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Airport West, Victoria


Rapid Tune Airport West has grown to be a major automotive Service Centre within the local community. Newly opened in 2019, this clean and professional workshop is proudly run by Ash and his team who boast over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry.

Talk to the car mechanic experts at Rapid Tune Airport West about car servicing and car repairs. Our passionate, friendly and fully qualified mechanics are here to help.

All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, and workmanship is guaranteed.

Call Ash on 9338 7757 to book, obtain a competitive quote or you can complete the online booking form above.

Your local mechanic and brake experts at Rapid Tune Airport West offer a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:

Log Book Servicing
Fuel Injection Services
Auto Transmission
Roadworthy Tester
All Mechanical Repairs
Wheel Balancing and Alignment

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8am - 5:30pm


8am - 5:30pm


8am - 5:30pm


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8am - 5:30pm


8am - 1pm



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Steering and Suspension
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
Auto Electrical Services
General Maintenance and Repairs
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Battery Services


95A Matthews Ave, Airport West, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Rapid Tune Airport West’

When my Colorado was due for a major service and other bits and pieces I wasn't surprised when Ash called to say it would be more. Holden initially had me believe my service would actually be cheaper through them but when I requested they do some additional things which Ash had recommended it blew the price right out. Ash respected that I had done the shop around and without prejudice still offered to do the work significantly cheaper than if I had gone to the dealership. Rapid Tune didn't just beat the price they did it faster and were very professional about it. For years I handled my own servicing but family and my own business means I just don't have time to. I think I can finally trust someone else to do it for me, cheers!

Christopher Todd

19 Jan 2022

Great service and great staff! Extremely professional and great work. The whole process was stress free and absolutely no nasty surprises. Can't recommend these guys enough!

Anastasia Abela

19 Nov 2021

It's always a great experience with rapid tune. These guys have taken well care of all my family vehicles. Highly recommend for superior service.

Yucee Gill

09 Feb 2022

Sam was amazing, everything was explained perfectly and the work he carried out on our BMW was great. Complimentary car wash was a nice touch. Thanks guys!!!!

Betty Wilson

19 Jan 2022

A genuine and great experience. It was the first non-dealer servicing as long as we own new vehicles. I got a little weary paying big $$$ to our dealership for keeping the log book in order. I couldn't be happier with the friendly and professional approach by Ash who's a qualified and knowledgeable mechanic. Easy communication and prompt messages. The car was serviced quicker than expected saving us some serious money. I'll be back. Highly recommended!


16 Nov 2021

I have been bringing my van to Rapid Tune Airport West for the last 3 years and many years to come! Ash (the businesses owner) very professional and always surprise me with his genuine care and honest personality. My most recent experience was beyond great... I booked my Hiace van for a service and my brakes needed some work. Ash told me the van needs Front Brake Rotors & Pads but the cost was more than my budget. Ash and his staff did their best to fix the brakes within my budget. A week later the brakes were working but not very responsive. I brought back the van to Rapid Tune and Ash checked the van and was very concerned about my safety and out of nowhere Ash said he will install new Front Brake Rotors & Pads and said he will do it for FREE!! NO CHARGE!!! even for labour work !!!! He said he doesn't want me to drive the van with bad brakes and be at risk. I Bprought back the van and they installed the new brakes and refused any payment at all !!! Amazing service and amazing responses people.

Anwar2021 Anwar

20 Feb 2022

Charged $150 for $100 tires, while claiming the tires were worth $200. Also charged $40 for an iridium spark plug, available at Super cheap auto for $11. Air filter $65, available for $35. Not to be trusted, extremely scummy tactics. Will not return.

Cameron Cross

20 Mar 2022

The best place for car maintenance around airport west. Highly recommended .

Sukh Kharoud

20 Mar 2022

Cannot recommend Rapid Tune team more highly. Quality work with great workmanship. Sammy very efficiently dealt with all repairs with super quick turn around. Very happy to recommend them!! Cheers!

Neelam Dhanak

22 Mar 2022

Very efficient and highly professional! Sammy made the overall dealing very easy and hassle free. Great team to deal with! Highly recommended!

