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Rapid Tune Keysborough has grown to be a major automotive service centre within the local community of Keysborough. In operation since 2012 it is run by a team boasting decades of experience in the automotive industry.

Talk to the car mechanic experts at Rapid Tune Keysborough about car servicing and car repairs. Our passionate, friendly and fully qualified mechanics we are here to help.

All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, and workmanship is guaranteed.

Call the team on 9701-8655 to book or obtain a competitive quote or you can complete the online booking form above.

Your local mechanic and brake experts at Rapid Tune Keysborough offer a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:

Log Book Servicing
Fuel Injection Services
Auto Transmission
Mechanical Repairs

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Steering and Suspension
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216 Cheltenham Road , Keysborough, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Rapid Tune Keysborough’

I found Giovanni & his team to provide excellent customer service. I felt that they were honest, transparent, trustworthy & delivered.. highly recommend.

Goranka Milenkovich

02 Feb 2022

Absolutely wonderful experience with the guys down at rapid tune Keysborough. Very professional at an unbeatable price. I’ve made them my go too mechanic and that speaks volumes as I adore my car. Very friendly and a good atmosphere.

Cheryl |Williams

25 Dec 2021

As i had been the customer since long and very happy with the services.Good quality service professionally. I highly recommend it.

Manindra Shrestha

07 Jan 2022

Rapid tune Keysborough bunch of legends, I rang up Monday morning hoping to get my sump gasket changed before Chrissy, they booked me in for Tuesday, and all done no worries, great price, would highly recommend and will definitely be going back for future repairs

Jack Humbert

21 Dec 2021

The guys down at rapid tune keysborough were great! They looked after me right before there were about to close, fixed my tyre in record time.

Patrick Daniels

31 Dec 2021

Great Service. Would definitely recommend.

Leon Mccabe

16 Aug 2021

Very professional and thorough at a reasonable price. Giovanni and the team were very polite and friendly. They will be my "go to" now for vehicle work in Keysborough.

Antony Pilepich

07 Mar 2022

Good and honest service, thank you Giovanny.

Lex Cavalle

28 Jun 2021

after reading the reviews i took a leap of faith and booked my car into rapid tune keysborough for the first time for a service and a noise issue from my engine. Giovanny had one look at the engine and found the issue immediately. after replacing my steering pump and servicing my car im very happy with the work and the price that i paid for it. very happy customer.

Pres Laua

20 May 2022

Worst experience ever.I needed to get roadworthy done and rapid tune keysborough Rip me off. I took my car for roadworthy to ,two different mechanics before Rapid tune and was quoted $500 but were not available to do it for few days ,so unluckily I got a next day appointment with Rapid tune Keysbororough ,after checking the car I was quoted $2000 so I decided to not go ahead ( why would I pay $2000 if I can get it done in $500) . I still end up paying Rapid tune $200 to get my car back from them. Finally I got the roadworthy done from the other mechanic for $500.Please be careful

ramandeep chahal

26 May 2022

Gio is a good operator and knows his stuff! Would recommend

Shaun H

27 May 2022

Giovanni did amazing job fixing my car wouldn't go anywhere else

Chrisanthi Kyriacou

05 Jul 2022

I found rapid tune during a Google search and now I have a new trustworthy mechanic. The boss and staff are so kind and welcoming. They were able to find the issue with my car within an hour and able to fix it the next day and at affordable pricing. Will definitely continue to take my car there. Highly recommend

Bronty Hawken

28 Jul 2022

Absolutely appreciate the help from jo and the crew, my cars are in good hands here. Much love and respect beau and rosane

Beau James

03 Aug 2022

Giovanni and the boys were a great help they helped us with a engine swap for my falcon xf great customer service, price and done a awesome job i highly recommend if you want the job done right the first time these guys are the go thanks gio and team appreciate the hardwork and communication during the time my car was in shop ? Casey.

sG Shamro

07 Aug 2022

Manager there was nice at first then ended up finding out he lied to me, had to wait at the shop for several hours for what i had asked to be done to only find out when i got home it wasnt. couldn't handle a truthful conversation & then threatened me when I tried confronting him calmly about the lie. He intentionally tightened up the clutch too much so it grinds and is difficult to change gears after I had left that day. Wouldn't recommend this buisness.

