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Hornsby, New South Wales


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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2A Linda St, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Hornsby Tyre & Auto Service’

Midas Hornsby are literally legends. I broke my side mirror while reversing out of a parking lot. They assessed it straight away, got me a new side mirror and fitted and installed it the next day for the most reasonable price i found in the suburb. Everyone else was quoting the same for a second hand side mirror. They are so generous, they even removed all the scratches and popped out the dent so it almost looks like nothing happened. I am so so grateful for them for fixing my side mirror so quickly and doing extra and going above and beyond when they didn't have to. i'll definitely be coming back here in the future and recommend it to everyone!

Kasvi Luthra

07 Dec 2021

Rob and the team are fantastic. They fit my car services in to my schedule, they are always friendly and explain what needs to be done and costing before starting and explain things in easy to understand language so that I don't feel like I am being spoken down to. I fully recommend Midas at Hornsby.

Amanda Bown

20 Dec 2021

Was able to book for a log book service on very short notice. Very good job, done in time and no surprises! Will be using Midas Hornsby from now on.

Mary Weaver

10 Dec 2021

good service with fair price.

zhong xuyu

21 Dec 2021

I have been a customer of Midas Hornsby for 30 years and several managers have come and gone. Good service has always been given and that is why I keep coming back. Peter Mount Colah

Peter Vetter

26 Nov 2021

Asked to fix a Noise in the engine change $400 worth of parts rang me and said it was all complete drive the car still had the same noise said sorry we don’t know how to fix it still charged me $825. If Mechanicwas upfront and told me that they didn’t know and weren’t capable of doing mechanical repairs on cars I wouldn’t have taken home now I’m taking it to a licensed mechanic in Hornsby which hopefully will be repaired on this Friday the 31st car has been off the road for at lease three weeks would not recommend Midas to fix a dog kennel thank you Have put a complaint into the MTA and hope someone will follow up my complaint

Keith Smith

31 Mar 2022

I highly recommend you take your car here for maintenance or repairs. I had a problem with a coolant leak. A cracked radiator was the problem, and I was quoted on repairs, kept informed, and the cost was very reasonable. I have had my car looked after by Midas Hornsby for many years. They are always upfront about what needs doing immediately, and what can wait. They do great logbook services, but this time when I had an emergency they really came through. Thanks guys. 5 stars aren't enough.

Pinky Carlboy

28 Jun 2022

I took my vehicle for a service recently and couldn't be more happy wirh the customer service and overall experience at Hornsby Midas. The whole team were friendly and eager to please. My ute is driving better than ever. Thank you.

Trevor Serle

21 Jul 2022

Thank you to Andrew & John at Midas Hornsby. Very reliable service, great communication, knowledgeable and friendly. All in all great people!


22 Jul 2022

I have been using Midas for long time and I always got outstanding services. This time Andrew and team provided services and works beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Hornsby Midas. Thank you so much Andrew for courtesy car while fixing my car.

Benny Ghimire

30 Jul 2022

I took my car to Midas Hornsby about 6 months ago to have a noise in the engine fixed very bad experience paid alot money and no result place run down Mechanics out to get as much money as they can. NOW last month i had to get my front brakes replaced. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A NEW OWER MANAGER AND STAFF MAKE . Clean helpful friendly on time job done well right price if your team stays at Hornsby i will be 5 STAR repeat customer. Thank you Keith

keith smith

18 Aug 2022

Amazing service from Andrew and John! Super friendly and helpful. Would thoroughly recommend their services.

Sarah Fleischer

09 Sep 2022

I took my vehicle for a service recently and couldn't be more happy wirh the customer service and overall experience at Hornsby Midas. The whole team were friendly and eager to please. My ute is driving better than ever. Thank you.

