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Midas Oakleigh Tyre & Auto Service


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Bentleigh East, Victoria


Midas Car Care Oakleigh can look after your vehicle’s log book servicing, brakes, safety inspections, exhaust, suspension, and general under-car repairs. The workshop is open Monday to Saturday, and is situated opposite the Masters Oakleigh South store. Nearby suburbs include Ashwood, Ashburton, East Bentleigh, Chadstone, Clayton, Holmesglen, Hughesdale, Malvern East, Murrumbeena, Oakleigh, and Huntingdale.

The workshop has been in operation for over 20 years, and includes 5 service bays, attended to by 3 mechanics.

All service, repairs and parts carry a national 6 month / 10,000 kilometre warranty.

A drop-off service can be arranged (up to 5 kilometres), and the workshop has one loan car, subject to availability.

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Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services
Clutch and Transmission
Engine Diagnostics
General Maintenance and Repairs
Roadworthy and Safety Inspections
Air Conditioning
Battery Services
Steering and Suspension


667 Warrigal Road, Bentleigh East, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Oakleigh Tyre & Auto Service’

Great place and good doctors for cars , highly recommended


01 Jun 2021

You guys went above and beyond. The commodore drives great now. Thank you


28 Jun 2021

Great customer service. Always give an honest opinion after a full car analysis. They always call beforehand to confirm other parts that need to be fixed before repairing it. To make sure it fits into your budget. They even go one step ahead and wash your car too. Hard and honest worker's with a friendly smile. Great local hidden gem.

sol jay

29 Mar 2021

Crooks! Took in for service, they kept car for most of day. Told me I need about $1,000 worth of work done. I checked car when I took it home, and fluids coolant and wiper fluid not topped up, and oil not changed still unclean and low levels. Had a mechanic check to see if they could fix what they said was wrong to car, and found there was no leaks, and nothing they recommended needed repairing. Biggest rip off. Avoid, dishonest service! They thought they could take advantage of a female but got caught and should not do this here in Australia or anywhere!

Haile Gil

24 May 2021

Great experience. Professional service from the telephone, front desk to the mechanic. Keep up the great work!

yasmin wise

24 May 2021

Top top place to service cars. I've been with these guys for two years or so and always had excellent service with the utmost care. I've even got two free services. Recommend these guys big time!

Vijay Jeyakannan

06 Dec 2021

Have been servicing my car with them since last 7-8 years,, really reliable, professional and good customer service. You guys are fantastic keep it up. Cheers ?

Ankur Pandya

22 Aug 2021

Good service and friendly staff.

Darshak Chaudhary

29 Jun 2021

Fast efficient service. Reasonably priced. Didn't have to leave car there all day. Guys were polite. They didn't try sell extra services/parts for things not required immediately. Thank you team.

Adam Szklarski

05 Feb 2022

I agree with some of the reviews here. I went there because I bought a coupon from one of their salesmen in a parking lot. But their mechanics did a really terrible job. My car get plenty of issues after they’ve done that service. One example was they forgot to put the screws on some car parts, which caused serious damage on my vehicle. They replaced my gas filter, but my car feels sluggish since then. Not sure what kind of gas filter they used. The staffs there are very unprofessional. I won’t suggest anyone go there.

Billy Bush

13 Feb 2022

Great people working there. Very thorough, and reasonably priced. I was very happy with the services provided ?

Simon Westerlund

14 Feb 2022

I went yesterday for my car for repairing because some noisy voice coming from my car. There is manager his name is aman He told me leave your car i will let you know what problem with your car. After 1 hour he called me your water pump is damage i have to fix this after your noisy voice will not come and pick it up 3 pm. But when i pick up for car he called me before 1 hour your alternator gone you have to change it. It cost 550$ and water pump cost 500$.all together 1000$ in your car. So i recently change it alternator so i tell him don't change it. But he took 450$ for water pump and labour charge he took 264$ for 2 hour. Don't go with this midas oakliegh They will damage your car. Never go back.

