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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Shop B024, Pacific Werribee, Cnr Derrimut Rd and, Heaths Rd, Werribee, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Werribee Tyre & Auto Service’

First class customer service by owner Scott. He is down to earth, respectful, honest, and people focused. Had my car serviced here twice and was not pressured into non-urgent repairs, everything was perfect. Will definitely return in future.


19 Jun 2021

Absolutely great service, friendly staff and very well priced. Special thanks to Scott for his terrific work and same day problem solving. ??

Gary Grech

08 May 2021

Excellent customer service and very friendly. Very experienced professional and reliable and help you as much as they are able to especially with working with your budget to see if you want to fix specifics in the car.You actually get to make the call according to priority regarding how much you think you can afford at the time and you can always come back next time to do the rest of it when you're ready and they are absolutely fine with that. A massive thank you to especially Scottie, Paul and Rachel. Thanks guys.

Mohamed Mesto

06 Feb 2021

Scott and the team at Midas Werribee have always looked after me and my partner. They consistently have gone above and beyond to help us with our cars, even after being ripped off by a used car dealership. They always treat their customers well and with respect, which my girlfriend commented on after being spoken down to at other service centres because she is a female. They continually provide fair and competitive prices, and the work they do is always of an excellent standard. We always highly recommend this place to everyone, and will continue to come back. Really big thanks to Scott and Paul in particular!

Andrew McGahey

21 Jan 2021

Excellent customer service & communication.... service was completed on time with detailed report. Very happy

Shelley Johnson

19 May 2021


Elizabeth Ahuriri

27 Jul 2021

Honestly the most positive experience I’ve had with a mechanic! These legends were so good to me and explained absolutely everything and made sure I knew exactly what was happening with my car. Couldn’t recommend them higher.


30 Sep 2021

Had a list of Jobs required that were going to cost at least $500 - $600 on my Mazda CX-5 and then got a second opinion on it and in the end everything was in working order not needing the work done. Thought they were integral and honest about there workmanship. Won’t be going there again.

ato senitu

02 Oct 2021

Iet me talk if u are ( Asian ) , never ever go to this service centre.Please believe me! I made a service for my Japanese car because of engine overheating! They told me it can take 6 days! After 6 days ,they didn’t call me the car can pick up or not.That’s why I went to there.The gentleman who is manager or owner ( whatever) he said that we didn’t call u.At that time my car is not ready.I asked him ,when can I pick up my car?, he said tomorrow u can pick up.I told him back “ it is alright “ The next day, I have been waited until 3:30pm, they don’t even called me like yesterday! I also don’t have any idea my car can pick up or not.they already taken 7 days to fix my car and don’t even single call me to explain about my car condition.I went there again & asked him .how is my car is that ready or not? He told me No. So I asked him why don’t u call me until closing time to explain about my car. He didn’t say anything and he told me this is not his fault.And I asked him how long it take again to pick up my car?.At that time he started aggressive & furious over me and he told me don’t yelling him.I have no idea because I asked only one question! He literally angry and he knows he can bully me because I’m Asian oversea student.We argued each other and he said if u r not happy u don’t need to pay Money and get out of my office. I said no problem I just want to take my car. After that he told me to give $721. I asked him my car is safe to drive or not? He talked to me other reasons.Finally I paid the money because I’m just a student.I have no choice. After I paid the money he asked me “ do u wanna apologies him ? “ I said that there is cctv camera on your head . I didn’t rude & didn’t insult to u and I also didn’t do mistake .if I was rude and wrong ,U Can Call The POLICE! At that time he didn’t call the police. How do u think why he didn’t call the police? I paid $721 and was bullied by service manage or owner! Everybody be aware this service centre Please

kyaw tunag1111

30 Sep 2021

The legends down at Midas Werribee have absolutely impressed me - They gave me the advice i needed, and helped me out big time!

Carlos Ciccia

20 Sep 2021

Amazing place, I could not have chosen a better place to take my car to regarding a concern I had. They were so helpful and honest with me and didn’t over charge me like other places. Straight up and honest is where I would do my business at and trust with my car, I will be differently taking my car to from now on! Thank you, I can’t say how much I appreciated your help and support today and I loved how you were so honest and straight up with me!

