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Salisbury, South Australia


A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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27 Park Terrace, Salisbury, South Australia, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Salisbury Tyre & Auto Service’

I called Midas on a Saturday morning desperately needing a new rear muffler installed on my 1996 magna. Being a Saturday I wasn't expecting any luck and they were fully booked, but, they just happened to have one muffler on the shelf that the old horse needed, and after telling me he was fully booked he said to bring the car in immediately and they will install the muffler in between jobs. This immediately told me that this particular franchise obviously knows how to manipulate their time efficiently and that the mechanics working there are good at what they do. I was told it could take 3-4 hours which I was fine with under the circumstances. I had no choice but to sit and wait till the job was done so I sat across the road where I could see right inside the workshop. What I witnessed was pretty impressive. I sat there and watched these guys for 45 minutes and they were working on car after car with such ease yet speedy. 2 mechanics completed 7 vehicle repairs before they got to mine. I can install a muffler myself but no time to, and my new mechanic took only 10 minutes to unbolt the old muffler, clean up and refurbish the bolts and clamps and fit the new muffler. I watched him start my car and not one bit of smoke came out, all that in only 45 minutes, I said to myself if I see he's done the standard of work I expect I'm going to stay with this guy. The best part though, I was expecting close to a 500 dollar bill, but he only charged me for the new muffler and added 20 bucks for labour, so $279 ,I challenge anyone to find a quote anywhere near that low. I was very impressed with their customer service as well. They were polite and genuine and clearly they don't try overcharging their customers,(unlike another auto repair place I won't name,(AUTOMASTERS). So I would definitely recommend Midas Salisbury to anyone with any car issues, they'll do a fantastic job and won't drain your wallet either. And no, I wasn't asked to give these guys such a good wrap, I just genuinely believe that they deserve all the praise I've given them. I've still got my transmission, my boot latch, my rear suspension, aircon regassed, and a wiring short I cant locate, and I will be getting the boys from Midas Salisbury to do every job there. Keep up the good work Midas Salisbury.

Chris Canny

02 Mar 2022

I first took my car to Midas in Salisbury when I purchased a groupon. I now take my car there because the guys are so friendly they explain things in terms I can understand. They do exactly what they say and do it in the time they state. I will always go there now.

Marj Macpherson

20 Dec 2021

Bought a groupon for a full service. Their customer service was outstanding!


03 Mar 2022

They are the best value for money.. no hidden extras . Very qwik & efficient

John Lines

07 Jan 2022

Very professional with service and although I had a Groupon deal they didn't cheaped out on service. Even for 40$ service they did a decent job and I will visit them again.

Gopal Subedi

05 Jan 2022

Been coming to Midas Salisbury for a few years now, and each and every time I’m impressed by the level of customer service + value of the prices. If you’re looking for a quality car mechanic service, a friendly team to help, and extremely competitive prices, this is definitely your place to go.

Caitlin Hall

16 Mar 2022

The best mechanics I have been to They don't rip you of very honest

lyn zenari

22 Mar 2022

The guys here are great, always provide quality service and today they even exceeded my expectations when i bought my ute in for a service. Brilliant job guys !


08 Apr 2022

Thanks so much for servicing my car today!! Big shout out to Gary and Tristian!! Repeat customer, found my mechanics for life!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!! Highly recommend!! Outstanding job as always!! My car is running so smoothly!! Outstanding customer service!!

Josie Milesi

28 Apr 2022

Paid top dollar for unsatisfactory work. Nothing was done professionally or correctly. Waste of my valuable time & money. No apologies for their mistakes. NEVER use their services again.


01 May 2022

Great service. Always look after me.


12 Jun 2022

After purchasing a Groupon offer for a Full Service at an unbelievable price, I booked my car in after not being serviced for 5 years. Always a bit hesitant trying somewhere new, I need not had to worry. I was more than impressed with the servicing of my car, the cleanliness of the facility and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. My car hasn't run so well in years!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys and will be a regular client for all my Mechanical needs. Great work & thanks Gary & Tristen......

Anne Speake

03 Jul 2022

After purchasing a Groupon offer for a Full Service at an unbelievable price, I booked my car in after not being serviced for 5 years. Always a bit hesitant trying somewhere new, I need not had to worry. I was more than impressed with the servicing of my car, the cleanliness of the facility and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. My car hasn't run so well in years!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys and will be a regular client for all my Mechanical needs. Great work & thanks Gary & Tristen......

