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Maroochydore, Queensland


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Unit 2 28 Maud St, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Maroochydore Tyre & Auto Service’

Midas Maroochydore have integrity and honesty. Read my story below. I had my car serviced at Cricks Maroochydore in January. They told me that my rear brakes were below the legal limit, that it needed to be resolved immediately and that they'd do it for $500. I took the vehicle to Midas Maroochydore as they'd done my brakes previously and I was really happy with their previous work and service. Turns out my rear brakes were fine for a while still. Midas Maroochydore had full opportunity here to rip me off. They did not. They were completely honest that the brakes did NOT need any work yet. They didn't even charge me for taking a look. I paid a courtesy tip. Thanks Midas Maroochydore. Much respect, and I'll be back for future work.

Helen D

23 Feb 2022

Had a great experience with Luke, I needed an urgent brake pad and rotor change on a Friday afternoon and he managed to take my car in and give me a loan car free of charge. He then also managed to get the rotors ordered and replaced by the next morning along with the brake pads. Luke explained everything to me and gave me a reasonable price along with advice for the future. Really appreciated his help on such short notice whilst he was fully booked. Absolute legend. Brakes are good as new. Cheers!

Harrison Lyon

06 Nov 2021

Thank you to the Maroochydore Midas Team! You have restored my faith in mechanics. Found them not only reliable, but honest and dedicated to their profession. The guys here don’t talk s**t.. instead you get real quality work by real people, so good to have my car being looked after for not only my safety but also for my kids. I will be back over and over again, Cheers boys!

Vesna Holden

05 Nov 2021

Definitely the best mechanic on the coast. Have spent years looking for a good, reliable and trustworthy mechanic and feel so lucky to have found this one. Luke and the team are so helpful, they always give the best advice, and i really can trust them as a young girl with not the best car knowledge !! They are so fair and always go above and beyond my expectations and are so down to earth. Thank you so much guys!

ciara spillane

16 Jul 2021

Always great service, professional work and reliable opinion.

Tom Barker

29 Jan 2022

You guys are amazing. My car is leaking boiling water under driver’s side. I did rang the dealer before contacting Midas, however the dealer only can book me in 2 weeks later and charge $165 just for inspection. Then I found Midas in Google and called. The lovely receptionist lady booked me straight away. After I dropped my car, they did inspection and fixed in one hour with 1/3 of dealer quote.Thx so much for fixing my car, will definitely come back for service and have recommended to all my friends ?

Christine Wang

26 Apr 2022

I booked in for a general service. Fairly priced, I was then called about other parts of the car that needed maintenance, one of them being my number plate light needing replacing. The socket now doesn’t clip back in and hangs out over my number plate so I’ve had to fix that myself. I was then quoted on a full set of tyres which they said needed replacing, I got a second opinion, nothing wrong with them. Another quote was my water pump needing replacing for $1114, I got a second opinion which they said it was only a split hose and the water pump was in very good condition. I paid 1/4 of the price Midas quoted me. I am extremely disappointed with the service I was provided with and extremely upset with the diagnostic they claimed to have found. It seems to me, they took advantage of a young female. I am being nice giving you even one star, I will not be returning or recommending you to anyone. I was going to call to give you the benefit of the doubt but am disgusted with Midas ‘A family owned business’ that they would treat their customers with such a low level of morals when I am the one paying for a high quality of service!


27 Apr 2022

Absolute legends...I rang late in the afternoon they squeezed me in early morning got parts and fixed by afternoon, Jeremy is a wizard he just knew what was wrong straight up - no mucking around, Problems fixed ? and it didn't break the bank..not easy to find this kind of service around anymore ..thanks so much for all you guys did. Sincerely Fixed Ford Ranger

Danielle Morrison

05 May 2022

Had RACQ tow my car to Midas for review, due to engine failure. Would highly recommend Midas. I was given excellent customer service and advice from Maddy. Would highly recommend

Sleepy Cat

19 May 2022

Outstanding service and excellent communication. Jeremy went above and beyond to not only sort out what my car was booked in for but also checked my brakes and fixed my bumper (which someone had pranged on the weekend). I 100% recommend Midas Maroochydore to anyone looking for quality service with a friendly and helpful team. Thanks again :)

Samantha O'Bryan

06 Jun 2022

The entire team at Midas are beyond incredible. Always super patient to explain what needs to be done in layman’s terms, helping to organise a list and rating for importance for someone not mechanically minded like myself. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone!