Rachel Leah

02 Sep 2022

My partner pretty much said it all… very disappointing and unprofessional! Giovanni you know you lied to me, and going back on your word then telling me I should just stop talking now in a threatening manner! NO ONE Should ever have too experience this, NO ONE! Definitely taking it further after getting off the phone with Giovanni earlier saying to me now that my car has left his shop worse than what it came in that it’s not his problem, even when I said it clearly it because it was AT YOUR SHOP it was being worked at.. he takes no ownership or responsibility and has left me and my partner without a car to drive. IVE SPOKEN with the ombudsman and I already have confirmed with them I have grounds for a lawsuit. Guess this is what unprofessionalism and threats from a business manager will get you. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Dillon Stocks

05 Sep 2022

I when to take my car ? for service all 3 boys they working there done a fantastic job I will recommend to anyone and frined they are very nice n friendly people I will go again n again

William Castillo

06 Sep 2022

I absolutely recommend this business (RAPID TUNE) located in Keysborough due to its professional customer service. The workers there are friendly & treat you with respect & will aid to whatever needs you may have as well answering your questions In full detail concerning your vehicle. They are a very small hard working team of mechanics who strive to do their best everyday to keep the customers happy & complete their daily tasks. They are very well organise with their business & runs smoothly. A cheeky & funny bunch when it comes to having fun which puts a smile on my face & I guarantee they will do the same for you. The Big Boss & his mechanics all work hard to meet the expectations of their customers. They are fast paced workers & will not let you down. One of the biggest advantages of this Rapid Tune business is the availability of cars that they can loan you until your vehicle is ready to go. My car had so many faults & difficulties but in just a few hours they fixed everything & made me a happy customer. To all my fellow Pacific Islanders, if you ever need your car checked, serviced or need RW done then I highly recommend these guys do it for you. Yours truly - Sexy Customer 685

Fuafuaina Auva'a

07 Sep 2022

Excellent job ? very satisfied and happy with the outcome ? also friendly and polite ? i highly recommend. My first time taking my car there they clean inside n outside as well I was very happy n satisfied with the service.

Jay Jaykukiikiinqq

14 Sep 2022

Real honest and great quality old-fashioned service at reasonable prices. I had to go through a few so so mechanics before I found Rapid Tune. Giovanny and his team are great. This is my go to mechanic. Highly recommend.

Lyn Nguyen

12 Nov 2022

DONT GET SERVICE HERE. I recently purchased a Jeep from private seller. Rapid Tunes Keyesborough is managed by Giovanni. Who sent an email to seller with quote of $8,300 for a Road Worthy! Giovanni suggested that i buy the Jeep without Road Worthy, and that he will process a Road Worthy for a fraction of the mentioned quote. When i asked Giovanni to send me an email confirmation of what he's fixing and exactly how much it will cost, Giovanni said he is unable to, because he has to order parts, and just reassured me that the Jeep is in great condition with no engine problems and no major concerns. 6 days later. I never recieved an email confirmation on what service im getting and how much it will cost, never recieved a phone call to update me, or to advise me on what he's doing, or seek approval on wether i want any additional work done. Nothing. No transparency and no accountability. The day i called to pick up the Jeep. Giovanni said the Jeep is not ready, and he is still working on severals problems. I asked why its taking so long for a road worthy on a can that has very little problems. Giovanni said he had no choice but to order brand new parts for everything. I asked how much for the work you've done so far, and he replied $7,300. You can imagine how furious i was. Giovanni said he had done several additional things that were not related to the road worthy. And that he paid for brand new parts and not second hand. This is exactly why Giovanni refuse to send me a list with quote. Freely adding all sorts of things to the list. Things not related to a Road Worthy. I spoke with Rapid Tunes Area Manager Craig, who said that nothing can be verified because everything was verbal agreement and its my word against Giovanni. Craig said that Giovanni is not required to provide me details of quotation by email prior to any work being done. And that i can not escalate the matter beyond him, as he is the area manager, and that i will have to go to Court. After i advised Craig and Giovanni that i'v been in contact with Cosumer Affairs, they said that they will reduce the price to $2,000 and if i dont pay this, i can not take my Jeep. 2 days later, i drive the Jeep to Vic roads to register, and the service light starts flashing and my suspension's completely gone. I called Giovanni and he said its not his problem. I asked the seller, and he sent me a reciet showing that the suspension was fixed by Berwick Jeep only 3 weeks prior. So here we are. Im still working at having Giovanni and Craig investigated. Both are corrupt to the core. I hope no one else falls victim to them.