Anne Speake

19 Jul 2022

Standard servive Fast convenient professional service

Tina Garrard

19 Jul 2022

1st time using Auto masters booked in perfectly running car in for a basic service... car has not ran properly since!!! Guy behind counter has been nothing but rude since the start. I highly recommend not using Auto masters anywhere as everyone I've spoken to since has told me bad things... $280 for them to F-UP my pride and joy!!!

John Hansen (JohnE)

24 Jul 2022

I have been going to Midas salisbury for over a year and a half now and I cannot fault this service, good value for money, professional and so convenient, you can even ask to borrow the loan car for the day so you can get to work the next day, value for money is excellent and they still stamp that logbook for you as other repairer's alot of times don't do. I will be going to Midas salisbury everytime my car is needed for a service etc Why because these are guys I can TRUST.

Steven Montgomery

28 Jul 2022

Gary and the team are incredible... fantastic service and unbelievable prices... thank you and see you again from the Townsend's ??

Sue Townsend

02 Aug 2022

I've booked in y camrey for regular service today with Midas, quick turnaround time, seamless service and all due deligence with the workmanship. Customer service staff friendly, but professional and went above and beyond :). And the best price in town, give Midas a chance and you'll be amazed by your experience..superb work guys ????

Teju Chouhan

05 Aug 2022

Needed a service and immediately thought of Midas. Gary at the desk was welcoming, you know you're in good hands with the Salisbury team. Great job on my car and in terms of customer service. 10s all around at Midas Salisbury!

Heidi Bowditch

10 Aug 2022

I have confidence in the service Midas offers me. Always a great price and great advise and support when it comes to my car.

Tanya Firh

22 Aug 2022

Love Midas Salisbury! They don’t over charge and scam you with unnecessary repairs like other places I’ve been to. Lovely staff and always get my car back within a good time frame. Highly recommend!

Natasha Leo

12 Sep 2022

Gary and his team are the best, Gary is understanding and always in communication with all works on my car, I use them for all my car needs Will and have recommended them on to friends and family


21 Oct 2022

Would never recommend Midas Salisbury to anyone! Upon pickup in the late afternoon I could smell alcohol on the managers breath. As soon as I got into my car it had an awful cigarette smell as I am a non smoker it was very overwhelming. Very unprofessional service!

Kayla Smith

23 Aug 2022

Nice ppls been with em 3 years. Never let me down. Best in the business in salsbury north. 100%. Quality. Work parts. I allways. Go there. Ty guys keep up good work

lucky von stanke

19 Feb 2023

I’ve taken my car to see Gary and the team a few times now. Their customer service is a solid 10/10, could not have found more knowledgeable, honest and fairly priced mechanics! Thank you for all that you do!


19 May 2023

Gary was amazing. Honest and upfront with pricing and what was needed to be done. If you ever need anything mechanical done I ???? percent recommend Midas Salisbury

Chrystine Caple

19 May 2023

The manager after sending someone out to my vehicle with wheel nuts and a torque wrench to tighten them after loosing 4 wheel nuts on my back tyre says that midas were not responsible for them loose in the first place . I have no enemies and nobody that would loosen deliberately and a week after my service this happened. He claims my tyres were not touched when it mentions on my 26 pt service receipt that the tyres were removed for a full brake inspection. So how am I to believe the rest of the service was completed when he denies that this happened and I was charged with it ? When I spoke with him he said and I quote " take it up with midas that's put on everyone's receipt I didn't touch your wheels! Take it up with head office!" I drove two highways at speed and was lucky I wasn't injured or somebody wasnt. His condescending attitude cause I was a woman when I brought the issue up was disgusting and un called for. Would never take my car there again!