Kristy Mathieson

27 Oct 2021

Thanks so much to all the boys at Midas Werribee Plaza. I had a flat tyre, stuck in the rain with my child and they saw I need help. Even though they were super busy they helped me. Thanks again. Awesome group of guys. Recommend to all.

Jamie Carr

12 Nov 2021

Absolutely amazing customer service. Very honest and no beating around the bush with no surprise charges. HIGHLY recommend to anyone locally to get your car serviced and checked from these guys!

Dominic w

18 Nov 2021

HUGE THUMBS DOWN!! ???? AVOID MIDAS Werribee Plaza!!!!!! Father & Son owner team. When the father lied when I questioned the work not done after he told me face to face it was done and he was caught out he just laughed it off. His Son Scott rang the next morning to try to cover up for him and used the excuse ‘he’s a grumpy old man you have to understand’ to cover up for his fathers poor customers service and lies- being caught out saying work was done that hadn’t been. I also Paid for a full service at a cost of $275 and they overlooked back brake light not working! Hate to see what else they didn’t even bother checking! Happy to charge but not do the work! Avoid at all costs! SHIFTY AS! Poor customer service skills!!

Courtney Watts

23 Nov 2021

I read the review from a lady called Courtney, not sure what planet this woman is on but I get my car serviced at Midas Werribee and they are excellent, they even provide a free loan car. Maybe the lady Courtney was just having a bad day. Anyway as far as the work on my car its always been great, the Manager is Scott and he takes the time to explain what the car needs


25 Nov 2021

Very welcoming. Like the fact that they ring and let you know if extra things need doing besides a service. Very happy. Would recommend to anyone.

Susanne Robertson

27 Nov 2021

BEWARE! Cash grabbing at its finest, know your stuff and don't just say yes to whatever work they say is required unless you know it's actually required. Dealership is cheaper!! I normally don't write reviews but felt I needed to with this experience. First off, when calling for a log book service I was a bit perplexed that they couldn't provide me with a quote but rather said "if your car requires" . Log book services are pretty clear cut and will occasionally have work that is required outside the norm on a rare occasion. Customer service upon arrival was poor and to be honest came across as arrogant. I received a call a few hours later to tell me a list of repairs "required"including what should be standard works under a log book service, mounting up to 100s of dollars more. I did not proceed with the service and instead got a second opinion (2 infact) and was told otherwise to what I was told by Midas Werribee. I ended up getting the service done elsewhere where I received 5 star customer service and service was performed with no additional "required" works. Please consider going elsewhere and trusting your car with people who won't try to rip you off.


30 Dec 2021

I can not thank Scott, Lisa and the team at Midas Werribee plaza enough, I took my car there to be serviced today and from the minute I arrived until the minute I left they were fantastic. They were honest and helpful with what my car needed, their customer service was amazing and especially as a female who knows very little about cars they made sure I understood and gave me helpful suggestions for my car to ensure I wasn’t wasting my time or money. Highly recommend them and will definitely be back next time my car needs a service.

Corinne Osborne

16 Dec 2021

Great Place, lovely staff and owners. 100% recommend them if you need anything done with your car, very selfless owners. Check them out for sure.

Jesse Ring

21 Feb 2022

Amazing and friendly service offered with honesty and a smile! Scott his team have looked after our cars for about 5 years now, my family all now take their cars here because we get great work everytime!


