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Clayton South, Victoria


25 Years in the Automotive industry. We provide competitive service and value for money. Warranty on all jobs, that cover workmanship and parts. We can provide and organize very competitive car repairs, tyre supply + fitting and balancing, new battery, new tyres and car servicing in Clayton South and surrounding areas of Springvale, Notting Hill, Oakleigh South, Mulgrave and Noble Park. Same day or next day bookings. Coffee and tea, waiting lounge, local drop off services and loan cars available also

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89 Main Rd, Clayton South, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Apple Auto Care’

Hi I recently rented a car in Apple Autocare . The car is running perfectly without any issues. Even during the rental period if any issues with the car, they are not taking any money from us. It is good to find someone who is understanding the people financial problems and helping out.

karthi keyan

11 Jun 2022

The help I received was perhaps the best I had ever had from mechanic

Maker Nyang

09 Jul 2021

Really great service. Analyses problems really quick. Good work ethic.

Ribu Thomas

13 May 2022

Good service and cheapest price in Melbourne highly recommended

Mohammad Mia

02 Sep 2021

Had a flat tyre 20 minutes away from Apple Auto Care, and the gentleman was able to wait for me to arrive and assist me. This was also at the end of the day at 6:30pm. Helped me greatly and was able to continue my way home. Thank you!!


31 Mar 2022

Bajaj knows what he is doing and is certainly very good in his industry. I got service from him even at the oddest times like public holidays/long weekend. So empathetic towards the customer. Not just the timeliness, you get affordable and best quality service from Apple Auto Care. I can just say, just be as good as you are.☺️

Ramya Kalivarapu

07 Apr 2021

Came for AC regas. Mechanic did not check for leaks and gas was gone within a few weeks. When asked, claimed there were too many valves to check and he could not provide any guarantees for no leaks....

Yifei Wu

03 Dec 2021

Excellent service. Completed my roadworthy fast and was entirely supportive throughout the process. Couldn’t recommend anymore.

Roshan Panesar

23 Feb 2022

Amazing service! I have had my car fixed there a few times now and will definitely be coming back. very affordable and the guys there were very understanding and made sure that everything was done properly and with care. the first time i did the roadworthy, my car was in a bad condition when i first bought it and they fixed everything promptly (even though there was a clock sprint issue which required ordering new parts). the second time they also fixed major defaults and I haven't had the need to fix anything since. would recommend 100%. if you are looking for an affordable great service, you're in the right place

Angela Aleshnikova

01 Aug 2018

A knowledgeable mechanic is hard to find in Melbourne. Charan is one of them. Whenever I went to him he extended the service to his level best. If he cannot do the job, he tries to help out by suggesting. He takes responsibility for the jobs he completed. For my Captiva diesel’s fuel filter change and servicing, he helped. He also knows about the DPF cleaning.

Wahidur Khandkar

20 Oct 2022

Owner to this business is scammer, he is good in backing the odometer. He would promised you cheap road worthy and then would ask you to pay hundred's of dollars. Just don't take your car to him or you'll regret. Charan Bajaj- god is watching and you'll certainly get back on what you have been doing to others.

Brandon Barristor

23 Oct 2022

Good service,cheap price on time service 100+% satisfied with them. Highly recommond

Muaaz Adnan

13 Nov 2022

They are cheap price and good service they completed my car jobs before time i highly recommend them

Ali Shamci

15 Dec 2022

Good service reasonable price honest advise. Highly recommend

amit sharma

15 Dec 2022

Super service cheap price on time job don highly recomend you must go there. They do rental car on cheap price

Pilar Gomez

17 Dec 2022

He is selling dodgy car and whenever you call him for issues he started arguing with us he don’t have any sense to talk with customer.once I asked for bettry price he said price.But at that time I don’t have sufficient budget for repair next time I called him he said u waste my time if you need quote I ll charge for quote.very rude man and asking always extra charge.

Abhi joshi

14 Feb 2023

Best service and cheap price with high quality service honest work highly recommended

Mohammad Mohammad

20 Jun 2023

Good service very recommended cheap price on time service????

Mohas Wan

02 Aug 2023

I have driven rental car from apple auto car about 4 months. Mechanic is very genuine person. I liked his service. Most visitable for rental car as well as for service car.

Rahul Vaghasiya

03 Aug 2023

They provide a best service as well as reasonable price given a cars.

Patel Sachin

09 Aug 2023

Taking rent from this company is extremely expensive the excess for a car which worth $2500 you have to pay $3000. Whenever anyone taking car from him always have to ready for hidden costs. They provide cheap cars and collect money. He is a fraud always. He can give any reply but I used your services. I know how much fraud you did to people. God is watching.


20 Sep 2023

Awesome place for auto care in reasonable price with great owner

Umar Iqbal

25 Sep 2023

Apple auto care Perfect and good and reliable service cheap price better quality. Highly recommend

Manish Patel

02 Oct 2023

He's the best he always work with you and actually fix your car and great person

Sean Houston

27 Oct 2023

Apple Auto Care is good and reliable and the owner and mechanic are very humble and generous.

Manav Mulchandani

28 Oct 2023

Very good service and they save my &500 on rwc cost they did good jobs and quick jobs 100% satisfied highly recommended

Muhamad Amirul Muhamad

31 Oct 2023

Highly recommended Apple auto car esave my money I was going to buy car Ford foucs they give check system car repords and advise me do not buy as car having common problem with auto transmission issue I saved my $8500

Mohammad Nobi

04 Nov 2023

Overpriced, trying to rip you off. Went to get rear breakpads changed. Got hit with a bill of $250 even after providing the breakpads which I brought from dealership. Upon asking, the owner informed me that the costs are high because of electonic auto hold, takes lot of time blah blah. Requested for a discount and he started to say all his expenses like accountant charges, rent etc etc. DONT GO TO APPLE AUTO CARE AND GET RIPPED OF.

akhil sai

11 Apr 2024

I have the best experience with apple auto care in Victoria and also the owner is very genuine person with customer.

Dhruv Chaudhary

17 May 2024