Anne Bullamore

11 Feb 2023

If you value the life of yourself and family (and your car) then avoid the negligent services provided by Midas Salisbury. Second time having my car serviced at Midas Salisbury. Took my car for a service last Saturday and asked them to investigate a noise. Gary called and advised the service had been completed and everything was great except I need to replace the two rear tyres (which were only a year old) as that was believed to be the source of the noise. Arrived to collect my car and Gary was no longer in and the mechanic at the front counter stated the tyres had reduced the noise but it could possibly be a bearing still causing some noise. I asked which bearing as Gary never advised this and he kept deflecting from answering. I asked to see the tyres they removed and he wouldn’t answer me. I paid and got out of there. I asked the mechanic to get Gary to call me on his return. Still no response. The noise had not changed in the least and likely got 2 new tyres for nothing. Service sticker has not been changed so I question whether a service was completed. The safety report was also not provided. I emailed them the next working day and have yet to receive a response. I took my car elsewhere to have a full check and report. Both front bearings need replacing, back brakes are down to 3mm and likely needed replacing on the service 6 months prior but was not reported either service. This has caused damage to the rotors. They also missed that the bushes were clearly split and control arms need replacing. To top that off, my partners sons car which was also serviced there had the same issue with his brakes and rotors this morning. The fact Gary is also an RAA roadside mechanic makes me question getting any local assistance in the future from RAA for fear of further negligence. I will be reporting to Midas head office, RAA and consumer affairs. They will eventually kill someone.

Angela Locke

11 Feb 2023

After numerous failed attempts with other mechanics. These guys fixed my car on the first visit, locating and solving the problem within 5 to 6 hours. They also did the brakes and a service and changed out the fuel pump all at the same time. I am exceptionally happy with the work and the team at Salisbury Midas and will definitely be going back and recommending to friends.

coralie rowe

08 Jun 2023

Complete service. Staff are helpful and price is reasonable. I feel they are trustworthy. Which is important to me.

paulene dayman

19 May 2023

Yesterday, I dropped my Pride & Joy into my Midas.. not only for its scheduled service but a couple other big jobs aswell, so big It's a two daya mission!! I know the team has got it covered. Just picked up my car, took it for a drive, and once again, they looked after my baby!! ???? running better than ever, of course, they went above and beyond once again. ????????

John Hansen (JohnE)

12 Jul 2023

they service, my jeep done a great job very impressed

Joe Mcmahon

15 Aug 2023

I've been to a few mechanics with no luck. Midas had my car for the first time last week and I have to say midas is by far the best one I've been to. I will make midas my new mechanics and will highly recommend them to anyone. Drove my car out like it was a brand new car. Replaced my turbo and fixed the sound that I have had problems with for months. THANK YOU Gary and the mechanic that fixed my car.

kriddle craig

19 Sep 2023

Use cheap parts in luxury cars. I gave my bmw for regular service and some small issues. They charged 1.5 times the other people and solved no issues at all.

Uttam Pareek

08 Sep 2023

Gary and the team are amazing. Thoughtful and a delight to deal with. Always able to give good advise. Great car servicing. Expert advice, great prices. Friendly smile (that isn't seen much these days) I have a Maxda CX9 and they treated my baby with care and dignity thanks heaps guys for all you have done so far and yet to do in the future.

Miranda Campbell

31 Oct 2023

I’ve been taking my cars to Midas for several years and I’ll continue to do so. The friendly Midas team keep you informed on the overall up keep of your car and are total professionals at their job. Highly recommended

Drew Hosking

05 Dec 2023

Excellent service there workmanship is outstanding and they go out of there way to help their customers Always my first and only point of call when I have any mechanical issues with my little car

Leah Potter

09 Dec 2023

Fantastic service, fixed my car that other mechanics couldn’t. Also came in under price! Thank you so much

Lisa Vann

11 Jan 2024

I never take my vehicles anywhere else! Gary and Tristan and team are honest, professional, friendly, and excellent value for money. Go there!

Kevin Beaulne

20 Jan 2024

Absolutely hopeless. Gary. One of the workers messed me around for weeks. Terrible attitude. I could tell he didn’t want to work on my car, but had no hesitation to take my money. After nothing was done I was told I would have to collect my car because he couldn’t find a replacement motor. Now due to his incompetence I have wasted money on two tow fees and storage fee! I would steer clear of this company at all costs!

Carl Smallacombe

24 Jan 2024

Only 1 star because app needed at least 1.Had my car booked in for work. Arrived to be told they couldn't do job. Excuse was failed compressor. Didn't realise that effected the phone.

John Runholm

07 Mar 2024