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112 Mountain View Road, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Greensborough’

Amazing team who go above and beyond without hesitation. Extremely helpful and willing to assist in an emergency. Very friendly and professional approach. Thank you team for the service provided. Highly recommended!

Nada Grbec

06 Mar 2021

Made a booking request online & waited for confirmation. I eventually had to follow up on that. General logbook service turned out to be more expensive than the dealer. Not contacted that car was ready for pick up.... dropped off at 8am & at 3:30 pm no phone call. Upon pick up mechanic not familiar with process of going through what was done etc. When I commented on the price his comment was “well because it is a log book service”. The actual service seems ok . I did have this place recommended to me ..... not sure I would return though.

Maureen Meehan

05 Jan 2021

Had a flat tyre and needed a major service, they managed to squeeze me in and fix my car so quickly! The were honest and explained everything in a way I could understand! Even managed to save me some money in my repair by fixing things a different way. I felt comfortable and trusted them completely! Would highly recommend

Isabella Febbrarino

31 Aug 2020

Honest and friendly staff, reasonably priced.

Amr Badawy

17 Feb 2021

Awesome service, good communication. Recommended.

Matthew Hunter

29 Mar 2021

I'd give 10 stars if i could as my experience at Midas Greensborough was above and beyond my already high expectations. The staff at the front desk was super friendly and gave really clear instructions as to what my car needed and the time it would take. I had to leave my car with them for over a week as it was unsafe to drive but the staff kept me up to date with everything along the way. I think there is a general anxiety with most people that mechanics tend to rip you off and charge you more. But both times I've been to Midas they have always given me the price early on so there are no surprises and the price is always lower than expected. When I went to pick up my car the lovely man informed me they had also washed the outside and vacuumed the inside of my car which is unbelievably nice. After I paid (a very reasonable price) they gave ME a block of chocolate as ‘a sign of appreciation.’ I really think it should have been me giving them the chocolate. Overall I was left with the biggest smile on my face, beaming with gratitude that I’d had yet another incredible experience with Midas. I didn’t get the name of the man who helped me but he deserves a bonus or promotion or something to be rewarded. I will most definitely be recommending Midas to everyone. Thank you Greensborough team!! :)

Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

05 Aug 2021

Excellent service. Highly recommend them.

Nick W

07 Jan 2021