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Greensborough, Victoria


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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112 Mountain View Road, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Greensborough Tyre & Auto Service’

Amazing team who go above and beyond without hesitation. Extremely helpful and willing to assist in an emergency. Very friendly and professional approach. Thank you team for the service provided. Highly recommended!

Nada Grbec

06 Mar 2021

Made a booking request online & waited for confirmation. I eventually had to follow up on that. General logbook service turned out to be more expensive than the dealer. Not contacted that car was ready for pick up.... dropped off at 8am & at 3:30 pm no phone call. Upon pick up mechanic not familiar with process of going through what was done etc. When I commented on the price his comment was “well because it is a log book service”. The actual service seems ok . I did have this place recommended to me ..... not sure I would return though.

Maureen Meehan

05 Jan 2021

Had a flat tyre and needed a major service, they managed to squeeze me in and fix my car so quickly! The were honest and explained everything in a way I could understand! Even managed to save me some money in my repair by fixing things a different way. I felt comfortable and trusted them completely! Would highly recommend

Isabella Febbrarino

31 Aug 2020

Honest and friendly staff, reasonably priced.

Amr Badawy

17 Feb 2021

Awesome service, good communication. Recommended.

Matthew Hunter

29 Mar 2021

I'd give 10 stars if i could as my experience at Midas Greensborough was above and beyond my already high expectations. The staff at the front desk was super friendly and gave really clear instructions as to what my car needed and the time it would take. I had to leave my car with them for over a week as it was unsafe to drive but the staff kept me up to date with everything along the way. I think there is a general anxiety with most people that mechanics tend to rip you off and charge you more. But both times I've been to Midas they have always given me the price early on so there are no surprises and the price is always lower than expected. When I went to pick up my car the lovely man informed me they had also washed the outside and vacuumed the inside of my car which is unbelievably nice. After I paid (a very reasonable price) they gave ME a block of chocolate as ‘a sign of appreciation.’ I really think it should have been me giving them the chocolate. Overall I was left with the biggest smile on my face, beaming with gratitude that I’d had yet another incredible experience with Midas. I didn’t get the name of the man who helped me but he deserves a bonus or promotion or something to be rewarded. I will most definitely be recommending Midas to everyone. Thank you Greensborough team!! :)

Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

05 Aug 2021

Excellent service. Highly recommend them.

Nick W

07 Jan 2021

Did more harm than good! Went because my speedo was faulty (its reading was inaccurate and delayed) and it was the only place which had availabilities (you'll soon know why). Got a regular service and told them to focus on my speedo. Sounds easy right? Went to pick up my car and got charged $150 more than quoted, and get this! My speedo was still faulty! Chucked a youie and went back in, at this point the manager at the front picked up his jacket to leave quicker than Usain Bolt ⚡ I got told by one of the other workers that he did a test drive and thought it was all g but will look at it the following day. Went back in the morning to be told it'll be fixed and they'll do a few test drives, called up halfa before this joint closed to be told they've taken it for 3 test drives and it's been ready for a while. I get back to my car and find a clipboard, pen, half a Krispy Kreme donut in a wrapper and a nice scratch on my driver door which is very poor. And guess what? Idk who works here but all I needed to do was go home to my missos Dad who's a mechanic to tell me my speedo was stuffed. Will not be back and you all better do yourself a favor and give this one a miss.

Jamie Strebinos

07 Feb 2022

Dan and the boys did a great job with my car. Very good quality of workmanship and economical repairs as well. 100% recommended for all your car needs. Thumbs up guys

Hamza Khan

02 May 2022

Under new ownership as of mid-'22 from what I understand. Great service with the roadworthy I needed, booked it in quicker than anyone else in the area (same week vs minimum 2 week wait) and call backs and communication were great.

Philip Clark

03 Sep 2022

I have been going to their workshop from more than a year now and completely satisfied with their service . Staff is so helpful and cooperative , I didn't have to worry about anything and will happily recommend.

Tania Kayani

28 Feb 2023

Great customer service . Always keen to help with the customer and always a happy a d friendly attitude

Amy Witton

01 Jun 2023

We had been going to Midas Greensborough for years. But on our last service we noticed a whole new crew (owners perhaps) which was the beginning of so many problems. (Do yourself a favour and avoid going to these guys, there are a lot more trustworthy and better auto shops around the Greensborough/Eltham area.) $1200 for a yearly service and brake check (new brake pads). For a 6 year old Japanese family SUV!!!! After picking up the car, I noticed that the whole interior, steering wheel, infotainment screen and buttons, handbrake and the gear knob were covered in grease. My hands were all greasy (black) after a 10 minute drive back home. I didn't make a big deal out of it and cleaned the interior thoroughly. Since the service (a couple of months ago) the brakes squeal, quite loudly and we've had multiple noise issues coming from the engine compartment, took it back to the shop a couple of times, even took the "mechanics" for a test drive, as they repeatedly said they couldn't find anything wrong! And they said that the multiple noises I was referring to were 'just normal' and 'should go away on their own'. Then again, a couple of months later, after a few back and forths with the shop to no avail, I'm taking the car to another auto-shop (referred by a friend) to see if they could discover what's been done by Midas Greensborough!

