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Bell Park, Victoria


Since 1981, our mission has been to stay passionate about providing our customers with the best automotive services possible, including the best customer service and the most professional care for your vehicle, which means you can have peace of mind that your family is travelling safely all year round.

We are a group of Automotive Specialists that started out in 1981 as a parts remanufacturing business in Fitzroy. Even in our humble beginnings, our commitment to quality shone through in everything we did, and by 1984 we grew to the point to which our operations, systems and the ABS brand had bloomed into an impressive franchise.

In 1990, we opened our first interstate store in Tasmania, which was quickly followed by new stores popping up in Perth in 1994, and Adelaide in 1996. Today, we are proud to say that our business has grown to a total of 46 stores, operating in every state and territory across Australia.

We have also expanded and developed our services to enable us to be a one-stop shop for all our customers’ vehicle servicing needs, and we are able to provide a world-class service for:
Minor and major services
Logbook services
Brake and clutch maintenance and repair
Cooling Systems maintenance and repair
Suspension and steering
Any other mechanical repairs that you may need for your car

With years of experience and that personal touch, we make sure you and your car always have a second home with us. Our mission has stayed strong every step we have taken as a business, and will continue as such in our ongoing growth.

We take our customers feedback seriously.

ABS Auto are committed to providing the highest level of servicing and we measure this by using our specifically designed SMS feedback program. This SMS customer feedback program is tailored to deliver a method to ensure your suggestions of how the store can improve their service, and or an acknowledgement that you have received the highest level of service.

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Clutch and Transmission
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General Maintenance and Repairs
Battery Services
Steering and Suspension
Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
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253 Thompson Road, Bell Park, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘ABS Auto Geelong’

I all way go to ABS for my brake more cheaper any wear else I all way shop around driffent shops an I all way find abs is so liable when getting in your brakes in by 5pm pic up from the shop I can't find any other shop like abs as same day service so if U looking for brakes just give abs a go Holly recommend abs if U doing your brake your Self an looking for new brakes just give ABS a go

Daniel Altmann

08 Feb 2021

Fantastic job done on the old Pajero! Courteous and professional service at a great price! Thanks fellas!

Mick Torney

07 Nov 2020

DO NOT GO HERE. Used for the first time to get a service on my car. (My usual mechanic wasn’t available) paid well over $200 for the service, did not rotate tyres, did not check air pressure in tyres, there was a knocking sound turning right , he said “it’s fine”. After taking my car to my usual mechanic upon further investigation is how I know the tyres weren’t rotated, air pressure was way to low, and the Roters were so thin and unroadworthy, so BREAKS could fail at any time. I have kids in my car, I drive clients in my car and he allowed and thought it was ok to chance it most likely so I took the car back and spent more money. GREED over safety.

Brook Keating

07 Sep 2020

Great people and a good job

Sue Morrissey

08 Mar 2021

Worked hard to get a good outcome

ray russell

06 Jan 2021

Psycho driving on New Years day cutting people off on the freeway. Stupid at 100kms p.h Totally unprofessional

Leo Markos

01 Jan 2022

Highly recommend. Honest. Helpful. Go to for brakes

Alistair Connell

13 Jan 2022

Unreal service. Had problems with the engine overheating. They new what was wrong straight away and did an awesome job on it. Have driven to Melbourne and back from Geelong, also around Geelong since without any issues. Definitely going back and would highly recommend!!

Mitchell Donovan

23 Mar 2022

Karl at ABS NORTH GEELONG was every helpful & shorted out the brakes on my vehicle . I'm now a customer for life ... thanx karl & his team of mechanics

Angelo Lociuro

11 Jun 2022

Fantastic service and workmanship.

Michael Loft

23 Aug 2022

Fantastic service and workmanship. Took car in to have a knocking noise in the back off the car looked at, it was found and fixed. Thanks to Angelo for fixing the problem.

Michael Loft

30 Aug 2022

Great service by a good local team.

Steve King

02 Oct 2022

I took my Ute in to get a new clutch, and they told me they felt something weird with the clutch and they had test driven it and my clutch didn't feel the same as it used to, tried to call in to enquire the lady told me that their number had been getting redialling issues for 2 years that this was the wrong number, called back again no answer! Don't recommend!!! Cost up to $1800 for everything

Yannick Moustique

09 Dec 2022

Got the brakes done ???? on truck Mitsubishi Went back two weeks later and had the manel gear box too ???????? . They explain the cheap stuff to replace with all the more expensive stuff which one would you like ???? I was happy with the better after market gear ????

David Sutherland

04 Jun 2023

Easy to deal with, got the job done and nice people to boot.

Ken McCarthy

14 Jun 2023