22 Mar 2022

Scott the owner is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Scott provides the right information and even the mechanics in the business are knowledgable, experienced and friendly

Amit Chhabra

03 Jul 2022

Great customer service , quality mechanics , good prices and they always perform quality work . Used many times for service and repairs on all of my vehicles and cannot fault them .. A+++

Cam Knox

04 Jul 2022

These guys were awesome. Went in with no oil, they filled my car and booked in for a service the following week. They never made me feel like they were going to rip me off. European car and being a female, that tends to happen, but this team never! Thanks guys :)

Kelsey Robinson

08 Jul 2022

I came in on a very late notice diagnosistic test to see what was wrong with my car Scott was very polite and helpful in showing me what was wrong with my car great service

Gold Flamingo Photography and Videography

08 Jul 2022

My 19 year old daughter took her car to get serviced and was told after picking her car up she needed major work done or else car wheels would cease up. They said they had after pay and that she could pay off the $2000 for works. Thank god my daughter didn't fall for this there and then. I ended up taking the car to another mechanic and asked him to check all the issues that my daughter was told. The mechanic said the car had no major issues at all and only required two new front tyres and a wheel alignment less than $500 Be aware young girls and boys that you don't get sucked in.

ricky cohen

24 May 2022

If I could review with 0 stars then I would. If you're thinking of going here for your car routine service, don't! That is unless you want to bring your car in at 8am and not get it back until 4ish. Also if you want to be deceived and most likely ripper off. They said I needed a part replaced but couldn't do it on the day as they wanted to order it in first. I went to a different mechanic who told me my car doesn't even use that part and my car was totally fine. On top of this, their routine service price is higher. Would recommend going to a different Midas. Very dishonest management at Werribee plaza.

Ivy Cheptoo

04 Jun 2022

Absolutely disgraceful service by Scott and team. I would highly recommend anyone to steer away from taking their car anywhere near that place. I took a friend’s car and very clearly asked for oil leakage check and described that I suspect that this could be a result of bad oil filter installation by previous mechanic. I asked to check if that’s the issue, if not to tell me prior to changing oil to avoid getting oil changed twice. I receive a text message that the service was done. They just changed the oil in the car without calling me and now they expect me to be happy with a useless oil replacement which will continue to leak. I know that Scott will say that I didn’t ask for a service which includes the comprehensive check for the car. Thus, they didn’t bother with my request to confirm if the oil leak issue reason is clear prior to doing any work. I would’ve asked to fix the oil leak problem prior to proceeding with the oil change to avoid redundant work and paying twice for the same thing. Never seen such poor customer service before in my life. In this case, the management is always right, and the customer is clueless.. What a ripoff and waste of my time…

Majed Assafiri

30 Jun 2022

Had my rear brake light fixed - super friendly team and was in and out in ten mins!

Maggie Digby

05 Aug 2022

After my partner and I both calling up multiple places I found MIDAS to be the 1 place that gave both of us the same quote to get my car problem diagnosed. They were easy to speak to over the phone (especially being female!) & their communication was exceptional. The guy talked me through the diagnostic and issues with my car and went over my options, talked me through repair costs and what's involved. Will definitely be using MIDAS pacific werribee for our future car repairs/needs. Great prices and wonderful staff.

Tiffany Charles-O'Dwyer

27 Sep 2022

I took my vehicle for a service, and believed the service to be great. However it was found that I had an oil leak, when discussing this with Pauly, the mechanic, he flat out said “We’re not doing it, too big of a job”. So here’s my problem, I asked for a quote on a Monday, called on Tuesday as had no reply, Scott told me to come in Wednesday morning, again was told by Pauly….. “we’re not doing this”, then to be told to go home & call in the afternoon. I called, was told they’d call me back. They didn’t. It’s been 3 weeks and still nothing. I paid to get this diagnosed, if Pauly doesn’t want to do the job, I’ll take it somewhere else, but don’t want to have to pay someone else to do the same diagnostic check, as Midas have already done that. Seriously how hard is it to provide a quote for something I have paid for. So after seeing my review, Scott tells me to go somewhere else. Very professional….. Not. Will never take my vehicle there & will not recommend them at all. Was never going to go back there anyway. Would prefer someone who can do it all. These guys obviously cannot. Let’s be very clear here…… ???????????????????? In reply to your comment on my review…..to say you can’t do it is BS, cause over the phone I was told you were waiting on costs from suppliers. So which one is it???? And again you’re mechanic refused to do it. Why would I come back, when you can’t do the work required. Bottom line is we all know who’s running the shop here, and it ain’t the manager Scott. I would’ve removed this post if I got a good response, but I didn’t, so it stays.