khash V

23 Aug 2022

they installed my exhaust quickly and efficiently sounds amazing and great customer service and always smiling

Valentino Palmarini

03 Jun 2023

I highly recommend Midas Workshop for their exceptional customer service and knowledge. Dan was very helpful from the point I dropped off my car off till i picked it up. They made the whole process stress free and very easy for someone like me who doesn’t know much about car. Overall I left as a happy customer and Midas will be my regular mechanics from now on.


06 Jun 2023

Kudos to Dan and his team! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you fellas do! In the last several years, I have been to heaps of different mechanics, I dreaded every visit, never knowing if I am getting ripped off or if I am getting a good service. MIDAS is a total game changer! I have been going to Midas Greensborough for the last 1 year and I haven’t seen a more hardworking and trustworthy team before. They go above and beyond for customer’s satisfaction. I don’t know much about cars. Here is where this store is different from everyone else. They were informative, transparent and helpful with the service they provided. They answered every question I had with utmost patience and empathy. I had a good understanding of the problem with the brakes and how it was fixed. Top notch work with the axle shaft as well! They also wiped and vacuumed my car which was quite messy post a road trip (how effing sweet)! Do yourself a favour and visit these guys before you take your car elsewhere.

Brunette Abroad

17 Jun 2023

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The place’s service and quality of work has skyrocketed under the new management. Friendly, hardworking team. I had nothing but a great experience every single time I got a job done here. Whenever, I meet someone complaining about their mechanic, I ask them to try Midas Greensborough! :D

Sanditi pics

17 Jun 2023

Thank you for looking after me after my tyre had a puncture. It was very quickly attended to by this business. Back on the road in a few hours

Jennie Brady

10 Jul 2023

Amazing job on my car and excellent service!

Shanae Vanderwert

25 Sep 2023

Just dropped in on the chance they could assist me with my new tow bar as I was having difficulty attaching the "hitch" More than obliging and presto can now use the tow bar connection for my bike rack Would certainly recommend this business G8 customer service

Sandy Ward

21 Sep 2023

I had a fantastic experience at Midas! The staff was super friendly and helped me find the perfect tires for my car. They installed the tires quickly, and my car now runs great. Their service is top-notch, and the prices are fair. If you need tires, Midas is the place to go. Highly recommended! Thanks, Midas!

Georgia Raisbeck

09 Nov 2023

I work across from MIDAS which is so convenient whenever I have any issue with my car so that in itself is very lucky however the team at MIDAS Briar Hill/Greensborough are honestly the best! They provide exceptional customer service, knowledge and expertise. Always smiling and good to have a laugh with and always manages to solve my car issues! Thank you for being the best!

Alisha Pritchard

09 Nov 2023

Always used them in Perth. Great sevice. Not over priced like the car dealerships.

Just Kev

16 Nov 2023

Recently, my daughter dropped her car off to have major work done on her brakes . Omi sourced a master brake cylinder and his team worked on her car for over a week - encountering some unexpected problems- but finally got her brakes up and running again. Omi even dropped her at the train station and bought her coffee when it was raining ! So sweet ! Thank you

Kellie Mortlock

27 Nov 2023

Outstanding service! Omi demonstrated exceptional expertise, quickly diagnosing and resolving all the issues with my A180. Transparent communication throughout the process, fair pricing, and so friendly. Highly recommend this Midas for any automotive needs!

Jasmine Harrison

02 Dec 2023

Was very pleased with my experience here, my car had some difficult issues and they worked really hard to assess and fix it. Omi was great to communicate with and very lovely and professional. Thanks so much!

Stephanie Mortlock

07 Dec 2023

I highly recommend Midas Greensborough/Briar Hill for their professional & friendly customer service. I had my car serviced there last year & have returned in 2024 to replace the drive belt etc. In both instances it was a smooth process with clear communication right from the start with the job, cost & time needed explained. Thank you, Midas.

Andrea D

01 Feb 2024

Having your car breakdown can be a horrible experience but luckily mine broke down right next to these guys! From the moment I walked in they were all very welcoming and reassuring. I was very stressed and overwhelmed but the manager was very kind, explained everything to me without making me feel stupid or pressured and got to fixing my car straight away. 100% would recommend! Thanks guys :)

Bethany Liston

22 Feb 2024

I attended with an unidentified knocking coming from the rear of my car. I did not have a booking but the team at Midas Greensborough ran the car through its paces and inspected the vehicle and found and fixed the source of the problem. They were friendly, helpful and I'd recommend this team highly. Thank you Midas Greensborough.

Pam Geary

22 Mar 2024