Satinder Jhandi

22 Mar 2022

Best Auto Mechanic in the West! Customer service is friendly & efficient specially from the Sammy , my vehicle is promptly fixed for whatever it needs, they take special care to keep my car working at it's best.

Inder KamboJ

22 Mar 2022

Had a minor service done on my Ford Fiesta. Easy drop off location, no fuss, great communication and care. Will be recommending to everyone in this area. Thank you

Abigael Fraser

11 Apr 2022

Biggest rip off ever, charged $1,059 to do a service. Changed brakes $259 for rear + $390 for front, when did not need the brakes to be changed, told me they machined the rotors which did not need doing at all. Changed wipers which I changed only 2 years ago and worked perfectly. This place loves ripping off Females as its my girlfriends car. Wont see her again which I told them, would have cost half the price if she took her car to Hyundai Service Department. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PRICE.


07 May 2022

First time going to this rapid tune, not a very great experience. Got there, thinking it was just a simple minor service, an hour after dropping off my car got a phone call about my brakes needing done, felt pressured into getting them done, Ash just would not let me get off the phone to think about getting my brakes done (get a second opinion). Got told my car will be ready by 12pm and they'd give me a call.. it got to 12.10pm and I haven't heard anything, so I walked there only to find my car done and ready for pick up.. Poor form, since I told them I had work and needed the car back by a certain time a day prior and also the morning of. Bumped up the invoice by $100.. I know this because I took my car to another rapid tune and the brakes only cost me $550.. with service would have been $850, but I got charged $989 here at Airport west. Been told that they went above and beyond and used the best of the best oil and service for me car.. how would I know this? They could have used anything. The day I left my original review I received a threatening phone call from Ash demanding that I remove my "defamatory review" where I was simply sharing my experience with the business. Won't be coming back and don't recommend this business to anyone, there's plenty of mechanics around.

Ann D

26 Jul 2022

Always great service and repairs. Have been going here for a few years now. Honest and always thorough. Highly recommend the team.

Troy Andersen

26 Jul 2022

Very professional and highly recommend Rapid Tune APW Ash and Sam are friendly and professional Excellent quality repairs and maintenance and good value services and tyres. Highly recommend this business Thanks Ash and team ??

Donna Howell

26 Jul 2022

Highly recommended, best mechanical workshop in west....

Sammie Kharoud

09 May 2022

This is the only mechanic I trust with my car. They provide great service for me and my family, who have been going for years, and will definitely continue to keep going back to this establishment

Piper Howell

13 Aug 2022

Ash and the team at rapid tune. Have always given 100% to there customer service and also doing a great job servicing my car. My family and I have never had a problem after a service or if we needed something fixed. The customers service is outstanding. They say what they did to the car and if there was any minor or major issues but are always quick to resolve it. They are great mechanics and also very lovely people. If i could give 10 stars on this review would!

flynn Howell

17 Aug 2022

Service was made for the breaks, transmission and air filter all very quickly from 8am until 3pm, which makes my life so much easier since work in the airport - shows to me dedication and care with the car and with the client. So from customer service until service itself, I am very very satisfied. Ash was awesome on the phone and face to face. Thank you all

Rejane Aggio

29 Aug 2022

My girlfriend took her car to this business. They started doing unapproved work on her car, and when they called her to confirm and she said no, they told her it was too late. She left a bad review on this page and was called within hours by the owner and was threatened with legal action if she didn't remove the review. This is not an honest way to conduct business - be careful if you are taking your car here

Aaron Szczotkewycz

26 Jul 2022

Twelve undies and quality all day long. Customer service was amazing. No wonder you guys have such nice cars coming into your shop, could legit eat off your workshop floor. New clutch and brakes all done in the same day! Thanks for lending my wife your Rapid Tune loan car too, VERY CONVENIENT! 10 out of 10.

Ristoss Stugats

02 Oct 2019

Needed air conditioning repair done fairly urgently and the guys at Rapid Tune were extremely helpful, timely and innovative in their solution. Definitely would recommend

Sashilan Ravirajan

22 Nov 2022

Cost effective servicing, service completed ahead of estimated time, Ash went above and beyond especially with follow-up questions.