Meet Modi

20 Apr 2022

Thank God i didn't use them. Highly unprofessional customer service over the phone. I was recommended to try getting muffler from them and have it installed, so I phoned them trying to get a quote and the guy on the phone besides fobbing me off he said he'd call me back which he didn't, so I tried one more time an hour later only to be fobbed off again saying that they'd get back to me but they didn't. I don't thing i would ever consider calling or buying anything from them in the future.

Tony Stroufas

03 May 2022

They charge extremely high. Waited the whole day but the job was not completed. Job was quite poor & lousy customer service. Do not recommend this for anyone.

Tissa Ranaweera

09 Jun 2022

Fantastic car service! Very nice and professional people! They found all issues of my car and fix it very well! Highly recommend!


17 Jun 2022

My car's been serviced here 3 times. The pricing has always been transparent and reasonable. They take time to explain what work is necessary or adviseable and why. Arranging a loan car was free and simple. Not planning to change mechanics any time soon.

Cathy Do

06 Jul 2022

Went there for a brake fluid flash. Paid less then $80. Also changed 3 globes for prices slightly higher then the globes themselves in Repco. Plus on top of everything I received a complimentary car wash. Asked for an advice on failed heater system in my second car. Everything was explained on an easy to understand manner. Thank you guys!

Andrei Bragin

19 Jul 2022

My wife's Honda accord 2004 sedan had the standard CV joint issue with the clicking noise when turning, I made the call and explained all the sign etc. Aman quoted me $450. I said ok, dropped the car off and said to pick up next day. Fair enough, get home received the call another $500. I said ok if you can fix the problem all good. Picked up the car next day, drive around the corner and the clicking still there. Turned around and dropped it off I asked what have they done to it, Excuses after excuses. They try to fix it again, I picked it up and took 3 days and it back to square one. I'm so angry that I can't go there because I don't trust myself of what I might do to the guy. I know they didn't do nothing to it. The car still at home with same problem. $950 later. I will go and confront him and see what he is going to say. Will never recommend them again.

SLIX SOUND (Preacherman)

12 Aug 2022

Tried to use their service 3 times and I don't feel very confident with them anymore. Always they charge for light bulbs - I don't know how magically light bulbs stop working when car reaches Midas. Everyone neglects as they only charge $10 for it, so did I. Also I was quoted 1000+ on my old car for some leaks, luckily took a second opinion and the other mechanic suggested nothing serious to replace a whole lot of parts - had no issues and car still runs after 24 months. Third and last time, I took a different car for service, they did have a few suggestions on the car (normal) but did the service alone. (they were not happy when I pulled up a $80 off voucher I had - their comment was I should have informed when I dropped off the vehicle. I did that on my second time time and they charged me extra $80 for random things and then took $80 off for the voucher). They did a complimentary wash, but the vehicle was not smooth to drive after, and also small engine oil leak started. - not sure if its them but my observation. I would preferably go else where if I have an option. Also not sure if all Midas is the same or just this one.

Ajnas Kc

14 Sep 2022

I've been going to Midas Oakleigh regularly for the last few years as they are always reasonably priced, but more importantly they offer high quality customer service and take exceptional care of my vehicle.

George Tsicaderis

16 Dec 2022

Unfortunately the team was not able to fix a reoccurring car issue. I returned 2-3 times to no avail. Turns out it was a simple fix which was done in half a day by a different business. Very friendly service, though.

