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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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259 Monier Rd, Darra, Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Darra Tyre & Auto Service’

1x Gentlmen front counter rude, Careless about customers and keeping them informed, after nearly 3 hours for a WHEEL ALIGNMENT?%$#, general staff were just polite but didn't care. Only person who was extremely polite and informative was the Islander Mechanic. Great work by him. Sadly never going back. Due to customer service at front counter.


08 Feb 2022

Competitively priced but got me in sooner than all my local mechanics. Large shop that does a lot of cars judging by the walk ins while i waited.

Jamie Loffer

08 Feb 2022

Can I just say, how amazing is Sharna? She always goes above and beyond with every interaction. Nothing is too much hassle and speaks in laymans terms so even myself who knows nothing about cars, can understand. She is an incredible asset to the company.

Nicola Pike

17 Feb 2022

Sharna and the team was fantastic with the servicing of a family members car today Great work guys

rowan smith

16 Mar 2022

I found the staff and crew very helpful, professional and courteous. They readily diagnosed the problem and there was no problem with my warranty claim. I have my car regularly serviced at Midas Darra and I have been very happy with those services. Thanks very much . Sam

Joe Cutrie

07 Jan 2022

Horrible customer service . The lady at the front desk sharna and the male staffs would not recommend them to deal with. After keeping my car for 24hrs plus in the service they had no communication with me what so ever . She disconnected the phone call after saying it cant be fixed by 5 pm friday and she do not know when its gonna get fixed like after doing my car fully serviced they were there just to rip me off very disappointed. Zero communication & very rude . Very unfortunate jeep has assigned midas for service to maintain the warranty . Done servicing with them Twice never got vehicle backed clean have to call them for an update if the vehicle has been done .

Aagya Manandhar

03 Jun 2022

Dealt with Bob and found him to be super helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Bob was able to quickly diagnose and repair my vehicle. I will be coming back 100%. Thanks Bob and the team at Midas Darra.

Mark Dow

01 Jul 2022

My experience with Midas Darra is beyond disappointing. To begin with our first service with them after buying a car from salters was a pathetic attempt, they invoiced me for things they did not do for example they did not change break light bulb that was out even though they invoiced me saying they had checked all bulbs which obviously didn't happen. They did not clean the engine bay after changing the oil which caused the smell of burning oil while driving. I was told Dif oils would be checked but upon picking up the car I was told they don't do this. Approx 2 weeks later the car went back in to have the blend door motor replaced under our warranty, on our way home from picking up the car we heard a crashing noise behind the dash and the air con stopped working properly. The next day I went back to them and they booked the car in to look for the problem. I was told to expect them to have the cat for Approx 3 days, one week later I call and ask for an update, I was told they have not been able to find the problem yet, a further 2 weeks later I call for an update as they had the car for 3 weeks to be told they found the prob which was a part connected to the motor that they had touched the same day it broke and it was going to cost $3000 to fix but they were willing to foot half the cost out of good will because it has taken so long to diagnosed. I was told they found a pen lid in the broken part which I certainly did not put there. After raising this with the general manger I show up at darra to inspect the part myself to find that they had already repaired my car by putting in a second hand part which was not communicated to me till I arrived without warning them. I am then told I will be paying $925 which was a reduced amount for the work that was completed even though I was never given the opportunity to say no because they had already done the work. We played the money so we could get away from them. We then find they have damaged my interior when the took the dash apart and did not put the gear stick together properly along with parts of the dash. I emailed them with photos with no reply from them or the general manager so I called to have them fix the gear stick and other parts they didn't put together properly. They didn't really have a sense of urgency to fix their mistakes so the car was booked in 1.5 weeks to fix it but while driving the car with caravan in tow the gear stick came off which needed to be fixed before we continued. I emailed with a photo with no reply. This company demonstrated to me that they do not care about the safety of their customers and are fine with having shotty workmanship with every dealing with them.

danni maddren

05 Jul 2022

Midas Darra is one of the best services I ever used. Right diagnosis and best repair. My Ford Kuga car had coolant issue, I spent a lot of money in Nissan Service and Ford Service and they couldn’t resolve the issue but Midas Darra diagnosed it correctly and resolved the issue. Professional staff.