Tristan Gooderham

24 Jun 2023

Pretty much got scammed by this place due to an opportunistic and in-genuine owner. Owner seemed super nice and lovely over the phone, quoted me $800 for rear and front break pads, get to the shop and miraculously it turned into a $1500 job. $100 on top of his original quote for the unit price plus $500 of labour which he failed to disclose. Disappointed as I thought this place could be my regular mechanic. Reviews on google and autoguru aren’t always accurate

Michael J

06 Jul 2023

STAY AWAY!!! Never go to these guys again! Dodgy as hell, will try and pressure you to get your job fixed by them straight away and charge you ridiculously! They told me I needed a new battery quoted me $500 and new alternator $1000 and that’s not including labour… I was lucky to get my car out of there! I took my car to a dealership an they said there’s nothing wrong with your alternator and all I needed was a new battery cost me $300 that was it.

Michael Batobalani

31 Jul 2023

Grossly overpriced! 2017 Toyota Corolla … Standard $199 Service (well overdue so we were prepared for extra $) ended up needing additional new water pump and “apparently” all brakes but ended up with a $2,534 bill ?? My partner took her car for a service (we’ve been twice previously and were happy) got told needing water pump and brakes, Ash claims he communicated what needs doing and prices numerous times with my partner and myself but this was more thereabouts and “too late we have done everything already” when I asked for other options… he honestly made us feel like he was putting us on the spot with no other options but to agree to it ! Originally was mentioned between $1,500-$2,000 to which I still wasn’t impressed and he mentioned he’ll try keep the cost down as much as possible to only bump it up even further. All parts prices are pretty much double to triple RRP and mentioned would use only Ryco filters and Bendex brakes and didn’t. , standard generic Repco parts at ridiculous prices. We will never be back.

Ivan Horvat

01 Mar 2023

Sammy is a great mechanic who did a great job of fixing my car and explaining to me everything that was wrong with it and what he did to fix it. Ash who has been there for many years and has vast experience had extensively explained to me what was wrong with the car and whether or not I wanted to go through with the repairs. They are a great combination together and also they are very reasonably priced for the quality of work that they do, thanks heaps guys a job well done, please keep up the good work. I highly recommend rapid tune in Airport West.

ali marei

03 Aug 2023

A big thank you to the Rapid Tune team. Came to Rapid Tune with a screw stuck in my tyre, and was instantly welcomed and greeted in a friendly manner. I was in a hurry and thankfully my tyre was fixed in less than 20 minutes! Highly would recommend, definitely coming back to these guys :)

endalke hailu

10 Nov 2023

Do NOT let the guy named Sam/Sammy/Suckmechains work on your vehicle at all! Seriously, what kind of mechanic leaves an engine sump plug loose after servicing it?! Oil everywhere, all over my customers driveway!!! We have a fleet of vehicles that we are now taking elsewhere, is this guy even qualified?! Not sure there are any licenced Air Conditioning technicians on site as they advertise either - steer clear of this unprofessional and dodgy business. They even use other stores and technicians licences to have Gas delivered to their site!!! Ask to see the accreditations of the exact technician that is going to work on your Aircon on the day, they are supposed to be legally licenced as per the following: AUR20212* Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology (current): *Note: Individuals who attain AUR20212 will be considered eligible to obtain an Automotive Air Conditioning Licence excluding: Install air conditioning systems; and Overhaul air conditioning system components. Should an individual require an automotive licence enabling them to install and/or overhaul air conditioning system components, they must also undertake the following units: AURETU2001 Install air conditioning systems; and/or AURETU4007 Overhaul air conditioning system components. I bet the techs cannot present these (required by law) licences. Nearly forgot to mention my front disc rotors being machined to below the legal thickness, there is no way they were measured properly beforehand, they've just been cut and put straight back on our company ute without a care in the world, shuttering and squeeling and worse than they were before we brought it in for service, there is so much more but I think that's enough to paint the clear picture of the inexperienced, unlicensed and incompetent staff they have here. Calling them cowboys would be an insult, to the cowboys. Stay, well, AWAY.

