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Newmarket, Queensland


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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73 Enoggera Road, Newmarket, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Newmarket Tyre & Auto Service’

After trying to source a new starter motor for my car without any luck. I decided to give Midas Newmarket a call. Tom made a few calls and had me booked in for the day the one they had sourced arrived from the Sunshine coast. It was in the same day. Great price, great people and great service.

Stuart MacRae

29 Mar 2022

The team at Midas Newmarket are one of a kind, the service was outstanding, so well priced and bent over backwards to accommodate our needs on the day with a free loan vehicle and up to date texts on our vehicle.. I couldn't recommend this team enough. Thank you Letisha & the team - we will be recommending you to all our friends and family.

Rebecca Smith

13 Jan 2022

Unreliable business. And they lie to you. I was given a quote for a job on the phone. Good price so I confirmed and got an appointment. When I turn up they came up with excuses and tried to tell me that their equipment did not work when I could clearly see and hear that it worked. They clearly decided that the price they gave me on the phone was too cheap so they did not want to do the job any more. And they did not even bother to call me to let me know so they stuffed up half my day. I got someone else to call them and they were able to do the work, so the equipment WAS working. This is how they treat a new customer! Not acceptable. Needless to say I will not go there again.

Ma Em

08 Jan 2022

The team at MIDAS Newmarket are great - I would defiantly recommend. I take both my Mazda 3 and Toyota Kluger to them, for both tyres and servicing. They are very friendly, helpful, explain everything and provide value for money. It’s rare to find good service these days, but these guys do it all.

Michael Kelly

16 Feb 2022

I had an intermittent brake issue with my Subaru. Midas Newmarket helped identify the problem and resolved it for me. I am very thankful to them for the extensive fault finding and also the excellent price for all the work that had to be done. I highly recommend taking your car here for servicing or any checks. The team is extremely knowledgeable and their rates are extremely competitive, ensuring I will be a regular customer. Thanks Letisha and the Midas Team :-)

Varun Patel

11 Oct 2021

Feel very confident going here for my mechanical work Great blokes! Honest, reliable and dependable. They make sure everything is done properly with no stress for me. Loved they sent me a video and showed me around the problems. Amazing!!!

Harbour Medispa

06 Apr 2022

Great and reliable business. I really enjoyed receiving the video of my car which explained what had been checked and what needed repairing. This was very informative and the first time I had ever received such a thing.

Kelly Wait

03 May 2022

Fantastic service these guy's go above and beyond, I'm so thankful they helped me out

James Skinner

17 May 2022

Pretty disappointing experience all round. I dropped my car off for a service and was told of a repair that needed to be done but that they didn’t have the necessary part and would need to order it in. I said that was fine, would just need it on Friday arvo for the weekend. They had my car for 3 days while they waited for the part then messaged at 2:30 Friday to say it hadn’t arrived. Picked the car up, waited almost two weeks and heard nothing. Sent a message, the part had arrived the week before they just hadn’t told me. Took it in today at 7:30am, was told it would be ready at around 2 which is already about 6 1/2hours, instead it was ready just before close at 5:30. 10 hours. I’m working a night shift so was staying awake to hear from them but again I was the one that had to message them. The guy was always nice enough to message but when you’re paying $1600 for a part/labour you expect better service and to not feel like you’re having to chase them for it.


06 Jun 2022

I had a electrical problem on my car and the diagnosis didn’t demand any fixing cost. The staff member was super friendly and honest with me, providing a quick response to my problem. I’d 100% recommend their services and reliability.

Rogério Alves

06 Jun 2022

Needed two new tyres (that wasn’t picked up by the mob that used to operate out of the same location a few years ago when I went for a service). The Newmarket team threw in a complimentary wheel alignment which was definitely needed. Thank you so much. Will be back and won’t be going back to the other mob.

Richard Threlfall

03 Nov 2022

Amazing old school service honest and upfront no hidden costs. Highly recommend.

Earthly Blessing

15 Nov 2022

Finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic is a huge challenge these days, but Thomas and the team at Midas Newmarket are exceptional! After a bad experience at another shop, i brought in my 2004 Holden Rodeo to Thom and his team for repairs and service, and I haven't looked back. Great experience every time! Highly recomend Midas Newmarket!

Richard Violette

18 Nov 2022

They do a good job. I’m so happy with the work they did

Dimetreus Milliotis

16 Dec 2022

Great service and clear explanation of all work to be carried out. Car returned in great shape.

