hand side. My wife advised them she would bring it back at a later time. She rung on a Monday and appointment was made on the Thursday (with the part ordered on the Monday apparently) when she arrived on Monday she told the guys to only fix the left side and she would bring the car back again to do the other side in a fortnight and to have the car ready by 1pm. Car was not ready at 1pm because the part was not there, then at 2pm still no part, then at 3pm the part had arrived and they were rushing to get it replaced, she arrived at 4.45pm to pickup the car and the workshop were still trying to figure it all out. They tell her theres still a knocking sound and unsure what it is, so they wasted a whole day waiting for a part and replaced a part that didnt need replacing. She argues with them that shes not impressed and not paying for a part that didnt need fixing, they let her take the car and ask her to bring the car back so they can see whats causing the knocking sound and replace or fix it and do her a deal on the pricing. She drives it home and they have messed up the car causing even more damage, the car knocks at every single bump on the road. We are now taking it elsewhere to FIX their stuff up and probably end up paying more! Highly do not recommend these guys at all. Like to talk the talk but cant get the job done!!

Ieru Punefu

11 Mar 2023

I went to see Luke and the boy's to do a full service on my Renault well what can I say they done a fantastic job and they told me what had to be done when I went to pick it up it was done right I will be going back there with my other car's thanks

Roberto Demarchi

14 Jan 2023

Score reflects the time it took to change 2 tyres, I waited and hour. Other than that I could see that the boys were short staffed and were trying to do the best they could with the amount of work they had. 2 or 3 regulars if there’s came in for a service which took them away from my job.


18 Apr 2023

Quality tradesman, spent half a day at another workshop with them trying to do a wheel alignment and after 4 attemps they failed miserably, walked in made an appointment had the wheel alignment sorted within 30mins, fixed previous mechanics failures leaving parts loose and had my car driving beautiful again. Highly recommended

Trevor Levy

08 Jul 2023

Rip offs! My car went in for a service and I came home with issues that I didn’t have previously. Air con miraculously stopped working as they tripped a wire!? Got quoted 3,000$ to fix other things in my Car. My car is still running fine and my coil pack was not damaged. Stop trying to take customers money. Hope this place goes under. They are a major rip off compared to other mechanics, don’t waste your time.

Alice Smith

13 Jul 2023

Absolutely disgrace of a company. Brought my car in for Transmission check to be told it was a rear main seal. Brought the car back in to get the job done just to be told it needed a whole rebuild which is totally fine. I declined the offer and brought the car home ultimately to find it was missing a whole casing of my transmission and also the bash plate. See half the mechanics piss farting around as well which is a bloody joke! Would highly not recommend.

Reuben Rivera

11 Aug 2023

Beware! Left car for roadworthy after they assured me (and sign states) it would be done onsite and same day. Turns out they send it to Hoppers Crossing. The resultant back and forth and other delays by them meant delays selling my car. I wouldn’t have minded as much if they had just apologized or been upfront with their process, but they never apologized and the owner was positively rude! Done do your roadworthy here, ever!

Mark Porter

21 Sep 2023

We brought a car today and stopped at 7 eleven to get air for a tyre but didn't have an air machine so thanks to the guys at rapid tune pumped it up and check the rest for us

Corey Bassett

09 Nov 2023

Honest and reliable the team hold great concern to treat all customers fairly and do their best to ensure that their service is done properly and efficiently they work hard to give the best possible service and result… they work hard non stop to deliver quality and great results within the best time frame you could hope for …. Thankyou rapid tune melton for always giving your best and your all and always taking care of us .

Rosie Guglielmino

06 Dec 2023

I definitely recommend anyone to come to rapid tune as they're honest and extremely reliable could not ask for better assistance or customer service, thank you rapid tune team and keep up the great work ????

Jessie Crookshanks

06 Dec 2023

The best place in Melton and surrounding areas to have your car serviced or any mechanical work. I highly recommend (Rapid Tune Melton) it was after 6pm and they were closing and didn't hesitate to help. thats my new car service centre. Thank you Luke for your service and advice. Cheers 10 out of 10

Ross Loader

03 Jan 2024

Booked my car in for a service with Luke and the team after being ripped off by other local workshops. From the moment of leaving my car with them I could tell these guys are trustworthy. Within 30 minutes of sitting down with a coffee luke called me with a full safety report on my car, told me what was needed and my car did indeed run 10x better like he promised it would! There’s no dishonesty here. Hands down the most trustworthy, honest, and reliable mechanic in the Western suburbs! Very very happy with my service, I will be a customer for life now! Keep doing what you’re doing team at rapid tune Melton!

Isaac Young

31 Oct 2023

Very helpful staff & offered reasonable rates well within what I was quoted from dealership. Will definitely transfer my servicing there effectively immediately

Joe Viscuso

04 Jan 2024

Luke was fantastic! My vehicle broke down 2 days before Christmas. He was able to arrange the courtesy car so I wasn’t without. He did a great job fixing the problem. Made sure it was safe and ready before we went away for our family holiday. We had a little hiccup just before we left from my own fault and I took it straight into rapid tune. Luke looked at it straight away and fixed my stuff up. Sent us on our way safe and sound. Rapid tune melton as always been great to deal with.

Faye Mednis

15 Jan 2024

Very helpful staff & offered reasonable rates well within what I was quoted from dealership. Will definitely transfer my servicing there effectively immediately

Joe Viscuso

22 Feb 2024

These guys are thieves!! Had my leather tools in the glavebox ,took the car for a service only to find out that was go on! No manners, no professional work , in fact not even worth driving past them full stop!

sahliano-australia benzi

06 Mar 2024

Never go there again, I went there for car service, after the service, the engine light came on. My wife took the car back there to check, they said it's not from the car's engine, it's from the car's exhaust. When my wife returned home, the hood of the car was open and not closed, and the battery cover was broken, Unfortunately they are definitely not honest with people, good luck

Ali Heidari

12 Apr 2024

They are always willing to help when I have minor issues and tend to it on the spot. Went to another tyre place and they advise I had to change all wheels, went to Rapid Tune for a service and they told me it was only one wheel and showed me the difference. This was at no extra charge and offered to replace my wheels with my original ones from home @ no extra cost. Thanks RapidTune team.

Natasha Ismail

23 Apr 2024

Had a nob head from this place knock on my door offering me some servicing for a great price (which didn't bother me) however we do have capped servicing with another company that doesn't void our warranty so I kindly declined. He then looked me up and down and said "so you don't want to save money, fair enough" and walked off with a smug look on his face. Would've considered going with rapid tune in the future but not any more lol. If your going to knock on people's doors get someone that has people skills...

Jesse Reali

30 Apr 2024

Brilliant customer care, wheel alignment and service, very honest and professional, fixed our cars issues. Reminder texts were sent to my husband that was appreciated. Very affordable ???? we highly recommend Rapid Tune Melton.

Monica Allan

08 May 2024

My car didn't come up for days. I was so happy when Rapid tune was willing to help. I had called other mechanics in other companies. And it was either one excuse not to show up or the other. Rapid tune Melton staff are very very kind. I called and the receptionist really understood my position and got a mechanic to show up at my house. The mechanic was so so professional. My car began to work and he gave an advise that needed our action immediately. I was honestly shocked when he didn't ask for any money. He did what he wanted to do and left. That won my heart and I decided they would work on my car. I was totally satisfied with the services they rendered. And I would advise anyone who wants good service to go there. I wasn't paid to write this. This was indeed my experience. Rapid tune I am grateful. Thank you.

Victoria Onyema

14 May 2024