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Best Tyre Brands And Tyre Types In Australia

May 16, 2022

The Best Tyre Brands And Tyre Types In Australia

Car tyres are the most crucial part of a car's security and safety when moving on the road. No matter the type of vehicle on the road, when they are fitted with durable, high quality tyres it helps the driver move with confidence and peace of mind.

Finding the right tyre style and sorting through the best car tyre brands for your car could make the difference in a rough, unenjoyable drive and smooth, serene journey. Having the right tyre size, type and brand can cause less stress in the long run when tread life, fuel consumption and potentially faulty tyres are of concern. Whether you're looking for an OEM tyre or an aftermarket brand, finding the right fit and style for your car is super important.

Top Tyre Manufacturers And Car Tyre Brands In Australia

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. Based in Japan, the Japanese tyre maker broadens its reach across all tyre styles from budget-friendly road tyres to high performance race tyres. Bridgestone supplies tyres to over 150 countries and has an excellent reputation in Australia as the most trusted tyre brand of 2019 and held the title for the previous six years.

Bridgestone has a Run Flat Tyre system within its tyre technology. This system is claimed to incorporate a reinforced and thicker sidewall that enhances the safety of the vehicle by carrying the weight of the car for short periods with no loss of steering control. Bridgestone tyres also provide fuel-saving tyres for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint or save some extra money on fuel.

In most cases, Bridgestone is known for their durability, stopping ability and value for money in the tyre industry.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin is a tyre manufacturer from France being another major global player, supplying tyres to more than 170 countries. Michelin is a tyre specialist that offers a superior safety and robustness to their tyres with long lasting value and tread life.

Michelin provides a browsing range that allows you to search by vehicle type, driving experience or product family and comes with a tyre selector tool where you can use your car model or tyre size to find a suitable match.

Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear is an American branded company that is the best-selling tyre brand in America. Goodyear is claimed to be one of the manufacturers to create and produce the first tubeless tyre style and has a great reputation for durability, dry and wet weather performance, value for money and overall satisfaction.

Goodyear tyres are accompanied by 3D-BIS Technology that claims to improve tyre stiffness and stability. Along with this, Goodyear tyres have SoundComfort Technology that aims to reduce interior noise and Active Braking for better handling.

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop are known to provide premium tyres in the market boasting a variety of car tyres for the enthusiast with slick tarmac tyres to rally tyres to ordinary road worthy tyres. Dunlop's tyre lineup is made for every kind of vehicle from a small, city-dwelling hatchback to larger, high performance behemoths for the race track.

Dunlop has a search function that allows users to search by vehicle type or size with most tyres featuring the Dunlop Touch Technology. This technology incorporates a beat seat system with a flatter tread depth and profile for improved grip and friction. Dunlop exceeds all other tyres in the categories of durability and value for money.

Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama is a part of the Yokohama Rubber Company. Yokohama is another company that claims the first tubeless tyre but also the first snow tyre and the first steel radial tubeless tyre. Primarily, Yokohama leans into the performance market with aesthetic designs to appeal to customers with a performance focus.

Yokohama tyres utilise an Orange Oil technology that is combined with natural rubber making their tyres 80% petrochemical free. They also have other eco-friendly options. Tyres from Yokohama boast great fuel efficiency, road stability and handling, and all-terrain capabilities.

Hankook Tyres

South Korean brand Hankook covers a huge range of tyres for light vehicles to trucks. This tyre company roughly produces 92 million tyres per year and has a hand in producing car batteries, brake systems and wheels.

Hankook has a unique tyre design that utilises an optimum proportion of Dyna-ProFET rubber and silica that functions to reduce rotational resistance and improved fuel efficiency. Its tyres are also designed with a 3-Dimensional groove pattern for an improved performance experience on wet and dry roads.

Pirelli Tyres

Premier Italian brand Pirelli is recognised with cutting edge technology, high-end performance tyres and great options for daily commuters. Pirelli is also well known for its racing pedigree and is the sole tyre supplier for the F1 until the end of the 2023 season.

The Pirelli tyre design is fitted with features such as the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS), that is claimed to reduce noise whilst driving. They also include Pirelli’s Seal-Inside Technology which supposedly creates a puncture resistant tyre that allows you to continue driving your car in case of a potential leak or puncture.

What Tyre Type Suits Your Vehicle?

There are tyres for every style, type, make and model of car these days that range from premium performance tyres, specialised tyres, to just standard manufacture tyres. It can be difficult to understand which type of tyre will not only suit your car, but also your lifestyle and driving pattern.

Small Car Tyres

Recently, there has been a large increase in the small car market with a worldwide demand for hatchbacks and small sedans. Small cars are usually less expensive than their larger counterparts which also means cheap tyres.

Small car tyres could be classified as everyday tyres. Factors that influence buyer decisions are usually the longevity and value for money of the tyre. These align with the values of buying a small car in the first place where it doesn't matter if the tyre performs, only that it works for as long as possible.

SUV Tyres

SUVs are the most common and popular type of vehicle for drivers which has resulted in tyre brands globally to produce more SUV tyres and styles. Features that SUV tyres usually have include excellent handing, braking and stability.

A prerequisite for SUV tyres is better off-road control performance and extra rigidity along with value for money, longevity, wet and dry weather performance and stopping ability.

Heavy-Duty Tyres

Heavy-duty tyres have a higher load capacity as their design allows for enormous amounts of air pressure inside the tyre casing. The main use of these tyres is for vans, utes and trucks as their durability and longevity are second to none. These tyres also known for having better traction and grip characteristics.

Summer, Winter And All-Season Tyres

A summer tyre is perfect for Australia's relatively warm and dry climate. Many drivers opt to leave summer tyres on all year round while sacrificing a bit of performance in wet or cold weather. The tread pattern has few 'sipes', that remove water, instead favourite smooth rubber that grips better on dry asphalt.

Winter tyres are perfect for alpine climates and could be as essential as a beanie or woolen socks in winter. These tyres usually utilise 'sipes', which are in areas of the tyre tread, to clear water and have hundreds of small ridges that provide grip to slippery surfaces.

In Australia, a warmer climate means that opting for summer tyres or even all-season tyre types would be optimal. An all-season tyre offers year-round traction, long tread wears and comfort while sacrificing some handling and grip.

Sports Tyres

Sport car tyres are designed for speed and agility. This style of tyre specialises in superior dry grip with a decent wet traction to account for high speeds. Sports car tyres are very close to high performance race tyres with an extra emphasis on longevity. Although sports tyres are priced at a higher point than light duty tyres, there are budget-friendly options.

Ultra-High Performance Tyres

Usually a premium tyre, high performance tyre styles have been designed to provide quick response to a driver, have enhanced grip and the ability to cope with high speeds. High performance tyres are usually created in conjunction with research and technology from the motorsport segment.

These tyres are for luxury sedans or sporty vehicles that provide excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions at the cost of treat wear and ride comfort.

What Affects Tyre Longevity?

There are many factors that affect tyre life, it is always important to take note of your tyre pressure, tread wear indicators and tread patterns to ensure you do not compromise your vehicle or tyre life. Just having the best tyres does not mean that your tyres wear any slower. Driving style, overinflation and tyre width are also factors that can affect tyre longevity.

How To Get A Tyre Change Or A Tyre Replacement

If you need new tyres or don't have any clue where to start with getting your flat tyre replaced, Enji can put you in contact with a local mechanic in your area who can assist you.

Local mechanics with Enji are able to assist in any of your vehicle needs or concerns including tyre replacement quotes and questions