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Cheltenham, Victoria


AutoPlus Cheltenham provides a complete range of automotive services and repairs for all types of cars since 1990.
AutoPlus Cheltenham provides a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:
Log Book Servicing
Major Service
Minor Service
Brake Repairs
Brake Pads
Brake Service
Mechancial Repairs
Fuel injection services
CV Joints
Auto Transmission
And more … We Do It All!
Anything your car needs we can help!
Contact your local mechanic team at AutoPlus Cheltenham for all your car servicing, mechanical repair, brake & clutch needs.

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Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
Auto Electrical Services
Air Conditioning
General Maintenance and Repairs
Battery Services
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Steering and Suspension
Windscreen and Windshields
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services


419 Warrigal Road, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘AutoPlus Cheltenham’

Honest, well priced and easy to deal with. My 'check engine' light came on a few weeks after their service and David booked me back in promptly for a look on his time. Turned out it wasn't an issue. Thanks David for the great service.

Michael M

10 Sep 2021

Absolutely exceptional customer service and vehicle care. Henry from AutoPlus Cheltenham always goes above and beyond with his genuine advice and workmanship. Work provided is done with care, precision, attention to detail and always in a timely matter. The boys from AutoPlus Cheltenham always find a way to squeeze you in if you have an urgent matter without the compromise on quality and service. Hands down one of the best. Always recommend. Thanks again!!

Marcus Ayoub

09 Jul 2021

Repco recommended Matt at Autoplus. Wonderful service. Highly recommend Matt for any service.

Andie Hocking

05 Nov 2021

Henry was amazing! I got quoted too much from another mechanic so I took it to Henry and the team. The car was done well and quickly. Will take my car back with any other issues. Fantastic service!

Emma Stubbings

22 Apr 2021

Fantastic service! Was able to help on the spot! Immaculate premises and professional customer service. Highly recommend

Christina Anagnostopoulos

19 May 2021

Booked my ageing Territory in with Matt for a service and to trace and fix noises and faults. I must say that this has been the best experience I have had with a motor mechanic. Matt was so easy to work with and willing to do whatever it took to make sure the car was perfect when I picked it up, and it was. Noises were gone repairs that were supposed to have been done by other mechanics were completed the car was washed and vacuumed and it goes great. Thanks Matt I will definitely be back and will recommend you to everyone.

Wayne Kobrin

24 Nov 2021

I always get amazing service here

Inna Gardenstudios

05 Dec 2021

I would highly recommend Auto Plus in Cheltenham. I had a dash board electrical issue with my Mazda 2 and Matt was able to resolve the issue in less than 30 min. He was able to explain the drivers of the issue and fix it for me. I would highly recommend using this mechanical work shop

James Dunstan

30 Dec 2021

A+ service! Absolutely wonderful people. Professional and definitely went above and beyond for my car. Will be back again thank you.

Brooke Martin

28 Jan 2022

Excellent service. My son had to do his driving test and unfortunately a brake light had failed. In order to do it we needed the light replaced within 60min otherwise we’d have to rebook (this would take months). Work was done on the spot for free!


10 Feb 2022

Honest, easy to deal with and efficient. Went to a couple of places for wheel alignment and they gave me the runaround on prices and told me it would take several days to complete. Auto plus Cheltenham gave me a quote on the spot. Took my car in and got it returned the next day. They did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jenny Lee

11 Feb 2022

Very happy with these guys - needed a service and they got my car in and out quickly no complaints at all would definitely recommend

Brenden Smith

07 Apr 2022

Shout out to Jason and the boys. Took my 93 Corvette in for a service. They took great care, checked all the parts that were needed, being a not locally built vehicle and found the most economical compatible parts and did a great job. They showed me pictures of the car and quoted on any additional upcoming Work, of which, all quotes were competitive with the prices I know from elsewhere.


06 May 2022

If you want an honest opinion of your mechanical needs and costs I strongly recommend to go and seek the opinion of Justin at Cheltenham Auto plus!!

Kerry Sklivas

27 May 2022

The jobs done: a )Power Steering Flush b) Rear Diff Bushes replaced c) Front Crank Seal replaced All that is done under $1000! Took them less then 6 hours! Car: Ford G6 2009, Automatic, 4.0L LPG. Excellency in customer service. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Andrei Bragin

06 Jul 2022

quick service. appreciated!

Elle Diane

27 Jul 2022

I took my car in for a regular service, I also had a leak (water coming onto the passenger side) & needed my brakes looked at. The service I received was absolutely AMAZING… HIGHLY RECOMMEND The last place I took my car previously gave me a huge list of things that were supposed to be wrong with it. Matt is honestly such a genuine person. He fixed my leak which I had put off for so long as I was told it would be a major fix costing a fortune that i could not afford (being a single mum). Not only was the amount he charged such a relief but he also said the brakes didn’t even need to be done for another few services. Matt is the real deal & will be sending all my family/friends to him.