Darren McAuliffe

11 Jan 2023

Just like their slogan they did explain me what and why they are charging for, which I really liked. The service was quick and the people seemed friendly. Very strange note, I got a quote from Midas Ashgrove when I did the actual service here in Newmarket and the actual work was less expensive than the quote I got in from Ashgrove (maybe it's location dependant)

Sajjan Mishra

20 Apr 2023

They replaced my tyre with a wrong size and did not even mentioned it until i found it .When i asked to replace the tyre,they said that that they do not have the exact type.Further,asked us to leave the keys if we need to get the same size tyres.I strongly believe,they replaced my tyre with a wrong size intentionally and now trying to put a used tyre as they do not have a new one for the same size.very dissapointed and not recommending anyone to use midas newmarket

Nuwanthi Mahamaya

20 Apr 2023

The staff at MIDAS Newmarket were wonderful to deal with. I also loved how they actually took the time to video ( To show you) the motor and under the car. Explaining the work that will need to be done, now and in the near future. So there are no nasty surprises. A mechanic I trust.

Leanne Ridley

06 Jun 2023

The staff at MIDAS Newmarket were wonderful to deal with. I also loved how they actually took the time to video ( To show you) the motor and under the car. Explaining the work that will need to be done, now and in the near future. So there are no nasty surprises. A mechanic I trust.

Leanne Ridley

11 Jun 2023

Thank you so much for helping me get to work the other morning. Arrived with a puncture that the guys kindly fixed super quick ensuring I was able to get to work. I know you went out of your way to assist.

Leadbeater Family

08 Aug 2023

I found the service and advice to my recent car service outstanding from Midas Newmarket. I will definitely and have done recommending them to others. Thanks team Midas Newmarket.

Paul Zeeland

15 Aug 2023

The team at Midas New Market has been absolutely amazing. Every time I visited, they intently listened to all of the concerns, checked everything and followed up with solutions. Always backed by a video detailing issues and recommendations and reasonable quotes for work. Both technical team and sales staff have been fantastic but I’d like to give a special shout out to Letisha for her exceptional customer service!

Nandika Jayatilake

14 Sep 2023

These guys are great, if you are looking for transparent and efficient mechanics, look no further. Letisha and Ben from Midas Newmarket were wonderful to communicate with and very helpful, thanks!

Jay Baxter

12 Sep 2023

Letisha and the team are amazing! Went there today for what I thought was a big problem and was very quickly reassured it wasn’t. They are honest and extremely helpful. Very highly recommend them.

Brooke lundon

28 Sep 2023

The team here at Midas newmarket are amazing! Big shout out to the admin there i think her name is Letitica! She went above and beyond to help me out with my car. Honestly the best customer service that ive experienced in a really long time! Will definitely be back. Thank youu guys :).

Nimeesh Deo

30 Oct 2023

Very efficient and friendly service. I really like how they text a link with a video of the work they are doing/ want to do. Makes it super simple to approve the request so they can get on with it.


03 Nov 2023

From the moment I entered Midas I felt confident leaving my car with the team. Letitia at front desk was very personable and knowledgeable and did everything she could to fit my car in at short notice. I’m not mechanically minded but the work required and the associated costs was explained clearly. I never felt I was being taken for a fool. My interactions were 2nd-to-none. They came across as an honest and reputable team that take pride in their work and I felt confident with the quality of their workmanship. - no complaints. I will definitely take my return business to them - highly recommended.

Richard (Richard)

09 Nov 2023

After my first interaction with Midas Newmarket I felt like I’d been seeing them for years. Letitia and the whole team go above and beyond to provide honest, top notch service. They’re the only mechanic I trust and I can’t recommend them enough. Great people, prices and service. Thanks again Midas Newmarket!

Brandon Mertz

19 Dec 2023

A massive shout to these guys for helping me this morning. They took time out of there busy day to help change a wheel for my car which had a stuck lug nut…they did it no charge! Thank you!!!…see these guys if you want anything done!!!

Damon Yzelman

05 Feb 2024

Phenomenal service! Rocked up with a punctured tyre and they sorted it out for me straight away even though it was a busy day. Thank you to the Midas team, greatly appreciate your work!!

Alissa L

16 Feb 2024

The Midas Newmarket team were absolutely amazing on all fronts! Letitia at the front desk was especially helpful and lovely! Dropping the car with them on very short notice and receiving it within the same day despite several adjustments needed to get the car roadworthy for selling over the weekend, the turnaround time, customer service, communication and overall professionalism was second to note. 11/10, 5 stars - will recommend to all family, friends and locals! Thank you once again Letitia and team!! ????

Luke Perring

23 Feb 2024