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Exceltune, with its 34 years of experience, provides the best car service in Sunshine and its surrounding suburbs. Having a state-of-the-art workshop, our team excels in working with any kind of car belonging to European, Australian, and Japanese brands.

Once you entrust your car to us, you can sit back and relax as we go through its complete service. Our qualified team will ensure that your car is in optimum performance when you come to take the car from us.

All our mechanics are registered, experienced, accountable, and competent, and they provide the best service for your car. They are flexible working with all kinds of cars of any style and model.

Our services:
– Mechanical repairs
– Transmission Service
– Electronic diagnosis
– Clutch service
– Logbook servicing
– Performance upgrade
– Aircon service
– Suspension service
– Brakes service

Apart from the above services, we also provide car inspections so that you can get a roadworthy certificate. When you book an inspection with our mechanic, we ensure that your car is safe to drive on road. We will intimate you about the service or rectifications needed so that you know what we’re doing with your car. Besides inspections, we also repair or replace Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

Why Choose Us?
– Extensive experience
– Owner-managed and personalized service
– Mechanics from the Australian Registration council
– VACC accredited car repairing company
– Authorised Roadworthy inspection center
– The best software tuning in Melbourne and a lifetime guarantee
– Areas we serve are Sunshine, Maribyrnong, Deer Park, Moonee Ponds, Tottenham, Keilor East, Avondale Heights, and Sydenham.

Don’t hesitate and call us right away for the best car repair and service.


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Verified Business

Licensed Mechanic


Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Air Conditioning
Steering and Suspension
Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
General Maintenance and Repairs


5/184 Duke St, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Exceltune’

I had my 2006 Nissan Navara serviced here for the first time yesterday. Customer service and attention to detail was fantastic. I was called during the day to tell me what I needed to have done outside of the minor service but they weren't pushy and explained everything and even said it can wait until the next service. Jacques took me through everything that was done and I was pleasantly surprised they had even vacuumed the cabin for me and no nasty costly surprises. Highly recommended.

Trent Collett

11 Aug 2022

Got a recommendation for my first car service with Exceltune. I think they are brilliant ! Jacques and his team are very helpful and honest service! Geniues parts and good values for money. Highly recommended:)

J. Lam

27 Jul 2022

I dropped my 2016 Navara off for a full engine replacement. During the time my car spent at the workshop I had a few calls here and there to let me know how progress is travelling and for confirmation on changing parts that needed replacement. I then had the car dyno tuned, within 2 weeks I was told to come and test drive the car and to ensure I was satisfied with the work done. Great people from the office to the workshop. Thank again highly recommended Mark

Mark Spooner

09 Sep 2022

Carried out a service on my boosted Subaru BRZ with Exceltune. Jacques was very knowledgeable on this niche platform and was happy to have a chat. Will definitely return for any further car requirements.

Aedriane Hernan

23 Nov 2022

I got road worthy certificate in the evening on the same day I came to Exceltune. Jacque had inspected my vehicle in timely manner, replaced the broken parts and quoted reasonable price. He is very reliable mechanic. Thanks to Jac and his team, my car got registered and is now back on road in such a short time.

Nguyen Katie Thuy

16 Sep 2022

Excellent service. Jacques spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to diagose and fix my amarok. The car now runs better than ever with a great retune and gremlins sorted. Highly recommend Excel Tune as they take the time to do it right at a more than reasonable cost.

Herve Tran

08 Sep 2022

It was horrible, I paid over $1200 to get my bmw minor service done in Dec 2022 since I lived nearby since I didnt have time to go to BMW for the service. After 3 months, my car get hot easily, have a funny burn smell and feel less unresponsive then the oil alert went off yesterday when I was driving on the freeway to work. Normally when I serviced the car at BMW, the oil last till the next service at 20000km or 12mth. I called their office and querried what oil was used and they used some generic "French" 5W30 oil with a price tag of $19.50 a litre. After topped up with Castrol EDGE 5W-30 oil, the car felt so much smoother and more responsive. I also realized they tried to get me to come back every 10000km or 6mth instead of 20000km or 12mths BMW requirement. They asked me to come and they will top up the oil for me but I wouldn't trust them now. So called themself "Exceltune is your trusted local mechanic in Sunshine".

