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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Unit 1/3333 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek , New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Springwood Tyre & Auto Service’

I had a "stretch" a/c drive belt for my diesel BMW X5 (and old one!) removed and replaced today. The Midas fellow (don't even know his name!) fitted me in straight away, and got to work. He was pretty close to half an hour at it, and it took him three attempts to get it right, as he didn't have the particular BMW tool. I don't blame him - no-one has that tool, and they probably cost a million dollars per usual BMW practice... Anyhow, he adapted tools that he did have, using a Ford one to remove and replace the belt. Champion effort! Eternally grateful, the belt doesn't scream when the a/c compressor kicks in. Very, very impressed, and I'll certainly be going back there.

Rory Lyons

17 Nov 2021

Had a new power steering rack and tie rod ends fitted in my commodore by Luke, they were able to book me in asap and had my car back before 4pm. Even followed up two days later with a prior problem with my alignment and he was able to fix it on the spot for me. Awesome friendly service and great price. Can't fault them what so ever, hope I've found a new trusting mechanic. Thank you guys

dannielle dyba

28 Jul 2021

Car horn not working. Got charged $165 for diagnosis. Ended up being the wrong diagnosis. My calls have been blocked go straight to voicemail. Basic service - got told everything with car was good a week later car was checked by another mechanic and advised had oil leaks. Save your money and go elsewhere

Lahui Tuatagaloa

28 Jan 2022

Booked my car in for a standard logbook service at Midas Springwood. Car had no faults or issues prior. Worst possible experience I could have ever had with a mechanic. They gave a false diagnostic without running any tests and told me it would cost in excess of $5000 to replace a blown head gasket. I was told it had lost litres of coolant (I live 5mins from the workshop, park in a garage and check all my fluids regularly, the last time was right before dropping it off for the service, so it was around this point I knew i was being lied to). I told the mechanic to just finish the service and I would look into the "blown head gasket". Shortly after, and I mean no more than 15-30mins I recieved a call saying the service had been completed and I was to collect the car. I get there to find out that the leak had "miraculously stopped" with a bottle of seal-tite the mechanic had decided to add to the car. Well now my car has rampant overheating issues that it not have prior thanks to a blocked radiator. I've sent a message through their online help centre but I still haven't received an answer. Not only was the service appalling, I have had to pay for a second opinion which confirmed there was no issues with the cars head gasket and now I am having to pay for more work to be done on the car to fix the damage they caused as it haz left the car near inoperable. I certainly wouldn't trust them to rectify the issue. I wouldn't trust them to even wash the car. Do not book here at all.

Maria jose Aponte

03 Feb 2022

They were awesome and so honest!!! I'm going back. The mechanic was so genuine and didn't speak to me like a dummy. He took the time to go through everything with me in layman's terms. They even rang me prior to my picking my car up and told me what the last mechanic had missed. I'm using these fellas again definitely!!! Great work ...

Colina Reuben

26 Aug 2021

Good efficient service. Never have a worry about workmanship, always professional.

Susan Anderson

20 Jan 2022

Bad !! Mechanic left spanner and long needle hose inside bonnet (near car engine) when i had my car serviced. Would never give my business again

Bhavit Kansagara

23 Aug 2022

Hello all the guys at Midas Springwood are a great group I called Monday morning with car trouble. The car was fixed in about three hours, with other things to do later .

Trevor Haylock

08 Dec 2022

Cannot praise the team at Midas Springwood...excellent job, excellent price, excellent communication...I WILL BE BACK!!

Kim Weier

22 Jan 2023

Lauren who works there is very helpful. Good customer service

Prakkun kun

07 Jun 2023

Very happy with the genuine and honest customer service and the extensive service work that was completed by the team today. Lawrence kept the price right also. Will definitely take my car to them again and would recommend this workshop anyday. Thank you ????

C Elder

30 Aug 2023

Great service, done very fast and efficiently

Daniel Chalmers

01 Sep 2023

Had my daughter's car serviced. Engine mount replaced and cooling system repaired, drives like a new car. Very pleased with Lawrence and the team, would recommend for car servicing.

S Miles

05 Oct 2023

This was the worst experience of my life. We took our car in for a service. They were supposed to do a scheduled service. The 'mechanic' didn't know how to bleed the breaks and used the wrong fluid. This resulted in inoperative breaks. They also change the break pads and were supposed to refurbish the rotors. We tried to take the car back several times but they were unwilling and unable to rectify the issues. We had to take the car to a dealership to rectify the problem. It resulted in them having to flush the breaks several times and replace the rotors. I would never use them again and would advise everybody to go elsewhere.

shirly si

30 Aug 2021

I've never left a review for a car place before as i've ALWAYS been let down but WOW Lawrence at Midas Springwood has helped me with not only my honda civic after it had a bunch of issues but now also my partners toyota Hilux. Never price gauging always fair prices and transparancy in the work theyre doing! They work with you - unlike other places that are so unflexible. I really can not write a glowing enough review i am so so impressed with the team and will be bringing our cars here and when kids come along theirs! Thank you for all your help team!!!!!

Donella Beckton

12 Mar 2024

Good price for service amd a repair job I needed. Luke and Lawrence are good to deal with.

Edana Sibanda

02 Apr 2024

Great place to get your service done. So informative with any problems with your car and they cleaned my tyres.

Amanda Eley

10 Apr 2024