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Newborough, Victoria


Gilmour Motors & Tyre Service has been servicing the local area since the 1950’s. We provide quality and reliable services at a competitive price.

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2 Monash Rd, Newborough, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Gilmour Motors’

joke of a mechanic, went in for a roadworthy to be told rip the gas out, rip the petrol tank out, dodgy installation no stamps, tanks rusted out ect, took to MULTIPLE mechanics for them all to say they havent see such a great installation of gas, was stamped with clear view of it, petrol tanks perfect condition, then to find out gilmours wernt licenced to do the gas roadworthy which is why he told me it was all needing to be replace, hes a con artist, dont go here unless you wanna throw your money away

James Cameron

14 Jun 2022

Excellent service, very thorough with service and repairs.

Ross Maxfield

10 Jun 2022

Best place to have your car serviced

Anne Freeman

24 Feb 2022

My car had a simple electrical problem. After having alternator replaced, new sensors and replacing spark plugs I still had the Issue. I had paid $1400 at that point and my car had not improved. They then sent it to an auto electrician to have another look. They said they could not get it to fault. I was then advised to have the computer replaced. I phoned the auto electrician they sent it to once I took the car back and it faulted that day. The electrician said he did see the fault and advised what they needed to do. At that point I went to another mechanic and they fixed my car for $200. They replaced the spark plugs as they were the wrong part and broken, they also fixed the earthing issue with wires. It makes me think that I was taken for a $1400 ride with more bills coming if I continued. Avoid at all costs. The other mechanic diagnosed the issue in 5 minutes and confirmed that the repairs I was charged for made no sense.

Jon Ledwitch

13 Oct 2021

Great service

Tom Lacko

17 Mar 2022