Vuvu Nguyen

09 Mar 2023

Customer service was second to none. Wonderful staff and the looked after my Skoda Superb beautifully. Could not be happy with the stage 1 tune results and a wonderful pairing with the DSG tune too. Thanks guys!!!!

Tony Dup

04 Nov 2022

After fitting an upgraded custom high flow cat and downpipe to my Skoda Octavia vRS, I decided to look into staged tuning. Spoke to various companies throughout Victoria and after speaking to Jaques, decided on Exceltune...I was not disappointed. Jaques was a true gentleman, extremely knowledgeable, and very passionate about what he does. I drove from Bendigo to Sunshine and left car with Jaques for a day, decided on a stage 1+ ecu remap and stage 2 tcu remap. When I picked up the car, Jaques took the time to explain what he did and then we went on a drive together. My Octy is a very different beast to the one that went in! Over the past few days, I've had a bit of fun "suprising" some people in their 90-100k + cars! I wanted a "sleeper" and have certainly been given one thanks to Jaques and the team at Exceltune. Jaques, thanks to your knowledge, passion, honesty, and integrity, you've now got a lifelong customer, despite the inconvenience of travel needed to get to and from Sunshine, its well worth it for the quality of work you offer and do. With much thanks, see you again soon, Lynden.

LR Kronk

05 Apr 2023

I could not recommend Exceltune enough. The team were very knowledgeable and skilled in their field of work. I took my car there as it was having issues and they knew exactly what was wrong with my car. They were able to fix my car within a day and I was very impressed with their work. I will be taking my car there from now on as I trust their work and their mechanical skills are like no other like I’ve seen before.

Kevin Truong

20 May 2023

Got my 2014 Ford Focus ST tuned at Exceltune and I couldn't be any happier! It's been 2 weeks since my cars been tuned and I've had no problems and the cars been running very well. They were able to fix the problems my previous mechanic couldn't and took very good care of the car when it was in their hands. Staff were very friendly and the communication was great. Will definitely be going back to Exceltune whenever I need work done on my car in the future.

Aleks Arapovic

08 Jun 2023

I recently had my Volkswagen Golf MK8 GTI aftermarket exhaust installed. Jacques and his team competed the job very efficiently and looked after my car while the service was carried out, so a big shout out to them!! Will definitely be back for future upcoming projects and 100% be recommending them to anyone who is interested :)) Thanks again guys for the amazing work!!

Thomas Huynh

06 Sep 2023

2016 BMW 330i ECU & TCU upgrade. I have been building cars for over 30 years from street cars to drag cars. I was looking for someone that specialises in BMW remapping and found Exceltune. After speaking to Jacques about all the ins and outs I decided to go for stage one remap of ECU, a TCU upgrade and a software update for the hud. The result was amazing! My 2016 Msport 330i became a different kind of animal, substantial power increase, much more positive gear change and a fantastic launch. It feels and performs like a 330i should. I cannot recommend Exceltune highly enough! Jacques and his team are A1, great service and advice with a workshop you could eat your lunch off. If you are looking to improve your BMW, run don’t walk to see Exceltune to do the job. And my advice, don’t cheep out and just get a standard ECU remap, listen to Jacques advice and get it done properly. Believe me it is worth every cent and you will not be disappointed.

Adam Geri

14 Mar 2023

I recently had an exceptional experience with Exceltune and feel compelled to share my story. I drive a 2016 VW Tiguan and noticed a ticking noise coming from somewhere underneath my engine in 2022. I initially took my car to my previous mechanic, iCar, at Hoppers Crossing. The owner informed me that the issue was inherent to the EA211 engine and suggested that I either replace the engine with a second-hand one with 80,000 km for $11K or rebuild the engine for $10K. He even advised me to consider auctioning my car as junk at Manheim and buy a new one instead. Feeling uncertain, I decided to seek a second opinion and brought my car to Jacque at Exceltune. To my surprise, Jacque and his team immediately identified that the noise was actually coming from the water pump near the supercharger. They swiftly fixed the issue within just two days for a mere $1,400! I cannot express enough gratitude to Exceltune for their outstanding service, expertise, and honesty. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and skilled mechanic. They truly saved me from making a costly and unnecessary decision. Thank you, Exceltune!