Nikki morris

06 Mar 2022

What a relief to find these guys. I’ve been asking around for an honest mechanic, and I was referred to them through Clayton from Bellek Solutions. I always went to the Subaru dealership to do my car service, and at my last service they told me I need a major service which would be approximately $800. Come to find out that Jason from Auto Plus told me, I actually don’t until I hit 100K+ Kms which I’m far from! So that was a huge relief for me. Because I live within the area they had time to drop me off and pick me up back up once my service was done. He even showed me a photo of why I need my air filter changed! I drove off feeling a lot safer in my car. Highly highly recommend these guys. Thanks Jason & Cory

Carla C

26 Apr 2022

I chose this business based on previous reviews and was very impressed. I had been told by another mechanic the rear brakes needed renewing so I booked my car in. Once up on the hoist I was advised my brakes didn't need replacing, they would last another 30,000 klm, and there would be no charge. I really appreciated there honesty and will definitely be taking my car back for a service.

Carol Partridge

04 Aug 2022

The place to go for all your mechanical needs. Jason, Corey and Luke are all experienced team members that did amazing work on my car. They were fast and reliable and honest about what your car needs. I always say the first impression of a business starts with reception and Dana exceeds all expectations of what a customer service representative needs- polite, informative and helpful. Many thanks to the team and I will be back again for any future work.

Luke Warburton

24 Aug 2022

Update 19.9.22 as I couldn't find where to write another review; Had my car serviced today. It also needed a wheel alignment. As always the team at Cheltenham were very helpful and I was very surprised how reasonable the bill was. They also went that extra mile and washed and vacuumed my car. I chose this business based on previous reviews and was very impressed. I had been told by another mechanic the rear brakes needed renewing so I booked my car in. Once up on the hoist I was advised my brakes didn't need replacing, they would last another 30,000 klm, and there would be no charge. I really appreciated there honesty and will definitely be taking my car back for a service.

Carol Partridge

19 Sep 2022

Would just like to highly recommend Jason from auto plus in Cheltenham. He has repaired and attended to my old bmw several times, his knowledge/professionalism and PR skills are second to none. Phillip and Vesna

Vesna Zivkovic

11 Oct 2022

Needed a brake light changed and they came out and changed it immediately in a couple of minutes. Professional and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Daniel Rink

03 Oct 2022

They told us it was the fuel pump that was causing the problem and they had the fuel pump changed. However, the symptoms are exactly the same as before the replacement. So we brought the car back later and they told us the car was fine and normal. Still obviously something wrong so we took it to another nearby mechanic to have a look and the other mechanic told us it was another part causing the problem. There was clearly a problem with the car but they couldn't find and fix it. We are very unhappy and disappointed.


26 Nov 2022

Went in quick to get my alternator belt adjusted. Elite customer service and quick job done well. Didn't bother charging either where as calling up other places for this, they had to "go and get a quote"

Douglas Haworth

19 Dec 2022

Jayson was absolutely amazing, he explained everything to me in detail and went above and beyond to make sure everything was checked 1000% before we made our big trip. He was open and honest about what we needed to be done to make sure we were comfortable while we waited for our car to be finished. Will definitely be using Jayson to any future services. Highly recommend this company.

Amber White

19 Jan 2023

Killed my tyre on my way to work, and they were so helpful in getting a replacement! Got it done within the timeframe I needed to work around my work, and were very friendly. Especially as a young female often mechanics can be very condescending, but here I felt respected and well treated! Definitely recommnend!

Naomi Snook

01 Mar 2023

I was really disappointed by the service. Took triple the time to finish servicing my car and it was way too overpriced. They didn't even attach spare tyre back properly after finishing the service fell from under car after driving 1km. Would rate 0 stars if possible

Adrian Johnson

21 Feb 2023

Best place for your car treatment and amazing people over there. They never let us feel that we are just a customer to get money they help at there end. Superb place for car service.


05 Apr 2023

A really great company; the individuals working there are super friendly and go the extra mile to make services and repairs as affordable as possible. Great at keeping in contact and explaining car issues and advice.

Chloe Bracher

26 Jun 2023

Nice staff and great to be able to use a courtesy car (if you request it well in advance). Fair price and good recommendations.

Oliver Latter

30 Jun 2023

The guys here are lovely and I will definitely be back for another service. Price is reasonable, they explain what they’ve done, what they’ve found will need to be done in the future and a rough estimate of what the price will be. Thank you and see you next time.

Shannen Preston

30 Jul 2023

Needed help late on a Friday. Jason jumped in and fixed the car super fast! Amazing service, amazing team. Highly recommend

Luke Craige

22 Sep 2023

These guys are great, always offering the best price and excellent service.

Timothy Jackson

27 Sep 2023

Amazing service! Reasonable prices, effective communication and friendly staff :) Thankyou for making the process so smooth!

Shikha M

29 Sep 2023

Excellent servicing and communication. I've had my car serviced by AutoPlus since I moved to the area in 2018 and they've been patient, flexible, competitively priced and very helpful throughout. Great communication and speedy service. Highly recommended.

Marcus Cole

15 Feb 2024

The team down at autoplus were amazing and super helpful and helped get my car back on the road ASAP.

Stuart Williams (Camel)

02 Mar 2024

Great team, updated me on all changes and expenses during the car service process. Can highly recommend this business at Cheltenham to give your car a good service.

Cecil Christopher Vaz

10 Mar 2024

Fantastic customer service made getting our cars serviced quick and easy, our cars have always been well looked after since coming here. Would definitely recommend.

Kate Mcfarlane

08 Apr 2024