Lorna Lock

18 Jun 2022

We were travelling when our check engine light came on,gave Midas a call, come straight down and we will look at it, diagnosis then and there,fixed the next day, great service, thanks for getting us back on the road ? Come a see the team at Midas Maroochydore.

Melissa Webb

13 Sep 2022

Awesome Team at Maroochydore Midas We were on holidays pulled into Maroochydore with the engine light on. Tried 3 other mechanics in the area to see if we could get the car sorted out so we could continue on our holidays with no luck, just to busy or didn't seem to care. Got on toMaroochydore Midas was told to come straight in for a diagnosis to make sure the car was safe so we could continue on on holidays. Jeremy waisted no time was hooked up straight away found the issue and tried to get parts on the spot but had to wait until the following morning as it was later in the arvo. Dropped the car off in the morning barely took half hour to get fixed and on our way. If you're in the Maroochydore area and you're not seeing these guys you're missing out. The service from the admin crew to the mechanical team was way above par and they even took the time to have a laugh nothing was too hard for them even though you could see how busy and booked out they were. THANKS Again Midas Maroochydore Team Cheers to you all.

cory webb

01 Oct 2022

I had my RWC failed by other place, so I came to this shop, they checked it out and talked with the person who gave me a failure, I had no idea about what they talked, maybe the RWCer made a mistake or too strict, eventually the RWCer is willing to give me a pass. So they helped me a lot and all those efforts are free of charge ,thank you guys Wish you well!


01 Nov 2022

Fantastic service. Totally understand the importance of quick turnaround on a family car. Great itemised quote for major work and professional communication from team throughout the process.

Little Leah Josephine

22 Dec 2022

Fantastic service and very professional. Helped me to fix my Camry's door lock. Thanks for taking 15 minutes out of your busy time. You guys are amazing.

Balpreet Sandhu

03 Feb 2023

Midas Maroochydore have been doing the service work on my car and work van for a number of years and have always had a great experience. But recently I had an issue with the van I really thought it could be impossible to find. I called them to book it in and got Jeremy , he said bring it in now and I'll have a quick look, he looked at it for three minutes took some parts off ,over to the bench for two minutes walked back put it back on , and it's never run better. Im mechanical minded and I'm impressed, he knows his stuff. Thank you Jeremy

shane Dickson

30 Jan 2023

I’ve been servicing my Honda Crv with Midas Maroochydore for about 02 yrs now. They have been very helpful and honest about costs and part replacements where they allowed me the choice to differ certain repairs by being transparent which I always appreciated. What I’m really grateful for is, couple of weeks ago I had a serious fault which could have stalled me in the middle of the highway and I called Jeremy out of pure suspicion that the engine had a whining noise. He told me to drive straight in and detected the issue and fixed it to me on the same day. I was to drive to Brisbane that night and could have been in a whole load of trouble if the Midas team didn’t take my car in when i called. Best genuine and honest team ever!

romesh niles

12 Apr 2023

Midas at Maroochydore, have been looking after my car for a couple of years now. Maddie, Jeremy and the team have gone above and beyond to keep me on the road and my car serviced and safe. There customer service is exceptional especially in stressful times. Thank you for your service and will keep coming back. 5 stars from me guys ????

Kellie Brame

14 Apr 2023

I came for a technical control, I paid more than 200 dollars for nothing because you made an uncertain diagnosis. you think there is a leak on the head gasket on my car but I don't want to know if you think that but that you are sure. Besides, I recovered my car less well than before bringing it back to you. the car shakes every time I stop I don't know what you could have done with it I am very disappointed with the midas service.

Lucas Hierro

11 Aug 2023

Jeremy, Carly and their team are fantastic! We received fast and friendly service, accurate fault finding and repair and it was all at a great price. Thanks so much! We'll only come here from now on. Highly recommend ????