Tamim Jabar

17 Feb 2023

Unfortunately after several visits to Midas Oakleigh they were unable to repair a fault with my BMW's suspension. At first I was told I needed to replace a strut mount that had failed. This temporarily resolved the problem but the fault returned about 1000-2000km later. I returned and had them look again, they advised that the strut mount had cracked again and I now needed a new strut top again but that I should also replace the control arms as they may be failing. I approved this service and paid for the additional parts and asked them to ensure all components were in place paying close attention to ensure that the bushings were in place as I believed that these were not replaced in the previous repair. Again the problem was temporarily fixed but approximately 1500km later the strut mounts again failed. I went back to Midas and advised this, at this point they advised I take it to another mechanic as it was beyond their expertise and that they would refund me for the parts under warranty and for a portion of the work completed once I had them replaced elsewhere. I went and did this and the mechanic quickly found that the suspension assembly had not been correctly assembled and that it was missing the bushings/bearings that cushion the strut mounts. I had the mechanic repair the car and returned the parts to Midas and was told they would look over and get in touch. Unfortunately after now following it up on 4 occasions, they have not contacted me back. Based on this, I have come to the conclusion that they are not a business that is true to its word and although at times very forthright in their advice regarding the vehicle, that more complex items in euro vehicles are beyond their expertise.

Andrew Bartram

18 Feb 2023

Absolutely perfect service! Very nice and helpful manager and all staff. Recommend for everyone!

Andrey Butskikh

17 Mar 2023

Got my car serviced there fir the first time recently, very helpful and professional

Kerri Woodburn

24 May 2023

This morning my number plate fell off as I went through the carwash next to Midas in Bentleigh East. It had been a bit wobbly. Gary very kindly helped me out and secured the number plate in a few minutes. He wouldn’t charge me a cent. Thank you Gary, it’s so nice to know there are still some kind people in our community.

Claudia Featherstone

04 Sep 2023

Went there to fix my car, but they don't have enough parts to install in the car. They said we will call you once we find the part. A month passed already but never got a response.

Piyush Khadela

19 Aug 2023

If you wan to break your car, this is good place, give me the wrong filter and is leaking!

M.T Phone Accessories

13 Oct 2023

The team at Midas Oakleigh have been log book servicing both our families cars for the last 10 yrs. They offer great service and always explain things in detail and seek verbal approval for any additional works or repairs that are outside the standard service. They have always done a great job, and the service is very competitively priced. They also return your vehicle clean inside and put take it through the local car wash which is a nice gesture.

Muzz Sander

08 Nov 2023

I'm a mechanic, dealer principal and tech advisor also since the late 1980's. (Now no longer working in the field). Sometimes it's easier and cheaper to get things done by others so I bought a $79 Groupon voucher for a minor service on a smaller Japanese car that's had it's oil and filter changed every 5000kms since new. Over 26 oil changes. I took a photo of my original filter as it sat on the engine before the service. Went to pick up the car, showed the owner, got some lame excuse as in the mechanic forgot, he wouldn't provide a refund until after I showed him my LinkedIn work history and that I had been voice recording the event. Received $50 back. The car was under serviced, I can guarantee you that. I wasn't provided an invoice until I had to demand one that showed $0.00 for each line item. Went down hill from there. They pay perhaps a 10-25% francise fee to their franchisors. I called Midas head office. Cutting a long story short, seems this store wasn't disclosing and works done under Groupons so as to get out of paying a franchise fee and that's just the beginning. End of an era, the honest mechanical work shop.

Alessandro Donato

10 Dec 2023

I have received two great services on my BMW. My car runs so good after Midas at Oakleigh South does the service on it. I thoroughly recommend this company for servicing your car. They are prompt and reliable.

Lorraine Hayes

05 Jan 2024

Absoloutely scum workers they are fitters they put cheap parts on cars and pay you premium prices I have had to pay THOUSANDS in repairs for the horrible job they did

Maryam Uppal

21 Feb 2024

Excellent mechanic service, will definitely visit again when my car needs a service!

Fen Ong

27 Feb 2024

The team at Midas Very helpful staff. I took my car there i got some issue the guys very helpful it was great job it’s really recommended.

kanwar goraya

17 Mar 2024

I got a flat tyre coming home from a night shift, the first company I organised cancelled their service with no reason and so I called these guys to see if they could help. They fit me in immediately, assessed the car and repaired the wheel so quickly and affordably. Cannot be anymore grateful to them for making my sleep-deprived day that little bit better.

Pia Clapham

13 May 2024