Trevor Serle

15 Nov 2022

I happened to have a breakdown at 4.45pm this evening in the spotlight carpark across from Midas Hornsby. While waiting to be served I saw Andrew deal with three customers. He was very polite and courteous and patient with each of them. He then proceeded to help me and came across the road to look at my car and diagnosed a flat battery. He gave me a jump start and because he didn’t stock my specific battery gave me directions on where I could get it fixed quickly that evening. He did all this without hesitation or looking for payment. What a genuinely great guy. He has made himself a customer for life. Thanks Andrew

Richard McGee

13 Sep 2022

Andrew, you're a star, in fact you and your staff are 5 stars. My car started having issues with its drive transmission on the way to, and then leaving, the mall, so I stopped in at Midas to chat with Andrew there about possible issues. When I was leaving, I could then only get it into R, so we managed to get it back into the forecourt, then walked up the road to meet a local transmission expert, who was unable to do anything for a while. Andrew kindly drove us home, then they had a quick look at it and did a basic patch to make it driveable, also promising to investigate options for having it repaired outside when we get back from our Broken Hill trip (now using a hire car). You're a gentleman and Midas Hornsby will continue to have my business.

Philippa Gordon

05 Jan 2023

I have done a Pink Slip check with John here at Midas Hornsby and since then have been bringing my car for the scheduled service or any other issues. The service is great and genuine and driving the car feels great after each visit.

Hooman Zomorrodi

02 Dec 2022

We took our car for extensive service and oil change. Andrew has a clear communication regarding the service and the problems. Once we picked our car, on our way back, our car again had a problem and had to tow our car back to Hornsby, Andrew keep checking up on us on our way back and left us some snacks and water inside the courtesy car, how kind and courteous he was. He regularly updated us on our car, also he gave us the courtesy car for over a week. His service was more than 5 star no doubt but as a human, seeing through customer eyes, (cost, struggle) and pain was the most kind thing we have seen in this business. Definitely will be doing our car service in Hornsby Midas for sure!! Highly recommended!!

Sushil Chiluwal

19 Jan 2023

Trustworthy and Reliable. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Helped me out with both my Hilux and my Jeep and were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my convenience.

Luca Burman

13 Oct 2022

Had my car checked in May but I forgot and checked again in November because of the service due in October(anoying reminder set up program in the car by Midas). Even though after the service, the 'change oil and service due' was still beeping. I had to drive back and get the auto-reminder set up cleared... Friendly staff but not very professional.

Sakura Hana

13 Nov 2022

I've had better customer service elsewhere. One staff that I dealt with could have spoken more calmly and professionally when handling a customer who just isn't familiar with cars. Thank you for taking some of your time to explain things, but please don't easily lose your patience and temper. Your company's reputation depends on your hard work as well as how you treat customers.

R Szeto

01 Mar 2023

Like all my professional reviews they start from the very first point of contact. I am not paid, sponsored or related to anyone in this business/premises: Absolutely fantastic. Terribly nice bunch of guys. Very professional and hones....????

Johnboy Mo

11 Jan 2023

Great service from staff who are knowledgeable, friendly and make every effort to provide great service. I can't recommend them enough. Particular thanks to Andrew and John who always take the time to go over the work done.

Stefan Pulpitel

14 Jan 2023

I have been going to Midas for many years and I am still very happy how well they look after my now ageing car. Reasonably priced, and competent mechanics who are always helpful. The standard has remained high over the years and all the people I have dealt with have always been courteous, friendly and respectful.

Terhi Ilander

22 Mar 2023

I'm very happy with Andrew and his team. I was apprehensive about going to a new mechanic since my old one retired. But Andrew is very conscientious and honest , and methodical in his approach. I'm greatful I found this place as my very old car works better than it ever has. I highly recommend Andrew and his team, really appreciate everything they have helped me with

Loz Renee

08 Apr 2023

Happy I chose Midas Hornsby for a recent service. Andrew and his team were friendly and professional in what they did and how I was treated. I was informed of things requiring extra attention and they were happy for me to do them next next service due to my money situation at the time Will definitely return when my car is due again and happy to recommend them

Adrian Banks

12 Apr 2023

Happy I chose Midas Hornsby for a recent service. Andrew and his team were friendly and professional in what they did and how I was treated. I was informed of things requiring extra attention and they were happy for me to do them next next service due to my money situation at the time Will definitely return when my car is due again and happy to recommend them

Adrian Banks

19 May 2023

Very happy with the guys from Midas Hornsby. Friendly and professional. Fixed up my car nicely and labour costs were more than reasonable for the amount of work done. They kept me informed along the way and mader sure I understood the issues. Would use again without hesitation.