Jamal Ah

17 Jul 2022

First costumer service is very bad, took my car for a service payed almost $500. Got my jeep after the service i notice the middle console its like lose its looks like some bolts or screws are missing. Took it back but they just told me they didn’t touch it, they didn’t even had time to look at it. The guy on the left counter & Shana are not very helpful, costumer service are very poor.

Rolly Rondilla

08 Jul 2022

Sharna has always been so kind to speak with in regards to booking in and general enquiries :) Always happy when I leave the shop after a service, always well taken care of. I'm not the best when it comes to all things cars but Sharna and the team always provide excellent service. Glad to have found a place as awesome as Midas Darra!

Victoria Winterstein

02 Sep 2022

Would not bother wasting your time and money at this place - incompetent, arrogant and the receptionist needs to use her brain and stop contradicting herself! Charged for a diagnostic service which we did not want - we advised on dropping the vehicle off what we wanted done - spark plugs and cv joints! Neither of which was done… but apparently the mechanics spent hours with our vehicle. What an absolute joke!

RJ McDermott

07 Sep 2022

Is the worse place ever???????????????? I took my car to get service and I was told that some parts that needs to be fixed and I have to pay first otherwise they won't be able to order it so I did!!!!!! all up its $850 and took 2 to 3 months waiting and I have to chase them by calling them almost every week same answer part's not arrived I end up ordered some parts from Super Cheap and only took few days parts arrived and they kept on saying they still waiting its gonna take awhile excuse after excuse so I end going over and asked for my money back and its been over a week still waiting for my money I filled out a form they said they will pass on to the finance team ???????????????? really they said they don't keep cash but they accept cash ???? Really why are they taking so long for them to put my money in my account I am starting to loose my patience with this company. Bad service and he said its only me working really that is not my problem but for my point of view it seems like this man been there for a long time his excuse its not good enough. I don't recommend people to go there seriously. You guys better transfer my money into my account before I go any further.bad bad service. ????????????????????????????????????

Uma Samu

25 Oct 2022

Asked for manager to call me 3 times, as unable to contact staff directly, as it goes to a central reception. Finally got service managers email (Branko). Talk about a man with no empathy, had no issues telling me my warranty was voided (even through on 3 service records it showed I had a issue) Didn't care 1 bit about trying to help me.Even though he knew it was their departments goof up. Pick my car up after 3 days, saw me at the reception and let the service advisor talk to me. Then the insult, they would reinstate my warranty if I got another service, but would not honour the current fault. Hop in my car and my dash cam was disconnected. Wonder what they did with my car fir 3 days ? Gave you guys another chance, but with Brankos lack of customer service, 3 times I'm the fool.

Darren Newey

01 Mar 2021

I had capped price services here when I brought my car and to keep my warranty I was obligated to use this business. My regular service would always require something less being added to the job including one time they broke the housing to my oil filter whilst taking it out leaving me with an extra bill to replace it so they could complete the service. My biggest issue with the business though is the last visit I had with them I had my vehicle towed it to have a clutch replaced. I decided it would be a good opportunity to have some extra work done whilst it was there including new breaks and a tire pressure sensor what had faulted out. The work took some time to complete the work what is understandable with waiting on parts ect. When I finally did get my car back though I had been charged for a tire pressure sensor that hadn’t been done and is still faulted out, I have an awning on the side of my car that they had managed to bend and damage I imagine they lowered a hoist down on it and when putting my gear stick back in they have left off parts of the knob. Admittedly I never questioned the missing tire pressure sensor at the time since I had forgotten I’d asked for that to be done until recently looking back at the receipt and noticed I had been charged for it. I did enquire about the damaged awning and gear stick the day after getting my vehicle back including photos of the awning undamaged upon going to them. My questions about the gear stick where left ignored in multiple emails where they denied the vehicle leaving with a damaged awning the day I picked it up and claimed they could not provide me with proof of this as the camera footage has other clients cars in frame. They have an open car lot where anyone from the public can walk in and see clients cars so I struggle to believe that’s the issue. In all this business is just a stereotypical mechanics work shop that’s likely to charge you for blinker fluid and sparks for a grinder.