Jenny Turczyniak

18 Oct 2022

Have used these guys for the last two services on my Audi and am always impressed with their service and professionalism. Today my audi went in due to a funny engine noise and they diagnosed it, repaired it and gave me advice for next time all for a really fair price. I will recommend them everytime.

Bailey Mackin

04 Nov 2022

I got excellent service from Midas, the part they ordered arrived 4 days early so they rang me if I wanted it installed the same day, I did and it was done as soon as I arrived, I will never go back to the vehicle manufacturer as they said the vehicle was too old (21 years) for them to supply that part (exhaust and muffler). I'll be getting all my servicing done at Midas in future.

Tony Carmellotti

30 Sep 2022

The team were great and kept me updated every step of the way. The aftercare was fantastic as well and they offered for me to come back anytime if any concerns. Would highly recommend Werribee plaza Midas to All. Thank you.

Jodie S

16 Dec 2022

I have been using Midas Werribee for a few years now and have always been beyond happy and I’ve never once had issues with my cars. The most recent visit I actually heard my self asking “are you sure it’s only that much?” Once again I received my car running like it was brand new and as always I was treated like family. Would definitely recommend!

Carina Milone-Woodley

16 Feb 2023

I am extremely happy with the service provided from Scott and the team and Midas. I needed an alternator replacement and they were able to get onto it straight away for me and provided a loan car as I had some errands to run. Very friendly staff, explained everything easily and did not overcharge me (being a female that's always nice). I will be using them for all my car needs from now on. The van is running like a dream now! Cheers guys.

Sara T

23 Feb 2023

From the moment the call was taken to the completion of my service I was EXTREMELY happy with the customer service aspect- as far as the car well I don’t know that’s why I pay them ???????????? but it would appear Scotty and the team told the truth! Very happy will definitely ow take my car there instead of where it’s “supposed”’to go. The hire car was a bonus ????????????????until You’ve driven it you won’t understand!

Silve Beaton

21 Feb 2023

I am extremely happy with the service provided from Scott and the team and Midas. I needed an alternator replacement and they were able to get onto it straight away for me and provided a loan car as I had some errands to run. Very friendly staff, explained everything easily and did not overcharge me (being a female that's always nice). I will be using them for all my car needs from now on. The van is running like a dream now! Cheers guys.

Sara T

11 Apr 2023

Huge Thank you to Scott and the team. I was shopping with my two kids at Werribee plaza last Saturday, when I got out of the car park, out of blue the coolant light is flashing in red along with the engine light turned into yellow, I was so panic, and then noted there is a mechanical shop next to the road. Fortunately I could manage to get there within 5 minutes. The minute I arrived the store without asking, both the staff member and the manager Scott came out and offered to help without charging me a single dollar. They helped to top up coolant, scan and test my engine with EOBD, also taken time to explain to me the trouble codes and so on. The kindness, the professional, the care, the service I experienced with them are incredible, I cannot thank you guys enough with this, will definitely recommend your business to our family and friends. Will call you back to book in hubby’s car service coming weeks too. Thank you team and wish you all have a great long weekend.

Jiake Yang

11 Mar 2023

Scott and the team at Midas werribee were fantastic. solved a inexpensive problem on my Holden captive that many others couldn't. They potentially saved me thousands on unnecessary repairs. We will be using Midas Werribee for all our car service and repair needs going forward. Thanks heaps guys.

leah boardman

30 Mar 2023

I absolutely DO NOT recommend to go here. As someone mentioned in their review, they really are extremely rude as I had experienced their rudeness myself. The business manager Scott, is the most passive aggressive and rude person you will meet at the shop. He has a very condescending tone and a vile mouth. He thinks just because his dad is the shop owner, he can treat anyone however he pleases. Avoid going here at all costs if you don't like being treated so disrespectfully. Just never ever go here!


