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Ravenhall, Victoria


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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28 Panamax Road, Ravenhall, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Caroline Springs Tyre & Auto Service’

Professional and best values service. Dan was very friendly, he took the time to fully explain all issues with my old Volvo and provided advice on how to tackle them in the most cost effective way.

Bao Le

03 Dec 2020

Great customer service, called them up in the morning to ask if they can take a look at a rattling noise coming from my exhaust and Dan was kind enough to let me drop by 30 minutes later to check it out. Dan is extremely friendly and offered a great price for the work done. Will definitely be going there again in the future!

Jonathan O

21 Sep 2020

Bought 4 new tyres on tyroola and paid tyres fitment at this place.their employee Dean called me and told me to come within 1 hour to fit a tyres because he cant book me same day or next day in the afternoon because 'they busy and got other customers in the afternoon'.i believe they are busy but firstly why tyroola allow to book a fitment through them if they so busy and secondly why customers over tyroola threated differently and rude.also,how you can expect from someone working full time to come within 1 hour.very dissapointed

baki bakic

16 Dec 2020

Dan is very professional and friendly, did the work on time which I needed on the day. Excellent.

bevan parsons

28 Oct 2020

Very good mechanics, honest people. Got my wife's car sorted through them, help us with a loan car too. Manager Dan is very honest and friendly.

Roshan dikkumbura

14 Mar 2020

Dan and Hsar are awesome! Dan and his mechanic Hsar are very friendly, awesome team players and very honest people and full of mechanical knowlege and experience! Dan went far and beyond for me in an emergecy situation, my car was running rough, I called Dan and he told me just to bring it in and fixed it for me and gave me a courtesy car and my car is running really good again! Dan saved my day! I highly recommend these guys as honest and trust worthy experienced mechanics are far and few inbetween these days. These guys are a rare breed of good honest people. Much respect to Dan and his team at Midas Caroline Springs.


18 Oct 2021

Absolutely a joy to deal with.. took my car in on short notice to look at my breaks and they were honest and helpful in addition to fixing the issue within a few hours. Will always come back here!

M. M. Wedin

03 Dec 2021

had tyre replaced at Mida,s Caroline springs today. I was helped by Dan. Dan is professional and friendly and delivered what he promised. I would certainly use Mida,s again and would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Anthony McCluskey

20 Dec 2021

Great service experience, affordable prices, the owner goes above and beyond to help the customers, will be taking all my cars there

Mirza Krajina

14 Dec 2021

Having a new car I was stunned by the dealer charges for a basic service I have used various midas stores and have always got very good services and this was just as good. Very happy thank you.

Brendan Compton

26 Jan 2022

Great friendly customer focused nice person to deal with will be back for further services

Pam Biggar

09 Mar 2022

Must go see Dan. He's very friendly and took his time to go through all the tyres. Will definitely come back.

Thanh Quach

15 Mar 2022

Fair price, great work.

Rifat Gedik

23 Apr 2022

Apart from a cheap service, these guys will try to rip you off. Tried to tell me i needed new spark plugs and a timing belt. Tried to charge me 2g for timing belt change, not sure if spark plugs included for that, didnt sound like it. I went to panamax motors, they told me they only needed to replace the belt and water hose, which saved me 300 bux, they also told me the spark plugs were okay to go another 50k or so. I wont be going back to midas. 0 stars.

Kahzella B

10 May 2022

Worst place you can go to they rip you off paid so much money never fixed the problem wouldn’t recommend this place stay away rip of people

Dotting Kindness

16 May 2022

Great overall experience, Dan was lovely.

William Thi

25 May 2022

I had an appointment with them and after waiting for an hour they said their mechanic didn’t show up. So unprofessional.

sushil kc

24 Jun 2022

Thanks Dan, you're the best!

Gina Decapia

22 Aug 2022

Best car mechanic in the west. My family’s car get serviced by Dan and he’s always at your service. He explains how the log book works and provides information on what is happening with your car unlike other shops they just finish the service and make you pay without explaining what was done and why it was done. Yes they are written in the tax invoice but he will still make you understand the works why. Good job and well recommended!

R Bena

24 Sep 2022

Came for an oil change, they did it within a reasonable time frame, 30 minutes for $60 (includes disposal of oil and old filter) - brought my own oil However disappointingly left my car with deep scratches on my fender and headlight. Damon was a wonderful bloke :) Just think about other peoples pride and joy and try not to cause too much carnage yeah? My number ends in 611 if you guys want to reach out for a resolution, more than happy to change this review.


09 Dec 2022

Excellent to deal with, quick fitment and I was back on the road within a few hours.

Paul Cachia

17 Dec 2022

Thanks to the Midas team, they are lovely to work with. From taking in the car at short notice to check the breaks, to the quick and diligent fix! They were honest and thorough at explaining the issues found. Happy to come again for future service and repairs.

Sarah A.

15 Dec 2022

Great work done by the team in swapping out my tyres. Highly recommended!

krish karimbil

03 Jun 2023

They never returned my call, so went to the one in McIntyre Rd, great service and pricing compared to Caroline Springs, as dealt with them in the past

Tara Mea

16 Jun 2023

Does nothing, i went to servicing 5 months back. Engine oil and coolant completely empty and my engine started smoking running over 100 degrees. I had to stop car and call tow truck


19 Oct 2023

Worst Service I ever had. Mechanic doesn’t have any knowledge including Dan or Stan the person who look after the customer service part. They can only change oil but can’t diagnose other issues. I will not recommend any one.

Nipan Singh

24 Oct 2023