sebastian finn

27 Jan 2023

Claim to have after pay yet do not let you use it so if your planning on using afterpay don't come to these guys. You will then have to come up with entire bill on the spot. Also charge for things that haven't been done. Extremley rude lady behind the counter.

Rebecca Mckee

14 Jan 2023

I had my last 2 service's at midas thinking they would be an honest company, today I had a service through another mechanic and when I picked my car up he showed me the cabin filter and air filter were still the genuine original filters, it makes me wonder if they have ever changed my oil and oil filter,Definitely won't be going back to midas.

Steve Harrison

13 Feb 2023

Had my wife’s car serviced here. Great service and they even squeezed me in on a Saturday. Which made our lives so much easier.

Jaime D

13 Mar 2023

Had my car in for warranty work they fixed my issues which were pretty complex one was a noise in the suspension the other was an air con problem they diagnosed both first time so was pretty impressed with there knowledgeable work. I hope they are the same when it comes time for servicing

Mitch Richmond

22 Jan 2023

Would not recommend! They have no care whatsoever and will rip you off! They don’t take any accountability whatsoever for any mistakes made and will bluntly blame the customer! The customer is always wrong at this place! Take your money and especially your vehicle elsewhere!


30 Mar 2023

If i can give no star, i will do it. Not only i have to pay more than I quoted, i am about to be charge for tyre rotation and balance that is not been done. Before i dropped off my car for service, i made some marks on tyre secretly, to see if they will rotate and balance my car tyres. After 4 hours i've got a text that the car is ready to pick up. When i arrived at Midas Darra, I have noticed straight away that the tyres are not been rotated. So went to see Daniel( guy at the front) and asked him if all serviced are done including the tyres and he said YES, everyrhing that i ask for when i called for booking. By confirming that they done the tyres, i asked him to come qith me in the parking lot and show him rhe markers i have put in the morning.( still the same nothing done) He lost of words and can't believed what i show him, all he say is he apologies, because thats the information given by the mechanics to him. All he can assure me is next service, he definitely give me a free tyre rotation and balance.( wow!!!) Still expecting me to come back. Who on earth will come back if you have this kind of dishonesty with clients. What if i did not marks those tyres, I have to pay for service that is not been done. And how many people already been taken advantage like this. I am definitely sure i am not the first. At the end he has to removed the charges for the tyres and worst part is, i have to pay extra for the quoted amount that i have been told for the service. I have photo to show you the mark wheel. My last car serviced is in Toyota Taringa and they are the worst service place as well. I booked here in Midas thingking they are better. I WAS WRONG!!!. EXPECTING TO HEAR FROM YOU MIDAS.. as i will not rest till justice been done. #midasaustralia #Midas

Roland David

14 Apr 2023

Took my car in for a scheduled servicing, came back worse than when it went in. Within 12 hours of picking the car up, injector starts misfiring. Called them up to explain and returned car to get checked out. They didn't look at the problem and recommended I go see another dealership. I have now been without my car for a week and a half.

Catilina Teamoke

16 Jul 2023

Honestly had an excellent experience here, they had helped me very much with everything especially describing all the details the service lady was also lots of help made me feel welcomed definitely will be coming back in the future


03 Aug 2023

Great service 110% Lisa was amazing with explaining all the work carried out and additional work I needed, even showed photos of the leak on my engine, , thank you to all the staff and technicians, definitely will be coming back !

