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Mornington, Victoria


Rapid Tune Mornington has grown to be a major automotive service centre within the local community of the Mornington Peninsula. In operation since 2015 it is run by Gary Morgan who has has been in Motor Industry for 30 years.

Talk to the car mechanic experts at Rapid Tune Mornington about car servicing and car repairs. Our passionate, friendly and fully qualified mechanics we are here to help.

All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, and workmanship is guaranteed.

Call Gary Morgan on (03) 5973 4712 to book or obtain a competitive quote or you can complete the online booking form above.

Your local mechanic and brake experts at Rapid Tune Mornington offer a complete range of automotive services for all types of cars including:

Log Book Servicing
Fuel Injection Services
Auto Transmission
Roadworthy Tester
Mechanical Repairs

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Clutch and Transmission
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Tyres and Wheel Alignments
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205 Mornington-Tyabb Rd , Mornington, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Rapid Tune Mornington’

Came for a roadworthy and was told needed new wiper blades. The ones I had on the car had been professionally installed only two months prior. All they say is they don’t pass inspection so you can’t really argue. The real problem is they charged me $120 for new blades! The ones I had two months prior cost me $40. Absolute extortion. Go somewhere else, what a rip off.

Jorja H

27 Jan 2022

Very professional with excellent customer service. I have found them to be great value for money and very good at their jobs. I highly recommend Rapid Tune Mornington

Jason D

18 Oct 2021

Great service and price from the team at Mornington. Glad I found a local reliable mechanic.

Daniel Parsons

21 May 2021

As always helpful friendly great work done at affordable price staff friendly work shop always clean

Anthony Barrett

18 Jun 2021

Gary was great to deal with. Will definitely go back 100%

phillip lee

30 Apr 2021

Would love to say thank you to rapid tune guys ,with there experience, they fix my car for a road worthy in 1 day,running around to get some parts, my car was on the lawn for 5 years, thanks guys your awesome as, Natalie a very happy customers

Natalie Dimech

26 Mar 2021

You guys are amazing thank you so much for being so realible and trustworthy I won't take my car's anywhere else I cannot reccomend you enough :) thanks guys again and see you next time

Freya Ritchie

21 Apr 2021

Fantastic customer service. They helped me out of a problem at short notice. Fixed the issue and gave some great advice. Highly recommend.

Stanwix Office

11 Jun 2022

General service done, August 2022. Friendly, efficient and well priced. Very happy.

Bruce Riddell

01 Sep 2022

I was referred to Rapid Tune Mornington by my customer and I had an awesome experience with this mechanical workshop. Gary is a very respectful and helpful guy, he explained everything in a clear way and I had my car fixed without any hassle, on time and at a really good price. My car runs like a dream ever since. The most honest mechanics I have encountered and highly recommended! Thank you very much Gary!

Kristy Farrel

20 Apr 2021

Replaced the hatch back lock actuator on my VW Golf. The fact that the actuator wasn’t working affected the reversing camera and the reversing lights and one of the number plate lights. Replacing the actuator fixed the other problems. They were all interdependent. Lei and his team are polite, efficient and skilled. Have been using them for a few years now. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

David Flack

22 Oct 2022

Gary and the Team at Rapid Tune Mornington, really go out of their way to provide their customers with an outstanding level of service. They take the time to go through and understand any concerns you may be having with your vehicle and then take the time to go over, answer and explain any questions you might have. They are welcoming, thorough, genuine, upfront and realistic in their assessment of your vehicle, its issues and any related costs. They personalize their service from star to finish, taking the time to follow-up with you about a week after your service to check that you are happy with how your vehicle is running, that any concerns you had have been resolved and to check if you have any further or follow up questions or concerns. Their overall professionalism and approach to their customers and business has definitely won them another two very happy and loyal customers!

Naomi Ruby

08 Jul 2020

Great turn around time and the Ute is ice cold now. Will use again.

keith Richmond

25 Dec 2022

Best mechanic I've ever been to. After being ripped off and barely driving anywhere because I was saving money to replace my timing belt. I went to these guys and turns out I have a timing chain!! My car doesn't even have a timing belt! Saved me thousands! Every service they are open and honest. They are happy to explain things to me in a way that I can understand. Absolutely brilliant.

