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Prime Autopro in Toowoomba is family owned and are the go-to for all your mechanical needs. They’re able to assist with car servicing and repairs with an honest straightforward approach that delivers outstanding results. Prime Autopro work on all makes and models, new or old.

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3 Donation Ln, Toowoomba City, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Prime Autopro’

We had a leak in our pinion seal and had to get it repaired as we only in Toowoomba for a couple more day. We took the car into these guys on a Saturday afternoon and they repaired the leak on Monday. We highly recommend these guys. ???????? They are extremely helpful.

Robbyn Roberts

20 Sep 2021

Had car problems and called up. Someone was out very quickly and identified the problem. Very helpful

Oscar Griffiths

18 Nov 2021

Went for a pre purchase inspection, these guys are excellent! Prompt professional and thorough, very reasonable price too. Would absolutely recommend.

nic ivanoff

28 Apr 2021

Genuine, Crystal Clear Work


18 Jan 2022

Super helpful and professionals!

Maribel Mayhua

22 Jan 2022

Very friendly and reliable mechanic in town. Affordable price compared to other mechanic in town

Anil George

01 Jul 2022

Amazing mechanics, with a decent price (less than half the price I was quoted by Toyota next door), gave me a full run down of issues they had found and went above and beyond expectations. would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality, honest mechanic. I'll certainly be visiting again.

tejpal singh

18 Feb 2020

DISGUSTING SERVICE! Do not trust this company, attempt to rip their customers off with incorrect & incomplete invoices, then try to get more money for things afterwards; offering incorrect change, and blame customer for their mistakes. Giving misleading information regarding services in an attempt to take advantage of seemingly unknowing customers. Young female car owners, BEWARE!


03 Jun 2020

Always best and take care very well. Thanks Gagan for your Quality service. ????

Mandeep Dhillon

22 Sep 2022

Professional and friendly service! They were able to fit the job in at short notice and went above and beyond to get it done quickly. Highly recommended!!

Leeanne Solly

19 Nov 2022

They were very helpful and very efficient and well manned,found the problem very fast and fixed it at a great price. I would highly recommend them.

Nitin Bose

28 Jan 2023

A very unprofessional business. The owner knew I would be waiting as of 7am after a 2 hour drive but according to the mechanic he wasn't showing up until 10am (he knew I wouldn't hang around till then as he was in the wrong). Misleading and was not mechanically minded, when I asked the mechanic mechanical questions about what they were saying was wrong with the vehicle the answers I got made no mechanical sense., they told my daughter the car was too dangerous to drive back to Brisbane yet after I inspected it I drove back 2 hours without a hiccup. All the tears I endured and not to mention a $207 uber bill and then the audacity to charge 100 or they won't give me the keys, WOW just a real unpleasant business to deal with. As I have 40 years mechanical experience in the field I think they were misleading my daughter to make money out of her. Try KC mechanical opposite as they had way more clients than the 2 cars that was in Prime workshop.

John Donovan

14 Feb 2023

They tried to rip off a young girlfriend of mine by misleading her false information. YOUNG WOMAN BEWARE, THEY WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF WITH FALSE DIAGNOSTIC.

Sharry Gill

15 Feb 2023

Bloody scammers mate. Had my engine changed here. I asked for the invoice and they said they’ll email it—they never did. The owner is very sloppy—he doesn’t know anything about customer service.

Moise Muhire Faustine

23 May 2023

Great service at a reasonable price.

kyle hall

04 Jul 2023

They have good customer service. I got my pulsar towed here when it died. They did a diagnostic and told me the engine is dead. Gagan gave me an estimate about the price of a second hand engine. They sold the engine to me for $2600—this is cheap. It’s $4000 at other places. My car was ready in 2 weeks and a half after the engine was ordered and fitted. This is a great business as they are thorough in their work and they tell you the upfront cost without having to con you.

Moise Muhire Faustine

02 Jul 2023

Very professional services, affordable prices and easy to be booked in. thanks i got my car the same day????

mpotorico montero

24 Aug 2023

Poor customer service and over charged place. I will never recommend to go at this mechanic. Specially indian who think that indian mechanic will look after them, you will screw yourself by going there. My experience was bad , thought to share if it helpful to someone.

Parveen Malik

13 Oct 2023

Could fit me in quickly and were able to come up with a fix even though the part wasn’t being made anymore. Close to town too so I could drop it off before work.


05 Nov 2023

Prime Auto Pro have just installed a Starter motor in my CRV. I have found their pricing for the task was very competitive and their customer service has been excellent. I will certainly be using them again Thank you Prime Auto Pro

Terry Aldridge

11 Nov 2023

DO NOT USE THIS MECHANICS!!! WOMEN ESPECIALLY….. They set me back nearly $3,000 and instead of fixing the issue the car was in for, they caused a further one. They caused exhaust fumes to emanate through my car.. nearly causing fatalities.. instead of owning their mistake, they just deny, deny deny… The guy who runs it is bad at his job and a crook. Their “labour” apart from everything else will set you back $100 per hour… PLEASE BE AWARE…. There is many more, better, reliable and trustworthy mechanics in Toowoomba! DO NOT GO NEAR PRIME AUTOPRO! The only reason there is a 1 star review is because I can’t give a 0 star review.

Tiffany Norley

15 Nov 2023

Gavin is an amazing, you won't find a better mechanic in Toowoomba. I am very particular about my vehicles and Gavin always treats it as if it were his own car. He is very thorough and doesn't cut corners. He is very affordable and I would definitely recommend his Business!

Nick Williams

22 Nov 2023

Please do not use this mechanics. They will WRECK your car, cause you further expense, stress and not have the decency to do anything about it. They then get people they know to post glowing reviews… Please use other mechanics in Toowoomba, who will not rip you off… Zero, zero stars…!!!!!!!!


29 Nov 2023

Exceptional workshop, impeccable service and a truly satisfying experience from start to finish. Highly recommend for top-notch automotive care.

Vikram Sandhu

29 Dec 2023

I had a NSW vehicle which required pink slip(safety inspection) done for re-registration purpose. I booked an appointment here and they said they charge $80 for the inspection which was fine by me. After inspecting the vehicle, i felt the owner came up with made up issues and roughly quoted $600 to fix the problems. Didn't feel right about the issues he mentioned as i had recently done servicing so i didn't opt for the fix he suggested. I was happy to pay $80 and not do the repair he suggested. Upon asking the issues in paper[their letterpad], owner was hesitant in giving me the paper instead wrote it a note and gave it to me. Funny thing is i came to NSW and had a flawless inspection done for $40 dollars.

Ashwin Kandel

16 Jan 2024