Lau Sun

31 Mar 2023

For nearly a year, I've been dealing with an issue where the 'Service Engine Soon' light would erroneously illuminate on my tachometer following the installation of the Supersprint exhaust system. The new exhaust system produces an incredibly satisfying sound. However, due to the new exhaust and high flow catalytic converters, it was causing false readings from the oxygen sensor (O2 sensor). I initially attempted to reset it with a scan tool, but the problem persisted, rearing its head again after about 50 kilometers of driving. Several BMW specialists tried to program the post-catalytic converter O2 sensor to ignore the new flow readings, but their efforts were in vain. I also experimented with an O2 sensor adapter 'cheater', but it didn't provide a solution. My optimism was dwindling rapidly until I discovered Exceltune, where I had the pleasure of meeting Jacques Saba. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate individual, seemingly unfazed by any challenge. Jacques made two attempts to program the system, and I must say, he is nothing short of a legend. The false 'Service Engine Soon' fault light has now been completely resolved. This has been a truly joyful experience, and I extend my utmost appreciation to Jacques and Exceltune, earning them a well-deserved 6-star rating for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment.

P K (RHD Z88)

18 Sep 2023

Just picked up my car and I’m thrilled by the outcome. Great team who took car of my car and made sure everything was as good as it could be before handing it back to me. Friendly team who were really easy to get along with. Couldn’t recommend them more.

Finn Cassidy

15 Sep 2023

I would give 6 stars if I could! We had taken our Honda diesel to two other ‘specialists’ and it still wasn’t fixed. Jacque’s deep knowledge and the care he offered us, plus the urgency in fixing our car meant we were back on the road in a few days. We won’t be going anywhere else but Excel Tune for our Honda.

Leigh Edwards

12 Sep 2023

After going to another European mechanic and being very disappointed in the service, it was a completely different experience with exceltune. My car was treated with respect and I was listened to with my concerns. We even test drove the car after its stage 1 tune to ensure I was happy with my cars performance. I'm actually looking forward to get my car serviced now.

Stephen Cook

25 Sep 2023

Jack was most helpful and very generous with his time and knowledge whilst working on my vehicle I would definitely recommend his services if in need Thanks again Jack. There should be more people in the world like you ???? Joe Kersh

Joe Kersh

13 Jan 2024

Jacques provided 30k service and level 2 remap. Awsome job our Reno master is like a new truck with more go. Recommend his service.

Rob Moore

08 Feb 2024

Had my BT-50 serviced & Re-mapped early this year! Wow what a different car I’m driving now????. No lag whatsoever, tow a 21ft caravan, cruises at 95-100kph I have plenty of torgue now, overtaking cars towing the van coming out of Adelaide up that long steep hill. Had another service Tuesday & car still perfect. I could not be happier, it’s like being an old bloke with a street machine ???????? John Payne 72 Thank you to Jacques & the team at Exceltune, great work ????

John Payne

08 Feb 2024

Great service, very knowledgeable and friendly environment. Thanks for tuning me little Peugeot! Goes fantastic now ????

Joe Silvestro

07 Apr 2024

Money grab business. Don't go for a rwc!!. Was quoted $2685 for a rwc. $1875 for labour alone!! I was able to get seen by another mechanic close by who was refered to me by a friend. After veiwing the quote. I was advised, -The oil pump was unnecessary to change, if their is a leak, it is minor. -Coolant leak, was misdiagnosed but their was a part that needs to be changed, not connected to rwc. -The sway bar link/boots was quoted cheaper by my new mechanic I personally believe that the cost is unjust, and was taken down a extremely expensive option. I am out 250!!. My new mechanic has quoted 600-700!!!!. 2000 dollars cheaper!!

KaiPatu x

13 Oct 2023

A friend introduced me to Jacques a few years ago and had his CLA45 tuned and service, sounded and performed elite. Since then I've Bought a BMW and regularly serviced it with Jacques for the last couple of years. Any performance mods I get, such as Downpipe, Boost Pipe, Tubo Inlet etc all installed and working perfectly. A tune is likely in the future, will provide update!


17 Apr 2024

I had an issue with the ignition switch and the car was not turning. it had a major issue and jack was able to provide the right information and help me get my car back on the road. Thanks for your amazing help Sir. regards

Ali B Khan

17 Apr 2024

Absolutely happy with the service everything was explained clearly everything was double checked safety was high quality of work was something you don't see very often. All The staff were extremely polite and respectful I will be recommending to others about pricing and services value for money.

Andrew Irvine

22 May 2024