Tean 2832

20 Sep 2022

friendly and reliable staff and excellent service. Fast and efficient work with same day complete service. Helped pass me through roadworthy at a reasonable price.

leyon mamuhewa

01 Mar 2023

Made a last minute booking for a road worthy, Giovanny and the guys at Rapid Tune Keysborough were amazing! They were able to fit me and complete the job within a few hours! Top quality service, genuine and super friendly! Highly recommended!

John Kalten

01 May 2023

Thank you Giovanni, Byron. My engine had a problem, and I had taken to many mechanics, and no one ever suggested changing the engine. All kept saying that the issue was with the oil, but I knew it was more than oil as I always checked the level. Rapid tune suggested I get another engine, and I went for it. It is not a cheap job. I, nonetheless, appreciated the timeliness, professionalism, and amazing personality of Giovanni. Byron did an amazing work and completed it earlier than I expected. I recommend Rapid tune keysborough for your car servicing. Definitely, I will be servicing my car here and recommending to whoever asks where to service their car.

Stanley Lelei

30 Mar 2023

I found the pricing at this shop to be excessive, and I suspect they may be taking advantage of customers who are less knowledgeable about car maintenance. When I received a quote from them for a steering column repair, they quoted me $2500, while other shops in the area were quoting between $500 to $700 for the same job which they confirmed they will be following manufacturer recommendations and using quality parts, I feel that this shop is simply trying to overcharge customers who may not know any better. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and not conducive to building a trustworthy business. Avoid!!

Omar S

05 Mar 2023

I highly recommend this place because store manager was really helpful to me n he does things with 100 percent confidence...helped me not not spend too much money on my car heater but he did it in simple steps....great work team ... from Amish

Amish Lal

02 Jun 2023

I highly recommend this place because store manager was really helpful to me n he does things with 100 percent confidence...helped me not not spend too much money on my car heater but he did it in simple steps....great work team ... from Amish

Amish Lal

06 Jun 2023

Extremely overpriced and unprofessional from the manager Giovanni. Brought the car in to fix engine misfire. I was told I needed 3 new spark plugs for the rear side of a V6 and rocker cover gasket replacement. Quoted $1600 by Giovanni. Called two different mechanics nearby and they both expressed their shock when I told them what I was being quoted. One mechanic said it will be around $600-$700, the other one said "cant be over $1000". Luckily I canceled at Rapidtune, but charged a hefty $130 for "1 hour labour" charge. This place needs to be exposed for overcharging. UPDATE In response to their reply and blatant lies, I was not quoted for ignition coils, wires and a carbon clean.. and not 6 spark plugs. Byron, a mechanic there mentioned to me on the phone that the 3 front spark plugs were new but the 3 rear needed to be changed and 2 rocker cover gaskets. Giovanni confirmed this on the same phone call after putting me on hold and gave me a $1600 quote. The RWC was also not included in that $1600. Giovanni said that it will be extra $250 on top to conduct the RWC test. I have this 7 minute call recorded on my phone.. They are responding and lying with extra things to make up for the overcharge. Do not trust these guys and their lies, probably why he cant give proper eye contact. Dodgy. Please save yourselves from being ripped off. I urge anyone who finds this review to call at least 2 different mechanics to price check and compare. Just DONT go to this place.

Thomp Tri

26 Jul 2023

Had a great experience with these guys..called them up last minute after another mechanic stuffed me around and they were only too happy to help on the spot. Had my car back before the end of the day. Happy with the service

Riki Ashby

31 Aug 2023

Quoted $219 for a minor service seems cheap but should have known better. Got a call suggesting a whole lot of work to be done costing 1.3K. I said no. An hour later got a call that my car is ready - I'm not sure if anything was done at all. Should have gone to Aussie Tune close by.

Anita Santoso

06 Sep 2023

Had 2x punctures in the 1x tyre! Was desperated to get it fix today ( Sat mid-morning ), tried a few local places that were too busy or closed. Needed to travel interstate today, so needed the tyre fix or replaced. The mechanic & store manager were super helpful and professional, they fixed up the punctures. Thanks to their friendly & quick service, I'll definitely go back to get my car serviced or other needs in future!

Kitkat's Fury!

26 Aug 2023

Excellent and honest customer service. Resolved a significant engine issue with perseverance and great communication.

Martin de Rooy

05 Nov 2023

Gio is one of the most helpful, efficient and skillful mechanics I have met. He is extremely helpful over the phone, email or in person. Always communicates what needs to be done before work is commenced. Would 100% recommend their service.