10 May 2023

Got my tyre fixed here after my car gave me a low pressure warning, turns out had a nail in it. Fantastic customer service the whole time! Thank you! My Kia Seltos is driving beautifully again with full pressure in all 4 tyres


19 May 2023

Were to start... Firstly Scott and his team go over and beyond expectations, From his office staff to the mechanics Delivering 1st class service. He calls to keep you in loop of how your vehicle coming along. Gives discount cards for next service, makes sure everything is done right 1st time and fixes the problem if it reoccurs straight away. Have never been let down once from the Werribee branch in the last 4 years.

Joshua Toimata

29 Jun 2023

Very happy with the service I received I got an engine swap at a very responsible price. It came to a couple hundred dollars more but that was due to the water pump needing to swapped over so I think that's a fair rate. Would definitely recommend ????????????

rhino johndoe

12 Jul 2023

Disapointed, they told me that they will check my car first and will let me what is the problem and how much it will cost. Afterthat, they asked me to pay 105 AUS without prevous notice. Besides that, they said that they will check the price for the engine mount so they will repair the problem but unitl now I do not recieve any thing without solving my car's problem.

Omar Baans

12 Jul 2023

The crew at Midas Werribee Plaza are fantastic. Helpful and informative. I did my research prior to my car service and found they were value for money. Happy to return for my service! Thanks Crew!

Joe Pedulla

15 Jul 2023

Scotty & team, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service provided by MIDAS recently. As a single mother facing financial challenges, maintaining my car has been a daunting task. However, my recent experience with MIDAS has truly been exceptional and has made a significant difference in my life. I had the pleasure of working with your team when I needed to purchase and fit tires to my car, as well as worn-out window wipers. From the moment I walked into the shop, I was met with professionalism, kindness, and a genuine willingness to help. The staff took the time to understand my situation and provided me with options that fit my budget without compromising on safety or quality. What truly stood out to me was the level of care and attention given to every aspect of the process. Furthermore, the efficiency with which the work was completed was truly impressive. In addition to the exceptional service, the empathy and understanding shown by your team towards my situation have left a lasting impact on me. It's not often that you encounter such kindness in the service industry, and I am genuinely grateful for the respect and consideration I received. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Scotty at MIDAS for not only delivering top-notch service but for going above and beyond to accommodate my circumstances. Thanks to your team, I now have safe and reliable car that will undoubtedly make a positive impact on my day-to-day life. No doubt, I'll be back for all future services on my car! I will not hesitate to recommend MIDAS to my friends, family, and colleagues based on my outstanding experience. Once again, thank you for making a difference in my life and for your commitment to providing exceptional service. Sincerely, Yolandé

Yolandé Joubert

07 Aug 2023

Quoted work before starting and actually came in a little cheaper than quoted. Friendly and communicated perfectly at all times. Amazing service and only mechanics I will be using

Cameron Bacon

15 Aug 2023

I went in without an appt to ask if someone can take a look at my vehicle and wasn’t expecting it to be looked at and fixed straight away. So happy with the service. Grateful I wasn’t even charged for a coolant top up which was causing the issue. Thanks to the Midas legends at Werribee for looking after me! ????

Roah Al-Bakiry

03 Sep 2023

Scott has been very helpful. He gave me a quote before he started work and there were no extras. When my car broke down one morning on my way to work he arranged to tow my car to his workshop and he made sure I got it back the same day. He spent all day on it to make sure it was running smoothly. I can't think of anybody else who gives such good service and all with a smile. Thanks Scott.

Anita Balakrishnan

20 Aug 2023

I am one very happy customer. I will definitely recommend to my friends. As a woman, I am always worried that I get overcharged for not knowing anything about cars. But I got out of there so grateful that I was not ripped off. I even got freebies on my out. Try Midas Werribee and you won't regret it.

Bibi Indira Bulalang

13 Nov 2023

Tried to get a quote twice. They went ahead and booked my car in regardless of no quote. I told them I'd gotten a quote elsewhere and if they can match it I'll bring the car in to which I got the reply "Nah mate we've got enough on". I'd expect that kind of customer service from a backyard hillbilly not a supposedly reputable franchise.

Steven Fudgemallet

03 Dec 2023

Amazing customer service at this location. A very big shed with a lot of expert mechanics. The owner was quite friendly and honest. Had a diagnosis report of my problem and they didn't charge anything for that.

