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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Unit 3/ 2-4 Resolution Place, Rouse Hill , New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Rouse Hill Tyre & Auto Service’

Went in for a pink slip today and it was done quickly. The team were efficient and polite which is why I’ve been using Midas for the past few years. Thanks Midas team

Johnny B

22 May 2022

Had my car serviced. Great price that was upfront and accurate. Great customer service and very professional staff. Work completed in a timely manner and good communication on car being ready for collection. Would recommend.

David Colliss

16 Feb 2022

The first time I took my car for logbook service, they said the battery was ok even though it wasn't and I had to replace it within a few weeks. The second time they said the tyers were checked including the spare one, but the tyre went flat in a few weeks and the spare one was not usable due to its low pressure! Seems like they just tick the boxes and don't really check the car!

Daniel Baharestani

06 Feb 2022

Great service and super fast, these guys went above and beyond to help me as I turned up with out an appointment and needed a spare tyre because of the potholes in the road on a really wet day. Checked my old tyre and fitted a new spare with in no time at all and I felt better knowing I had a new spare just in case another pothole was to destroy another tyre. The best part is the price was really good for a walk in job. Thank you all for your time and effort, I appreciated it greatly. Cheers...

Brett Williams

14 Mar 2022

Efficient. Great pricing. Smart operation. What is promised is delivered. Afterpay available.

Rob Iannuzzelli

03 Mar 2022

Next day booking for my Ford Ranger - split hose, a common problem. Fixed and returned to me quickly. Back on the road!

Leigh Carlson

21 Jun 2022

Good quality service. Professional service. On time. Very helpful. Good value.

Marilyn Johnson

15 Sep 2020

Really great folks. Can't go wrong with either Midas ultratune. Quick fast service. Went above and beyond. Squeezed me in when they're already full up and they turned it around in about 1-2 days. They're honest folks. Will bring my car in again 100% Can't speak to others experiences, but if the customer isn't happy and is arguing too much, it's not worth the headache. Go somewhere else. The headache and argument isn't ever worth whatever is being paid.

Matthew Chan

22 Jul 2022

Came for service they ended up screwing my tyres just to make money out of it. Car was driving perfectly until I got it serviced. Don’t recommend them they cheat ppl.

Ekant Pahuja

18 Aug 2022

Great service. Nothing is too much trouble. Mechanics you can trust.

Robbie Cook

23 Aug 2022

Mechanics advised costly repairs were needed to my car. Sought second opinion from another mechanic (and third opinion to be sure) and turns out 75% of these repairs were not necessary, including a replacement clutch. Very disappointing Midas!

Michelle Douglas

19 Jul 2022

Changed a part in a car, put a bad one charged as an original. When the car started making noise they said it's because of something else and tried to charge more. Went to another mechanic came out its only because of the bad part. So now had to pay it again. Not fer! Anyway, please don't bring your car here.

Klimentina Capeski

09 Sep 2022

I have been a customer of the guys for 2-3 years and they seemed to be ok. Recently they changed my rotors and charged a double price for that. You can find the same rotors in Autobarn or Repco for twice less than what I paid. I am happy pay extra for the hassle, delivery etc. but not twice a market price. I tried to resolve the issue over the phone but I was ridiculed that they do not buy stuff from ebay. I guess everyone had a bad day including me leaving this feedback.

Dim Zakharov

19 Oct 2022

Alisha from Midas is a real gem. Top customer service, very welcoming. Also callout to Josh for his friendly assistance. Thank you. Vinod

Vinod Sharma

18 Oct 2022

DO NO trust this Midas Rouse Hill for any European made car repairs, absolutely appalling in their skills and workmanship. They misdiagnosed a simple Oil sump leak to a engine oil leak and convinced me to spend a huge amount to dismantle the engine/drive train and replace several other seals. Then the car was given back with smoke coming from cabin, greased interiors and continued oil leak (they did not even fix the sump seal!! Which they obviously missed. After two weeks I had to give back the car, and with two kids and changing their loan car it was horrendous experience. When we got the car back again - the oil leak continued and grating sounds from underneath. Enough was enough and I went to Audi Pennant Hills for a full diagnosis - which was then we found out what these clueless bunch did to our Audi Q5. They put in wrong sealants as shown in photo, even fitted the front suspension with a regular bolt that was bent upon inspection, and we would have had an accident! A repair that should been a simple few hours job and $1000.00 ended up costing $5500.00 in total and the car was never the same. Shame on those guys to have a licence to repair any cars, and carry on trading posing a huge risk to those drivers. I would never risk giving ANY cars to these guys, please watchout!!