Miami Fitzsimons

03 Aug 2023

10/10 , amazing service especially dealing with Lisa made everything very clear as the guys were working on my car. Had it fixed and ready to go in a few hours! Very friendly staff all round and great price to. Wouldnt bring my car anywhere else from now on. Excellent

Rob J

17 Sep 2023

Took my Jeep to Midas Darra after the Jeep dealer really dropped the ball a few times. I have been dealing with Lisa and I couldn't be happier with the service and her willingness to sort things out for me. I would highly recommend Midas Darra.


07 Dec 2023

My recent visit to Midas Darra for a routine service, including fluids, filters, and spark plugs, was a mixed bag. The technical work on my car was well-executed, but the lack of upfront price transparency was disappointing. Only after questioning the charges and making a fuss did they deduct nearly $400 from the bill. While the service itself was satisfactory, the need for confrontation to address pricing issues left a sour taste, making it hard for me to recommend Midas Darra to others.


19 Dec 2023

Terrible service, the price is too expensive compared to the other’s company !!! If you love your car, don’t choose this place.

Igor Lavado

11 Jun 2024

Was a weird experience. They did the wrong service 45,000 not 40,000. It’s 20k intervals not 15k????‍♂️ Pulled out my K&N and replaced with a cheap ryco when there’s a big sticker saying don’t touch it (clearly trying to push more $$$)????‍♂️ The arrogant obese guy who runs the show said I look like a car salesman????‍♂️ and then kept it up. They didn’t reset my service meter so it flashes up every time I start my car????‍♂️ Missed a bunch of the things required at a “40km service” including cabin filters for AC, tyre rotation and several more????‍♂️ If they focussed more on their customers satisfaction, their bottom line would grow overnight. They could be substantially more successful. It’s your money so do what you want but it’s a no from me and I wouldn’t return.

Franky V

19 Nov 2023

A disgusting experience with Darra Midas after sending in my 6 year old pathfinder with only 150,000kms on the clock. We sent it in as it was blowing excessive smoke out the exhaust. On the first time they said it was just the oil and the car was a great car, nothing else wrong with it. They flushed the oil and replaced the oil and sent us on our way. The next time we started it we still had the same smoke, nothing had changed. We took it back in and 2 weeks later after saying it was a great car they flushed the oil again and told us we had a blown head gasket and we’d need a new engine! Luckily something didn’t sit right with us and we knew what symptoms to look for with a blown head gasket and none of it was adding up. We decided to get a second option and we called “on time auto” he came out and found an issue in the rocket cover of the car straight away! Temporarily replaced it for us to make sure it was all good. The next day not an ounce of smoke! The car is now completely fixed and driving perfectly! No head gasket problem at all! These guys at Midas told us to put k-seal in our car and sell it asap or they’d do a new engine for around 8k! We could have completely ruined a good car with the K-seal if we had listened! So thankful we sought out a second opinion! Do not take your cars here! We wasted 1.5k here trying to figure out a problem that could have so easily been fixed! So much stress caused by their incompetence

Sarah Gregory

09 Dec 2023

Above and Beyond! The Midas team at Darra are fantastic time and time again. Initially, I bought my car in for a much needed service and was super impressed with their workmanship, customer service and transparency. In preparation for a long road trip, I bought my car in again for a once over and checking a wobble I have had for the last few weeks. The problem was found straight away and resolved so quickly, I am speechless. A special mentions to Britt, Lisa and Mario for co-ordinating parts and installation same day to ensure the best drive possible for my road trip next week! Very highly recommended the Midas Team at Darra.

Onyx Crome

16 Dec 2023

Service quality has really dropped. We had a major service done during which they repaired the radiator 2 days later we broke down due to the radiator overheating no issues with overheating prior to the major service. Call that coincidental perhaps but than 2/3 weeks later we find out we need a wheel bearing replacement which was not picked up during the service even though RACQ picked it up straight away because of the noise and uneven tire wear which was technically illegal to drive btw little did we know. It was that bad the fibres in the tyre were showing. No mention of any issue during the service and no request to change our tires even though they supposedly had written it down. So basically they have put my whole family at risk because they didn’t do their job not good enough Midas. Safety should be your number one priority

Laura Jackson

21 May 2024