Sir Captain Shitbits

06 Mar 2021

Fantastic - my car broke down over Christmas while on holiday from Sydney. Every other place was either shut or booked out for weeks, but these guys fit me in, got it all sorted, and got us home on time!

Shane Jackson

25 Jan 2023

My husband and I have been taking our two cars to Gary for a couple of years. Although I have never been particularly impressed with his level of professionalism, (Gary is condescending when communicating with women and would only address my husband if we were both present) we have, for the most-part been happy with the work performed. We chose to overlook the time when my car had to be returned after the radiator coolant continued to leak after we were assured the problem had been rectified. We are not unreasonable and realise that sometimes things can be unwittingly overlooked.However, this week we encouraged our daughter to entrust the first service of her first car to Gary and the team. She took it in on Tuesday morning, paid over $500 to have it serviced and various filters replaced etc. When she went to drive it on Wednesday morning, she could see and smell the considerable amount of fuel that had leaked onto our driveway and her car would not start. My husband called Rapid Tune immediately, finally being told that a tow truck would pick the car up this morning (Thursday). At no point were we apologised to for the fact that the new fuel filter had obviously not been fitted correctly, but even more infuriating was the fact that my daughter was without her car for two and a half days in total. The problem should have been attended to as soon as we called on Wednesday morning. Why should a paying customer be inconvenienced by incompetence? We are done with Rapid Tune, and Gary has not only lost three cars, but gained a whole lot of bad word-of-mouth!

Sarah Walker

21 Jan 2021

My partners CX7 received a service from rapid tune Mornington before our trip to SA. After finding the brake discs needed replacing we were advised that this was fixed. The car had its rotors machined not replaced and at speeds above 70km/hr it violently vibrates, this did not happen before the service and has happened since. Very unhappy with the poor levels of care taken to my partners car, considering we informed the mechanic that we were travelling through SA.

Hamish Boyd

13 Mar 2023

I had let my car run out of rego and Rapid Tune was the earliest I could get an RWC. I am still angry with them. A seat belt was installed incorrectly, took it back. Then had an air bag warning light. Took it back. By then my permit had run out so I got them to remove the tint from the rear window, which I was going to do had they not stuffed up so much. Now, none of my rear screen demisters work and I still have 2 pieces of foam in the boot that they were going to refit. Have given up on them. DO NOT go there for any repairs.

Paul Quigley

31 Mar 2023

Fixed my ranger which had been in and out of other workshops numerous times. Awesome communication, well priced. Highly recommend!

Jared Maxwell

18 Apr 2023

My experience with Rapid tune Mornington was terrible. booked in a 120k basic service, everything seemed ok until I received the recommended additional items report which included extra cost for fuel filter. When challenged this on the phone with Gary he denied a conversation we previously had on the phone confirming the fuel filter was included in the basic service, including suggesting I was at error in what I understood was included. Then on collection of the car I pointed out to Gary that the cost of the service was actually more than an official Hyundai dealer if I had the fuel filter changed. His response was "yeah, ok". My recommendation is do not use this company, my experience shows you will pay more than an official dealer service. MyCar tyre and auto would have been $100 cheaper than this company. In addition to this, i checked the work done and notice some very poor workman ship regarding refilling the oil, with oil spilled over the top of engine and not cleaned up. picture attached.

Jamie Robertson

12 May 2023

UNBELIEVABLE. Totally amazing service. Not only did the solve and fix the issues I was having with my central locking but they went out of their way to check all possible issues that could lead to this to ensure I wasn't wasting money unnecessarily. they then picked up the part required to save time then fitted and had it all synced. My electronics in my 13 year old Forrester are now working better than they ever had without spending as much as would have been required elsewhere. They always kept my updated and were extremely friendly and professional. Love their work

Vivienne Joan

01 Jul 2023

Unbelievable!! Rapid tune Mornington will definitely be my go too mechanic moving forward. Tyler was always happy to help and to answer any of the many questions I had! he was so sweet and also so quick with getting my car back to me. It’s better than Brand new. Definitely definitely recommend

Zainab Als

06 Sep 2023

Could not be happier with the services provided by Tyler and his team. I've had 2 of my cars in there for repairs and roadworthy pretty much a week apart and it's always a good turn around time with good, competitive pricing. Will be bringing my GTR in for a rwc!

