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How Much Does A Wheel Alignment Cost?

April 12, 2022

How Much Does a Wheel Alignment Cost?

If you have never had a wheel alignment before, you might be wondering how much they cost. On average, a wheel alignment for a standard car is around the $50 mark. However, larger cars such as a 4WD are priced higher, from $120 upwards. It is not uncommon for a 4WD wheel alignment to cost $200.

Wheel Alignment Pricing

The wheel alignment procedure is done when the mechanic takes the measurements of the parallel wheels, alongside the wheels being perpendicular to the ground. Using these measurements, they manually adjust the suspension system of the vehicle. The time taken between vehicle to vehicle differs, therefore the price also differs.

Wheel alignment pricing is based on the type of car being serviced. The pricing takes into consideration different factors, such as the size, model, make, and year of the car. These factors alone will determine the measurements for the wheel alignment, which can take longer to perform when a car is more intricate from the ordinary vehicle.

For example, 4WD wheel alignment will cost more than a sedan wheel alignment because it is a larger vehicle with more work to be done. A regular sedan or SUV typically costs around $50, however this pricing is dependent on specific factors of the vehicle.

4WD Wheel Alignment 

4WD wheel alignment is more complicated due to the intricate nature of the vehicle. As it is larger in size, this means the time it takes for the alignment is longer. There are instances where the vehicles require more specialised skills or tools, including luxury cars and high-performance vehicles.

How Much Does a 4WD Wheel Alignment Cost? 

An average minimum cost of a 4WD wheel alignment is between $120-$150, with the most common price being approximately $200. The cost of a 4WD wheel alignment is based on the amount of labour required for the manual alignment, as the larger or more complicated the vehicle, the more labour is required.

Is 4WD drive wheel alignment different to Standard Wheel Alignment?

The premise of a wheel alignment for 4WD is the same as a standard wheel alignment. The foundations of the suspension system are the same, where mechanics inspect the caster, camber, toe, ride height, and inspect tyre wear. However, some wheel alignments are only for the front two wheels, rather than all four. 

A two wheel alignment, also known as a front wheel alignment, is for smaller sedan vehicles and smaller SUVs. Generally, your mechanic will determine whether your vehicle only needs a front wheel alignment, or a full four wheel alignment. 4WD vehicles will almost always have a full four wheel alignment due to the independent suspensions, and the manual labour required to adjust all four areas. 

The only difference between the alignments themselves are the extra complicated steps for a 4WD or any larger vehicle, as the misaligned settings require longer labour to correct. Unless your standard car has severe alignment issues, it should take less time and be cheaper than a 4WD wheel alignment, especially if only a front wheel alignment is undertaken. 

Wheel alignment is not normally on the forefront of a vehicle owner’s mind, until an issue arises. It’s always good to save some extra money for a rainy day, with standard alignments costing just under $100, and 4WD possibly costing up to $200. It should also be noted that when a wheel alignment is undertaken, your mechanic might recommend new tyres due to dangerous wear and tear. So while your wheel alignment might cost more later on due to new tyres, you can drive away with the confidence you are in a safely repaired vehicle.