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770 High Street, Kew East, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Kew’

AAAAAA++++++ Highly Recommended!!! Recently our 15 yrs old Nissan had radiator leak from the top side. I’ve shopped around (strongly recommend to shop around since I’ve been quoted $450~$950 for a same specific job) and decided to take our car to Midas Kew East. Jimmy and Michael was very helpful, efficient, honest, kind, professional, knowledgeable and extremely well priced!!! Very very happy with their work!!! Definitely recommend Midas Kew to all my families and friends. I’ll be definitely coming back!

Mr Melb

20 Jun 2021

Great service and rates for a BMW - on time too - been going for years and never let me down - highly recommend esp. if you have European cars

Dieter Carlos

30 Jun 2021

Awesome service on the weekend .. with cquick fix and great service …highly recommend

Vijith Pujari

19 Jun 2021

Wonderful service, was very pleased with the visit, furthermore, its a good value for money...

Pavan Kumar Akkera

24 Jun 2021

I had my car service here. The wait time was rather long, but the price was reasonable if they have had done the correct job, only 5000 km later (my car servicing interval is 10,000 and I am really gentle on braking), my brake pads were completely worn out, if they were doing their job, they would have found out that the brake pads were nearly gone and the least they would have done was to let me know so I can get new ones. But they didn’t! Not only driving without brake pads damaged my car, it was dangerous driving on the road. Absolutely negligent on their part. I will not be coming back here.

Da Yu

06 Feb 2021

Friendly, approachable, honest and well priced. A holy grail of service and trustworthy mechanics reside here. They deserve your custom

James Paraskeva

10 Jul 2021

Jimmy and the team really go above and beyond. We've had numerous issues with our cars over the years (Jimmy will never forget the Orange Suzuki Swift) and no matter the issue - big or small - he's always willing to help and provides an amazing service every single time. If only all mechanics were as friendly, honest and reliable. Not to mention the great value. Thanks heaps mate!

Adam Ash

10 Aug 2021

These guys take care of their customer and explain everything and ensure you get quality service and budget friendly outcome

Beau Horscroft

20 Jul 2021

Legends, well priced and honest people.

Blake Crouch

28 Jul 2021