Brinda Kattera

30 Jun 2021

Terrible experience here. Dropped my car off early in the morning for a tyre change to come back 6 1/2 hours later with nothing done. I took my keys back and took my business elsewhere employees were lazy and great at wasting my time.

Amelia Brunley

27 Oct 2022

The mechanic at Midas Rouse hill is very adept at carrying out the service on my Amarok and also informed me of future necessary work...every thing was explained and a breakdown of the work & prices were emailed to me.. Friendly reception and good old fashioned service. Thanks Kind Regards Giancarlo Cannizzaro

Giancarlo Cannizzaro

15 Nov 2022

Don’t recommend this business at all, very incompetent and worse customer experience ever. I’ve been told my car will be fixed by replacing a part in engine that cost $3000 and after picking my car I noticed the problem is still there , when asked I was told that the whole engine had to be replaced and it would have cost $8000. If I knew the engine is not fixable I wouldn’t bother spending any money on it. I’m left with $3000 out of pocket for nothing and was told there is no refund. I’m taking the matter to fair trading now.

Mary Lo

23 Nov 2022

I was there for the usual service and when Back home, I notice for next service, so they didn't change the old one, called them, and a lady asked me to come back. They forget to change the oil and filter! After that car smells fire!

Farzad Shahabeddin

03 Dec 2022

My experience was positive. Team there is friendly and cooperative. They could’ve gotten 5/5 if their service was quicker especially that it was just a regular oil replacement. Overall, I will certainly use them again for both of my cars. The lady at the reception desk was so kind and helpful. Thx All :)

Tamer Agha

24 Jan 2023

They rush through jobs to fit more clients in. They failed to tell me that my tyres are completely unroadworthy, they said my tyres should last me another 3 months or so and I trusted them. I rebooked for June. I haven’t driven my car since my service with Midas on March 6th because my windscreen was cracked. I had another mechanic inspect my vehicle yesterday and they were shocked my car was serviced on March 6th, and Midas allowed me to drive away with tyres like that. So, not only is my car not roadworthy but it’s extremely dangerous to drive. It’s gross negligence. I called to tell them what the problem was and they denied any wrongdoing, which of course they did. Nobody likes being caught out in a lie, but what starts out as little white lies, ends up with people in car accidents. I’ll admit I don’t know anything about car maintenance but that’s why I get my cars serviced religiously every 6 months, I just put my trust in the wrong team.

Erin O'Connor

20 Mar 2023

Don't trust . I bought brand new Tyer but fitt used near new

mahmoud ehtesham

20 Jun 2023

Worse services I ever had. Wrong quotes and disguised advice just to make money

Rahul Narvaria (LoveNZ)

28 Jun 2023

Had a flat tyre and called these guys up, they were able to fit me in right away. Harry and his team are great, highly recommend them.

Ben Dunn

01 Jul 2023

Don’t even bother here with these guys! Will charge a stupid amount of money for poor quality parts and will always look for an opportunity to charge the extra $$$, should have known better based on all recent reviews.

Mitch Krahe

17 Jul 2023

Terrible experience. Replaced brake pads on a BMW that has constantly made grinding noises since they replaced it. Have gone back 3 times for them to have a look and they have not fixed it. Have gone to another mechanic who has found poor installation, cheap quality brake pads that aren't up to BMW standard and a part missing that's causing the grinding. Wasted over $800 to make my car worse off than when I brought it in. Has to be up there with the dodgiest job I've seen at a mechanic. Zero help offered as well. Do yourself a service and don't go there.

Shahzeem Ajani

05 Jun 2023

serviced, or should I say attempted to service the car. Did not complete the service. Had to take it back. A day later, car stops and has to be towed back. After "fixing" the car again, 2 days later, the car stops again. Took three car to another mechanic who showed me that they had dinged the fuel tank so the gauge was no longer able to function correctly. The fuel pump had been reinstalled with the wrong screws and stuck on with silicon. There were clips that were not put on the fuel lines. No wonder there was, and still is a smell of petrol coming into the car. As well as damaging the fuel tank, they also managed to damage the muffler under the car. It is interesting that no person from the company even thought to inform me of the damage to my car, even though they would have surely seen the damage after they "fixed" the car for the third time. Car was left in a dangerous state. Fair Trading here we come. The quote to fix the damage from Toyota is about $4500.