Justine Jamieson

30 Aug 2023

We were impressed by the positive reviews of Midas and went with them for our 70k log book service after receiving a comparable quote to that from the dealership, which was completed as per the quote. A bonus was the loan car. Thank you. However, upon being informed we required a change of transmission fluid, the charge per litre for Valvoline Maxlife ATF (Retail @ $11/L) was $25.40/L. Quite a huge markup that’s not warranted, especially as they would likely get it in cheaper than the retail price!! Be careful when being asked for additional services. Ask about the price.

Laszlo Maklary

26 Apr 2023

Great service, great price and they don't overcharge you, really honest. I got my car checked today and they spend over 2 hours on it and since they couldn't find anything they only chage for replacing the light 90aud!! Amazing

damien mm hennaut

08 Nov 2023

Cannot fault the friendly and prompt service when I had car trouble on the way to work. They squeezed my car into their day, were bang on in diagnosis, were great with communication and their was a friendly, no stress atmosphere in the office. Makes such a difference. Cost was reasonable. Would definitely recommend. Especially women who are a bit over the condescending attitudes of some mechanic places.

Lee Marshall

08 Nov 2023

The service was booked at 8AM. At 10AM we called and checked if it's done yet (we did not mean to call them early since we think it might not be ready yet, but there was a missed call from them, so we rang them back) they said after lunch would be finished. We gave them a call at 2:05 and they let us know the car has not been serviced yet. After 6 hours waiting for nothing, the reception said everybody was here at 8AM, so what? If you can not do at 8, give us an appointment at 12PM or 3PM . Don't be unprofessional, impolite, irresponsible. I don't need your car, I need my car.

Phoebe Nguyen

11 Dec 2023

Excuse me, you kept the car for 6 hours without doing anything, and now you blame us back that we did not tell you what time we needed the car back. Ridiculous! You took the complaint seriously? No, you did not. Your reception and your response are all ridiculous.

Quang Nguyen

11 Dec 2023

I used this company for around 6 services on 2 different cars. I have since discovered I was being both over-charged, and charged for parts / service that was not installed or performed. If they say they installed parts, you should ask for the old ones. On my last visit, I went to pay and they made an error and assumed I was someone else. My invoice was miraculously, the exact same amount to the cent as a complete strangers with a different car and service. My recommendation is to go somewhere else.

RM Stanford

18 Jan 2024

Took my coaster in for a air-conditioning regas, brakes and service, can't be happier. Service was top notch and priced well. Thank you very much. Can't recommend enough.

sean riddell

26 Jan 2024

Fair pricing, I got a service done, they were very friendly and answered my questions without a problem.

Dominique Rodgers

22 Feb 2024

Efficient, great advice with sincerity. Couldn't ask for any more from a business trusted to maintain your vehicle.

Geoff Barber

02 Mar 2024

I have dealt with Jeremy at Midas Maroochydore for a very long time. I have always had fantastic service, great diagnostics to problems & prompt repairs, wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Jeremy you're a legend.

Brad V

14 Mar 2024

I have been a customer here for 4 years with 2 cars. I find Jeremy very helpful and honest, he takes the time to listen and goes out of his way to help you. For friendly service, fair pricing this is the place to go. Jeremy, Madison and the team out back thank you again.

Marlene Hennessy

18 Mar 2024

Exceptional service from Bailey, Madison, Jeremy and the team at Midas Maroochydore. I travel a lot for work and as such average 1000 kilometres a week. I've been getting my cars serviced there for 7 years. Very honest and reliable with pricing, parts and servicing. Always accomodating with a loan car. They will always call me prior for any extras required on my service. If you're looking for a well priced honest mechanic look no further than MIDAS Maroochydore.

Danielle Keegan

14 May 2024

I was recommended Midas by a friend and have been really happy with my experience. I am an Uber driver and drive 10,000km every 3 months. I get services 4 times a year. They always take care of me, are fair with their pricing and most importantly are trustworthy. I’ve had a couple problems with my car this week. I’ve been able to bring it in to quickly diagnose it was the battery and investigate another noise I was concerned about. Very professional, generous with their time and explanation and ready to help me get back on the road so I could continue my job. They give me warning when things need replacing so I can financially plan for it. Reception is lovely and warm. Willing to go the extra mile and look out for me. I really appreciate it. It feels great to find a mechanical shop I can trust as a female in my job. Thank you.


17 Mar 2024