Michael Hecker

03 May 2023

I today visited Midas Hornsby to fix an issue with my car's gear lever, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional service I received. Andrew, the owner, demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Midas Hornsby to anyone in need of automotive repairs.

Senal Rasanga

08 Jun 2023

I have been servicing my car and doing repairs at Midas Hornsby. Recently, I had my wheel bearings replaced and I also told them to inspect my car as I will be going for a long drive. But, I'm very disappointed now as I reckon they just changed the wheel bearings and didn't take time to inspect my car. My car just broke down with check engine signal on and low oil signal on. It was a terrible experience. Just not recommend from now on.

Sushil Shrestha

08 Jul 2023

I believe this business needs to work on there professionalism. Conversation around job and quotes. Be straight forward about the process in which you will investigate a car issue. Be straight forward with cost estimates. Don't um and uh give a price and then say "but I really don't know" even though you just gave a pretty confident talk about what might be happening in the vihicle. It comes off as dishonest. It seems your business and associates expect people just to drop there cars off and don't expect they may want to be informed on what exactly is going to be the plan for it (before they leave it there in your hands). Really frustrating and annoying waste of time if you want professionalism and transparency. Also keep your personal comments to yourself. Twice I've been for quotes and twice I got comments one about my husband might be rich because of area I lived in and another about me stroking my hair "cause it is annoying cause my wife does it". Get real. Your annoying if you ask me. What business is it if my husband is rich? None actually. It is not a laughing thing either. That's not a joke. If you want some jokes I can email you some that are actually funny.


04 Jul 2023

Owner was super helpful! Went in for a flat, and although he didn't have the right sized tyres in stock, he was super helpful in detecting the puncture and then inflating my tyre so I could go along to get another one close by. A genuine business, and will return when I need servicing for sure :)

Vanessa Tan

16 Jul 2023

Andrew and his team are fantastic people to deal with. Recently had a battery replaced which was a very smooth transaction . Andrew's also done the diagnostic tests to help dealing with an intake issue I was experienced. Very helpful and professional local car workshop that is run by good people! Highly recommended! Max


01 Sep 2023

Needed new brakes and rotors and a service. John and the rest of the team were amazing. Gave me a good price and went the extra mile to make sure my car was in good knick before my roadtrip. I'll definitely be coming back.

David Kowalski

03 Nov 2023

Excellent service. Midas really did a good job explaining what I need for my car.

Charles Lee

13 Dec 2023

Good mechanical services, fair on price, honest, very friendly highly recommend, they will definitely be my go-to mechanics from now on.


07 Nov 2023

I am very happy of my experience in taking my car to Midas Hornsby for a booked job. The staff are helpful and I was lucky to use the Courtesy car on the day I dropped off my car as I haven’t book it online. Very good service, I will be using Midas every time my car needs a service. Also I highly recommend Midas to my friends and workmates.


16 Feb 2024

Took my Suzuki swift there for last service and was charged $850 for 30 000km service. Thought this was expensive BUT manufacturer recommended every year so thought maybe that's what it was for a yearly sevice. MIDAS contacted me stating I was due for a service 6months later, stating I needed to service my car every 6 months. Want to look after my car so took it in. Charged another $760 for a 40 000km service- car had 33 000km on it. Very much felt I was being taken advantage of. BIL and uncle mechanics on other side of Sydney and sent them my service receipt- they thought it was an interesting price breakdown to say the least.

Leah Roberts

10 Feb 2024

Have been coming here for a few years now and have always had a good experience. John and the team have always communicated any issues with the car before going ahead with costly repairs, and I’ve never felt that the wool was pulled over my eyes for not knowing more than the average person about cars, as I’ve had in the past. Will of course be back, and highly recommend the place. Cheers!

Bronte B

15 Mar 2024

My regular mechanic & workshop moved away to a distant suburb. Browsed many web sites & found Midas at Hornsby. Perfectly satisfied after the first visit. Courteous, obliging, thorough & cost-competive. Won't hesitate to rebook again.

Jack Everest

23 Apr 2024

True car lovers at Midas and good guys. Excellent service.

Denis Hayes

02 May 2024

Andrew and his team did an amazing and quick job to get my car back on the road, It was really appreciated.

Steve Bullock

24 May 2024