08 Jul 2023

I'm not convinced that this business has your best interests at heart as a customer. Seems like they want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. I always feel very intimidated walking in to reception. They never explain any issues to you, just tell you what needs to be paid for. They also forget to do little things when servicing such as replacing wiper fluid. I have since tried smaller businesses and am far more confident in their servicing. Will not be coming back.


18 Jul 2023

Great service did what was said to the car. Friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend them.????

Sue Ash

15 Aug 2023

Terrible service DO NOT GO HERE!!! I brought in my car for a service on 02/08/23 and they proceeded to quote me repairs for things that did not need to be fixed. they told me my brakes will fail me in 1000kms and instilled a sense of fear and urgency in me. As a university student who is already struggling financially this caused me to count every KM that i have driven since due to the fear that my brakes will fail while i drive. I have even been scared to drive my car at times!!! they quoted me $1600 for both front and rear brakes. Fast forward i have now gone to a reputable and trustworthy mechanic who showed me that my brakes are not in an urgent rush. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!! CASH GRABBERS.

Luke Warwick

08 Sep 2023

Had my lower control arms and drive shafts changed and then after a week noticed oil leak and noice when turning wheel. Took it back and told them about it. Looked like one side of upper control arm touching the suspension. They gave car back after few hours and said no oil leak it was excess oil from doing shafts. About control arm they said not much we can do. Didn't like the attitude and took care back in again after two days and they still can't fix it and asking me to replace top control arms due to lift kit. But my car was fine with lift for two years and now that issue came up after lower control arms replaced. Waste of time and u experienced mechanics.

Akshay Sharma

22 Sep 2023

I got great car service here. I changed all my tyres, because I got a great deal. They are so professional and they were able to find the problem to my car straight away, when others couldn't. I would go back because I would rather be safe than sorry.

Liz _

06 Nov 2023

My patrol: Broke my arm and it needed a service. They proceeded to snap my air con belt tensioner bolt in my engine block and refused to remove it in the middle of summer. I had to remove the front end of my car to get an easy out into it. Navara: Required pink slip, service and a couple things done. Figured I'd give them another shot as I was going overseas the following day and they're the only place that had time to do it. (I see why) They didn't tension my belts which were clearly squeaking during the service (thank god really). Agreed to front transfer case seal and other minor things. Said I needed lca bushes. I ask to see them. They're intact and reasonably solid. One small crack on the outer rubber which is irrelevant. They refuse to pink slip it without changing them. They then order entire control arms which are 5 times the price. It takes me roughly 30 seconds to change a bush in the press at work, maybe they're incompetent or don't have the right equipment? I needed it done that day so I had no choice. The boss: seems like an absolute flog, treats his staff like dirt from what I can tell. Receptionist is friendly and nice, I suspect she pities anyone that enters that shop. I think I'd rather get caught driving unregistered than take another car there. This is why I don't let monkeys touch my nicer cars.

kurt Gay

17 Nov 2023

Car was taken in for a service 6 weeks ago and the mechanic caused a fire in the engine bay. Manager ensured me all fire damage would be rectified so I went ahead with the aircon unit replacement. The team have now attempted to return the car to me twice, with both times the car still carrying significant fire damage. After causing the damage the repairer is doing the bare minimum to try get the car off their hands with no thought to the safety or long term damage that has been caused (and no regard to having my car for an extended period of time) Whenever we come to look at the car the mechanic who caused the damage and is not rectifying the issue sends out the new guy (who has been honest and empathetic with us)

Mark Girling

19 Nov 2023

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED I recently had a car service at Midas Rousehill, and I'm disappointed with the experience. Not only was the service poorly executed, but I also encountered a new issue with the brakes(noise) post-service. When I approached the team with my concerns, they showed no interest at all for an investigation, refusing to address the problem and dismissing my inquiries. The lack of attention and denial left me unsatisfied and questioning the quality of their work. Customer service is a vital aspect of any automotive service, and unfortunately, Midas Rousehill fell short in this regard. I won't be returning for future services. I expected better from a reputed establishment like Midas Rousehill, and this experience has significantly diminished my confidence in their services. I wish I could have looked at the existing customer reviews beforehand.

Raghavendra Acharya

30 Nov 2023