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How Much Does A Major Service Cost In Australia?

August 4, 2022

Ensuring that your car is up to quality and safety standards is very similar to having a check up at the doctors. It can be a little expensive and unpleasant but is very important in making sure that everything is working optimally and that any issues are made known of early. The same can be said for a major car service.

While major car service prices can range greatly depending on location, mechanic, type of vehicle and milage. Regular maintenance is never a walk in the park when talking about prices but there are some ways to make your scheduled service costs sting a little less.

What Is The Average Car Service Cost Around Australia?

It can be difficult to pinpoint the average cost of a car service in Australia as there are a multitude of other factors that affect this price and can influence the cost of your car service.

Factors include the make and model of the vehicle, past car maintenance, service provider, mechanic, type of service and any additional diagnostics that may come up. In some cases, location may impact the price that you will need to pay as costs vary across state lines.

We can say that the average cost of a car service in Australia, across all states, ranges between $245 to $386 for a minor and major service (logbook service) respectively.

What Is Capped Price Servicing?

To make major services and minor services a little easier for new car owners, some car manufacturers have introduced capped price servicing or fixed price servicing. Under this scheme, the standard servicing cost is capped at a fixed limit for a period of time. This is under certain conditions, like getting your car serviced by approved private mechanics and can save you time and money in the long run.

While not ideal if your car's service intervals fall out of timing, it can give car owners an idea of how much they will be paying for their next major service.

How Much Does A Car Service Cost Around Australia?

Across Australia, the average cost of minor car services and major car services vary.

While we can find an average, it is difficult to create data without including all service types (full car service, minor service, major service), all car makes and models, and all regions within a particular state and territory.

Average Car Service Costs By Australian State or Territory

  • ACT - $363
  • New South Wales - $357
  • Northern Territory - $422
  • Queensland - $331
  • South Australia - $304
  • Tasmania - $272
  • Victoria - $337
  • Western Australia - $320

What Factors Can Affect Car Servicing Costs?

Car servicing costs can turn into a big money spend. You may go into a service thinking your car only needs minor repairs but in some cases, cars require special spare part replacements or a car road test that can turn into a seriously expensive trip to a mechanic.

Typically, the main factors that will affect a standard car services final bill are the car's make and model, the mechanic, the mileage, and the type of service.

The Car Make And Car Model

A car's make and model play a big role in its overall servicing and price. As every manufacturer is different, each part of the car will have a limited accessibility to new or aftermarket parts that can raise the price of a service immensely. The age and quality of the car can also have an affect on the service cost depending on it's overall condition. Additionally, regular servicing periods and the warranty period of a specific car may vary greatly between not only manufacturers but also car models.

If you know what kind of spare parts you might need for your car service, you could always opt to buy aftermarket parts and take them to your private mechanic to remove, fit and install.

The Type Of Service

Another factor that will impact the cost of a major car service is the type of service that your car requires.

The scheduling of a major service is typically based on the car's age or how many kilometres a car has travelled. The older a car gets and the more it is used, the more likely there will be significant wear and tear, requiring part replacements and a detailed inspection of your car to ensure that all the components are working effectively and properly.

A Major Service

In a full inspection and tune up of your vehicle, during a major car service, a mechanic can typically look at:

During this service, all the inspections that are undertaken during a minor service are also completed to ensure the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

A Minor Service

A minor car service usually involves surface inspections including engine oil testing, filter changes, fluid replacements, adjustment of car tyres pressure and other small repairs.

These types of services will not include the replacement of parts or time intensive repairs utilising special tools and is just a basic general inspection.

While major services are usually based on mileage, general minor services can be requested on a timeframe that is typically every six or 12-months.

Your Choice Of Mechanic

Choosing the right mechanic for you and your vehicle is also important. You don't want to be taking your European style car to a regular run of the mill mechanic as they may not have the skills to perform an accurate or effective service and can end up costing you more in the long run.

Local Mechanic Vs Dealership

Doing your research into local mechanics or dealerships, should be your first step in finding a mechanic for your major service. While doing your research, ask around for quotes on a major service for your car and compare the prices between private mechanic and dealership. You can also have a look in your vehicle logbook to see if it notes a manufacturer's warranty.

A common misconception is that a private mechanic will void a manufacturer's warranty. While this can be true in some cases, some dealerships will accept your warranty if you do go to a professional mechanic, just ensure you know the terms of your vehicle and manufacturer.

The Mileage

Generally, a car will need a minor service (or major service depending on your vehicle) every 10,000 kilometres with the price rising as the number of kilometres does. You can expect services to be the most expensive at the 60,000, 120,000, 180,000, 240,000, 300,000, and 360,000 km checks.

How Can You Keep Your Car Service Cost Low?

Regular servicing and clean driving habits can make a huge difference in keeping your car service costs low. The goal of a major service is to ensure the integrity of your vehicle and its safety on the road. By regularly servicing your vehicle, you can find smaller problems early that would have become big, expensive problems later on.

If you would like help finding a local mechanic near you to service your car, you can browse Enji's wide range of local mechanics who specialise in a wide range of car makes and models.


How long does a car service take?

A car service is dependent on the make and model of your vehicle, type of service you will need and of course the mechanic you choose to get the job done. If your car is in optimal condition with little to update, it should only take 1 to 2 hours.

A major service could take between 2 to 4 hours so it may be best to make some plans after you drop it off.

How do I know if I need a major or minor service?

It is always best to consult with your local mechanic. A guide to follow is that minor services are usually done every 10,000 kilometers and major services are done at 30,000 kilometer intervals.