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Our experienced Team of mechanics are the experts for your Car, SUV and 4WD service and are brake, suspension and tyre specialists. Midas Melton Car Service has always been ready to meet their customers needs including brake repairs, tyres and batteries and general mechanical repairs. Midas Melton can even carry our your Logbook Service on your new vehicle without affecting your warranty.

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Midas Melton is conveniently located at Unit 1 / 23 Glenville Drive next to the Melton Botanic Gardens and close to shops and just off the Western Freeway

Call us now on (03) 8746 4646 or Book Online above.

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23 Glenville Drive, Melton, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Melton Tyre & Auto Service’

I took my 2009 vw Tiguan to Midas with a workshop fault and car going into limp mode. I requested they remove the egr and clean it as id seen a similiar issue before in a skoda Octavia. Within 1.5 hours, Dave from Midas Melton called and said it was the turbo and needed to be replaced at a Cost of 4705 dollars due to a wastegate malfunction (sticky flap) loss of turbo boost. I started To cry and put my partner on the phone who asked if they could free up the flap. They said they’d try. It was 41 degrees that day and they claimed they were going home. The following day was a public holiday and then the weekend. On Monday morning, they called me and said they could not free up the flap and I needed a whole new turbo. They then claimed that they were putting it all back together and later I went to get the car. I removed the turbo on my own. The turbo wastegate flap in a 2009 Tiguan is NOT in the turbo. We pulled it into 3 pieces and can see that the turbo is in good condition. They charged me 240 dollars to literally plug my car into a computer and made a diagnosis without even trying to “free up the flap” I know this because nothing in the engine was touched and they’d identify that this model Tiguan does not have a one piece turbo with the wastegate inside. Not one bolt had been touched. It is an electronic wastegate actuator which is removable and replaceable. If it is not the wastegate, the same problem can occur due to a faulty solenoid which is 200 dollars. So I suggest the reason for this is that they wanted to charge me for a turbo at 4705 dollars... replace a small inexpensive part and make themselves some Money. They also documented on my invoice that they cleaned the egr which I had asked to be done manually. There is no possible way given the fact they never even removed the stone guard that they performed this task. They then said they felt sorry for me and didn’t charge me much labor. I have been given the run around for being a female a fair few times however I know cars. I’m disgusted and insulted to have been treated like an idiot who they claim they felt sorry for. Furthermore, they then gave me the number of a place that would sell Me the turbo at a cost of 1000 dollars under the counter. Now if it was the wastegate Causing the issue as they said... the wastegate is not inside the turbo at all. So replacing it would have done nothing. They charged me 240 to make me a clown abd plug a computer into it which gave them a variety of options for the P0299 error. I have an OBD scanning tool and could have worked that out for myself costing me zero. I want my 240 dollars back for a start. They lied and did nothing other than make a fortune from me. Knowing a bit about cars myself, I expected more. I don’t expect to be made out to be a damsel in distress and ripped off. The only reason I took the car to Midas was because you are a big company and should have a reputation to uphold. I now have a car in pieces as I had no choice and because I refuse To get taken for a ride by anyone else.

Tracey Louise

14 Feb 2021

Great experience, David is a fantastic bloke, goes above and beyond to help in everyway possible, great pricing! Couldn't be happier.

Christopher Connor

25 Dec 2020

Machanic doesn't know what he is talking about

peter barber

02 Mar 2021

I had previously taken my new LDV t60 four-wheel drive diesel ute to Alan mance motors for a basic service the cost was around $640. I saw an advert for Midas car servicing so I decided to see if Melton had a dealership which they did I had my LDV service by them and they were very professional they were quick and very timely I would recommend them to my friends and family and most of all the price they charged was exceptionally good so I would recommend them to anyone ????????

James Swann

28 Sep 2020

Friendly staff but a bit pricey.

Clive Pringle

28 Dec 2020

Comes Highly recommended. Provides such great customer serivce and the high standard of professionalism. They really go out of their way to help and do right thing by their customers. Will be back.

Saveria Singh

13 Nov 2019

Very pleased great experience and service mechanics are full of knowledge highly recommend service

Robert Poppleton

31 Jan 2022

Great service awesome

Mick Hogan

01 Feb 2022

I bought 2 vocuhers from someone doing door to door for a promotion of there new store one of the best purchases !! I've made towards my car i had a vaccum leak usally $150-$300 and a major service $200-500$ need doing took it into the caroline springs store with the voucher only ended up paying a total of $150 so in the end saved a whole lot of labour cost ! I will be going back to midas 100%.

Thomas Christou

28 Nov 2019

Very happy and pleasant experience dealing with the Midas team at Melton, they were very helpful to explain the identified faults with my car, and were committed to work with me to achieve the best price and outcome to suit my needs and budget with explaining which faults require urgent attention and which ones could wait a bit longer. Thank you Midas team and look forward to my next service.

Deanne Ward

29 Sep 2022

They were good just need more staff

belinda prosser

04 Nov 2022

We have had a great all around experience with Midas in Melton. My hubby took his car there first and we could not believe the price, for years he dreaded getting his car serviced as the cost was very expensive! Midas were very good on price and the service was preformed well, I just took my Hyundai there and my car is running very well. They were able to replace my worn out battery after ordering one in for me in just a few hours which I found to be great service. Plus we were able to use a discount voucher that my husband had from his car????I will definitely use Midas Melton again!


14 Jun 2022

DO NOT USE!! Midas Melton provide a disgusting excuse of a service and provide fake good reviews ! Read my story below, and please avoid them!! We purchased a 200 voucher with Midas as part of there opening service, this voucher included 2 minor and 2 major services interchangeable with any car. I booked in my logbook service and was mortified when i picked up my car not only did i have to pay $130 on top of the $200 voucher (making one minor logbook service cost me $330), they advised me my car was in good condition and only to look into changing my tires in the future. I left after paying this and being advised this with my newborn baby. Skip to the next day, when i tried to start my car my battery was now faulty and picked and choose when my car wanted to start and if i did finally get it started all my electronics would be down (the radio, the reverse sensors ect) finally the electronics begain to work but the car still picked and choose when to start. We looked under the hood only to find my coolant hadnt been topped up, then when i got back into my car to open the visor my mirror had been snapped off and just placed back there broken. I have tried multiple attempts to call midas and have not been successful, then the one time i did get through i explained all the issues that have only arised since they serviced my car and the manager sounded concernes then after grtting off the phone sent through the diagnostic sheet now updated saying my battery has dropped a cell and is unsafe (this was never advised nor on the sheet upon pick up, so they just updated it to cover there behind) i called back furious advising that my hattery was fine up untill i used there service and advised of all the other faults. And queationed if this was an issue found at the time of pick up why would they have not brought it to my attention and let me drive out with a newborn baby. Again i called them in attempt to be refunded my $200 voucher money and for them to fix the mirror they brokw or i would be taking them to court. In return the manager said they will review and call me back, and ever since then they now have been screaning my calls.

Breannan Grubb

28 Nov 2019

I don't know why people are complaining, my experience was great and the $200 promotion was used exactly how they mentioned it would be utilised. Will be back

Peter Koulouris

13 Dec 2022