Johnny Stugartz

10 Nov 2023

Check out the mechanic "Sammy" in the below footage. Bashes into a customer vehicle with a hammer because he can't undo a brake drum! Then throws the hammer across the workshop like an absolute crazy person! Is this who you want working on your vehicles?!

Piston Broke

11 Nov 2023

Do NOT let the guy named Sam/Sammy/Suckmechains work on your vehicle at all! Seriously, what kind of mechanic leaves an engine sump plug loose after servicing it?! Oil everywhere, all over my driveway that i just had done in our new home!!! But wait, there's more, the supposed mechanic "Sammy" also reversed my car straight out the workshop into oncoming traffic and absolutely destroyed the back of my beautiful Scirocco (see attached photos) All in all, the absolute worst experience I've ever had, with any business, in any industry.

Johnny Stugartz

15 Nov 2023

Ash has always tried to rip off everytime i went there for just a basic service, but seems a right workshop for me after a recent mangement change. Will be back for sure

Sameer Khalid

12 Nov 2023

Had car troubles in Airport west. Dropped into these guys to do a quick check to see if I could drive it back to my home mechanic 20 min away. They took it straight in, scanned it and gave me some decent advice. They could have charged, but didn't. Really good customer service.

Corey Thompson

23 Nov 2023

I was given a work vehicle to drive to Canberra and noticed the drivers seat window was stuck and wouldn’t wind back up. I popped into Rapid Tune on the beginning of the drive to enquire if there was anything I could immediately do to get the window up. The guys took the car into the workshop immediately, manually brought the window up and notified me of what the issue is going forward. I am extremely grateful to them, they were very kind and helpful and saved my day for the long drive ahead! Cannot recommend enough.

Elly T

03 Dec 2023

We’ve just had our first interaction with Saad & Sammy at Rapid Tune Airport West. We will definitely be going back - the guys are so easy to deal with, very friendly, professional and from the get go, a pleasure to talk to. Thanks gents, we will see you soon with our fleet of work vans!

Little jasp

05 Dec 2023

Clean reception, great team. Sammy & Nathan really looked after my mother with her service. Will be back! Keep up the great work!

James Edwards

20 Dec 2023

I had a very lovely and confident gentleman named Will, come to my door offering amazing deals with your company. Unfortunately I didn’t sign up as I get my car serviced through family work company. If I wasn’t in the family car care I would absolutely join as the prices are amazing and also Will is fantastic at delivering the information without no pressure. Was nice to meet him. All the best! Kelly

Kelly Cicchetti

08 Jan 2024

Recently had my car break down over the new years period. Nathan and the team accepted my car and did everything they could to get me back on the road. When it was discovered the car repairs were going to be far more expensive than initially estimated, they gave me honest advice and options with potential pricing and did not try and force me to pay to get the car fixed. I decided to move on from the car and they were happy to store the car on their lot until I could organise removal. A great team with a focus on great service.


10 Jan 2024

Being a woman I have felt other service centers have taken advantage of me. Nathan at rapid tune was so helpful and quoted an excellent price and also assured me before any major work he would give a call to make sure I was ok with it. I cannot recommend this place enough I am so happy with the service.

Manashni Mirza

08 Jan 2024

I went in for a quote today, as I felt that my current car service guy may have been trying to rip me off. The lovely gentleman I spoke to at reception ran the numbers for me to give me a new quote (I’d brought in paperwork showing what needed to be done), and told me that the original quote was a fair one, explained why, and said if I wanted to take the car back to them for service he’d understand as he valued loyalty himself. Although I didn’t end up getting my car serviced there, I really appreciated the honest, friendly and professional interaction. Definitely would recommend this place based on my experience ????


25 Jan 2024

I'm not one to write reviews but this one is definitely necessary. The guys at Rapid Tune were unbelievable. They are not the kind of shop that will look at who you are and make up the price on the spot. They care about what they do, and it shines through. I took my car in for a full service and I had a bit of work to be done on it. I popped in to the shop and they explained what they looked at and what needed completing without being pushy or trying to upsell to make more money. I've had many cars and I have been to many different mechanics in pretty much every state in Australia, and I can honestly say, this business has been the best of them all. Couldn't ask for more. Great customer service, great attitude, great help! 5* from me. You won't regret it!


21 Feb 2024