Aravindh R.

03 Dec 2023

They did a con job on my vehicle. Told me my car brakes needed work to stop the squealing noises. I took the car in. Manager rang me to tell me what the work involved. Did not give me time to think and pressured me, saying the job needed to be done. When I collected the car, the same squealing noises were there. The problem had not been fixed and I realised I had been misled and conned. When I complained, I was told to go elsewhere. They did not mention the Midas gu arantee.

guat ong

22 Dec 2023

Initially I was extremely happy with service, but upon leaving workshop there was obviously something wrong with vehicle. The next morning I rang and took vehicle back in the MANAGER tried to deny any responsibility for issue that was only present after works. I was luck in the fact the 2 guys who worked on it were extremely honest and helpful and problem was sorted, but the manager is the sort of individual who will duck any responsibility.

Caramel Hot shots

01 Jan 2024

They did great job on car runs better than before did a dinostic check found the problems fixed it and kept me update with prices before going ahead with fixing great communication.

Robert Briskoski

04 Jan 2024

Booked for essential service on their website which was $199 ..Got emailed the details of my booking .. when I took the car in.. they did a pre check before service ..and rang saying I needed to get my air filters replaced do I want to get that done while they did my service .. I said no just the service thanks. Then I went in to pay and it came up as $330 for the service??..I said why dose it cost $330 I booked in for essential service for $199? He said well your car had to have under a certain amount of oil in it for the essential service.. So we gave you a LOG book service .Which is only if your car has warranty mine car dosent have warranty!!?? Also got the receipt and they had charged for oil and filter!! Wow first time iv gone in for a service and they charge for oil change?? Wat the heck!! He said sorry for the confusion il take $30 OFF! So dodgy won’t ever go back!!!

Cecelia Lefoe

15 Jan 2024

We are new to the area and had my Mazda cx-9 2010 serviced here and they did such an amazing job, extremely affordable price and really lovely staff. Will be our regular mechanics.

Kirrin McMillan

01 Feb 2024

Our granddaughter recently had an issue with her car,from the moment she walked into Midas Werribee,she was treated with professionalism and respect by the whole team who could not have done more to help resolve the issue. She needed a car to get to work and was given a loan car for almost two weeks. My appreciation and thanks to all.

Robert Kopecky

07 Feb 2024

Scott and the team at Midas Werribee Plaza have always been amazing and efficient everytime I have used them with my 2 cars to service. Always very price conscious too and let you know what you are up for too. AAAA++++ from me. I very highly recommend them


12 Feb 2024

Good quick service for front brakes. Did the machining for the brakes which was still doable when a dealership quoted to replace the full set. Made a 500 $ difference for this service vs the dealership


06 Feb 2024

Very disappointed with service. Took car in for service at 10 am by 2pm went back to get car. Told it not ready but won't be long. 4.30 pm Midas call saying car not done as a mechanic went home early. They booked it for 9am the following Monday. Took car in by 8.45am was not until 1pm before service done. Was told needed extra work on it extra $500 find it hard to believe as had car serviced 6 weeks ago in SA by the RAA WHO DID FULL INSPECTION and gave a full clean report saying car was in A1 order. Midas werribee say engine mounts rotor brushes and 2sway clips need replacing. Very suc as the RAA in SA have full inspection report as all being A1. Never deal with Midas werribee plaza again definitely not recommend them.. Bloody crooks

Robert Wickham

19 Feb 2024

Scott and his team are absolutely wonderful From the 10/10 service over the phone, to the speed of booking you in, the efficiency in getting you in and out as quick as they can, even when busy, they really do go above and beyond The mechanical work and great prices aside - the customer rapport building is top notch and you can tell they really care for their customers - that's why they've now met my whole family, because I'll refer them again and again

Paige Chapman

05 Apr 2024

Booked for car service to recieve a phone call after an hour of wait to tell me the price of the logbook service. When I said I never asked for a log book service I was asked to come and pick up my car. Half day wasted.

marian aziz

19 Apr 2024