Brandon Bugeja

02 May 2024

Awesome guys’ very helpful and accommodating.. Done with RWC for my mini cooper quick and easy????????

Roman Elison Bernabe

09 May 2024

BEWARE! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!! RIP OFF & DODGY!!! Took our car in for a RWC renewal (which was done at MyCar & passed) as the previous one had expired. The battery also died before we got there, so we asked them to replace it. We also told Giovanni that the front brakes will need replacing. Giovanni calls us to say that our simple RWC has now turned into $1500 worth of things that need replacing in order for it to pass & if we didn't complete the repairs, then he'll fail the RWC. We told Giovanni that it makes no sense as the car HAS NOT been driven since the last RWC from MyCar. We ended up picking up the car after telling him not to do anything except replace the battery - $325 later & a Fail on the RWC. Hubby showed him our previous RWC with a Pass on it. Giovanni is not a nice person to deal with & we believe that he takes advantage of unsuspecting customers, by overcharging them unnecessarily for things that don't require doing. He's also a bully. Do yourself a favour & stay away from these shysters!

Sam Foulston

18 Jan 2024

Beware of these guys at rapid tune  keysborough (3173), they lack professionalism, expertise and communication skills , which are quite vital when dealing with a customer. My car was taken to them  on the 14th of August  due to an accident  which impacted the left wheel, streeing rack  and the k-frame of my car. They couldn't even figure out what the actual problem was for about 3 weeks and they were not even communicating with me properly, most especially the guy at the reception  (Matt), telling me my car doesn't have a definite date for completion. I had to make a complain to  one of the manager's outta that workshop, who called them and gave me a full feedback of the current situation of the my car and with that, they hastened the completion of the car. After they claimed to have completed the car, they left out some vital things which were inplace when the car was taken to them, which stopped working after installing new steering rack. The controls on the steering stopped working like horn, volume, cruise control,shift pedal and the ABs light was parmantly on. They even left a dent on the door on the driver side, damaged the frame of my head unit and left black mechanic stains on the driver side interior of my car. The problem here knowing fully well that these things are not inplace, they called me to come pick the car.On getting there i figured all these and they were claiming that my car has been recalled thats why all these problems are surfacing. From my observation I'm guessing they thought i was dense to notice the details of my car. I called VACC and Honda to confirm this, they advised that my car is all good. By the way i drove the car home because i needed to car for work. Took it back the next day. I was given a courtesy car which appeared to be disgusting and the was smelling of cigarette. When i asked if the car can be presented in a manner that is appealing to a human being, i was spoken to in a ill manner, which i do not appreciate. They did not even see anything wrong with the courtesy car, thats shows that they lack customer relation and the concerns of their customer. I wasn't even asking for a better car just wanted something that can take me from point A to B that is presentable. Over all my experience with these guys was devastating and disgusting. The lack of communication and expertise is a big issue they need to improve on. Even the ability to figure out what exactly was wrong with the car was a big problem for them. My advice to y'all is if you have a car with major problem other than normal service, even normal service you still have to be careful. Please kindly avoid these guys if you can. See the attached photo of the courtesy car. Complained about the car pulling to the left when i took the car at first. Now it's worse. Just regretting that i brought my car to you guys. You all ruined my car. That car should have been written off but because of your selfishness y'all chose to repair it. Even after repairing it, y'all ain't getting it right.

Oluwabiyi buhari

20 Sep 2020

I have been getting my car serviced from Rapid Tune Keysborough for over 3 years now and Giovani has not only fixed issues, but also advised on steps to avoid spending too much on repairs. Recently, before one of the servicings, when I asked to have a rattling noise checked, he observed that the right suspension required replacement as it had been over 6 years. After replacement, the ride was so much smoother, yet the noise was still there, but not as much. Upon further checks, it was found to be a rusted and damaged sway link. After replacement, it worked well for a few days, but the noise came up again whenever I went over bumps or potholes. He asked me to leave the car at the workshop for a day, and his team dismantled the entire front section, but was not able to find any issues. It was reassembled again, this time firmly and with brackets wherever possible. It has been over a month, and there has been absolutely no noise at all. The best part is that he didn't even charge me for all the hours of work he and his team put in that day. This is just one of the several times where Giovani has really helped fix multiple issues on my ageing car. Great customer service, which I happily recommend.

Fadel Ismail Fathimulla

19 Apr 2024