Matthew Graham

06 Sep 2023

Gone here for years until recently I have had a few terrible services, dodgy brakes and having to go back 3 times to get them fixed, the following service they didn't even put air in my tyres that I specifically asked for ,and then I had an oil change required alert in my car a month later. I thought I could trust these guys, but they have failed me every time recently, I don't trust there work one bit now, so much so that I had another mechanic look over it for me since. Such a shame.

Amy Harrison

28 Aug 2023

I can't consider recommending Rapid Tune Mornington after my experience. When driving my car home from work one day, I heard a very unnatural sounding noise coming from the engine bay. After having it looked at by my regular family mechanic and being told the job was too big for them to take on, I had it towed to Rapid Tune so they could investigate. After an intitial inspection, they communicated to me that they believed the noise was caused by the timing chain being damaged. Taking them on their word, I gave them the go ahead to replace the timing chain and the Hydraulic Rocker Lifters. After this costly exercise, I was then told that they had discovered a sound in the bottom end of the engine and it would require further diagnostics and repairs. This ended up requiring the conrod bearings to be replaced. After this addition to costs and time without my vehicle, I was told that the engine was running okay and that it should be fine. Verbatim, I was told "9 times out of 10 you'll be fine in situations like this". Obviously elated at not needing to replace the engine entirely, I was happy with the outcome and took my car home, with a basic warning that there may be more trouble down the line, and to return in 1000 kms so they can check everything is okay. Not even a full week later, the engine completely seized and the car was then written off as a result of this. The most disappointing part of the entire affair was the next few days after I decided to get rid of the car. No opportunity for even a partial refund of the labour costs was considered and there was next to no follow up from Rapid Tune beyond a stock-standard email asking for feedback of their services. Most surprisingly, one individual suggested I attempt to sell my car at a car yard that is known to sell lemons to unsuspecting customers. I would've thought something like this would be completely inappropriate for a mechanic to suggest but here we are. After months of attempting to get in contact with the VACC to pursue some sort of follow up action, I feel it would be a disservice to locals to not post my experience. I would STRONGLY recommend that if you have severe vehicle trouble, you stay very far away from Rapid Tune Mornington. It's hard not to feel swindled out of my money after this experience, especially when a friend of mine who is in the industry tells me that as soon as the issues identified were discovered, he would've insantly said not to try to repair the engine.

Matt Farish

19 Sep 2023

Avoid Rapid tune Mornington at all costs. The service is terrible and the workmanship is even worse. Gary the owner might be the scummiest mechanic I’ve ever met, text book stereotypical. He tries to scam you by adding extra unneeded upgrades to your car. And trying to CHARGE you for things he hasn’t even done!!!!! Beyond a joke. DONT COME HERE YOULL REGRET IT. The way he treats his workers is worse than how he treats his customers…disgusting and pitiful.

Zainab Als

01 Oct 2023

I highly recommend rapid tune mornington, I have taken my car there the staff were so helpful and friendly, found out exactly what issue was and fixed it straight away for me, I couldn’t be happier with the experience that I had. Wouldn’t go anywhere else

melanie pye

07 Dec 2023

Booked my sister inlaws first car in for a roady and the customer service received from Monique was top notch! She made the process easy and hassle free along with the mech. Monique was not only great at communicating but was quite knowledgeable too which made us all the more comfortable with going to Rapid Tune.

Tinaa Lieu

22 Dec 2023

Some words to describe the business, from the bottom of my heart: arrogant, rude, poor customer service and lastly dishonest and a bunch of liars. I dropped off my car in Mornington and on pick up it had done just over 30kms, not sure why, don't understand why but I don't want to waste my time arguing with dishonest lunatics and so i'm sharing my review hoping some of us will turn their back and then these arrogant people might come to their senses.


18 Dec 2023

Brought in my new to me Toyota Celica for a fuel leak they were nice and told me to leave it with them and they would check it out, only for them to call me about 5 hours later telling me they had tried to start my car to get it inside the shop and it had caught fire, then refused to pay for the damages leaving me $8,000 out of pocket after the fact I was told “not my responsibility” that was the last straw for me, but i guess that’s why we have lawyers ????

dennis bryson-sabec

03 May 2024