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A trusted household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market.

We are tyre, servicing and battery specialists ready to meet all your Car, SUV and 4WD requirements.

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Unit 9 (cnr Moggill Road) 34 Coonan St, Indooroopilly , Queensland, Australia


Reviews of ‘Midas Indooroophilly Tyre & Auto Service’

I can’t thank the team at Midas Indooroopilly enough, particularly Jack, for all their hard work helping me get my car on the road and on its way to Tasmania. Jack made what would have been an incredibly stressful time for us pretty stress-free, helping us understand what needed to be done and why, and helping us come to a decision that worked well for us given our budget and time constraints. He went above and beyond to ensure we felt confident in our decisions regarding work completed, particularly regarding our tyre purchase. I’m actually quite sad we won’t be back given we’re moving interstate - it can be hard to find a mechanic you genuinely trust. Thanks again guys ??

Talea P

21 Jan 2022

Best service I have ever received from any mechanic. Great team down there. It's always a worry when you send your car to the mechanic, you never know what they'll find! Midas Indooroopilly were quick, easy to deal with, honest and did a great job. Car drives so much better!

Tom Strofield

21 Oct 2021

Friendly. Honest. Professional staff. Great service.


12 May 2021

Great experience as always from the team at Midas! Was just a simple logbook service, however was a great price and on time. Would love to have given 5 stars, however did have to come back again as the log book was not stamped.

Zander B

20 Oct 2021

It was a small job and they were busy but they fixed it up , anyway. Great service. Quick and efficient. Thanks!

Paul Cameron

09 Feb 2021

Amazing service, super lovely and honest staff. Would recommend to anyone!

Jasmine Freier

23 Sep 2021

I took my 2004 Toyota Hiace van into Midas, with an ongoing issue. This particular issue had already stumped another mechanic workshop. They had literally put their hands up in the air and given up. Jack and the team at Midas were determined to find the fault for me, without forcing me to spend a ridiculous amount of money. I also wanted some other work done. They were amazing. It took them a little while, but true to Jack’s word, they stuck with it until the problem was solved. There were even moments when I was literally telling them to replace parts, that would have been unnecessary and costly. They advised against it until they were sure they had found the problem. They saved me both money and time. I can honestly now say that I have 100% faith in my vehicle and the repairs that have been done by the team. I want to travel solo, so it is really important to me that my vehicle is in tip top shape. Thanks team. I’ve appreciated the effort. Christine

Christine W

12 Apr 2022

Jack really looks after me here. I never get ripped off and the work is to a very high standard. I won't go anywhere else.

W J Coslovich

01 May 2022

I don't typically trust mechanics, but I trust Jack at Midas Indooroopilly which says a great deal. He emulates everything that is lacking in businesses today; he really cares about customer satisfaction and works tirelessly to provide the best service and value. I wouldn't take my car to anyone else. I know he is going to give me the best service at a competitive price every time and he really takes care of loyal customers. Chased down a hard to come by part for my 2012 Land Rover. I really appreciate it. Thanks, Jack!


06 May 2022

Jack from Midas Indooroopilly is one of the kindest people I have run into in a long time. My brake light had gone and I was worried about what would happen in all the torrential rain if the other one should go as well. Jack had just sent all his staff home, but took the time to fix it himself at no charge!!! I am so appreciative of your help Jack. You have gained yourself a new customer and I give my heartiest recommendation to anyone who might be in need of a trustworthy mechanic. Thank you!!!

Karen Lambert

13 May 2022

Very helpfull and accomodating staff . It was our first time there to check Midas out for my Uni student daughter’s car . As I don’t live here I was looking for somewhere she can go to in future. I have no concerns with her going back for any further services or work .

Alex Porter

28 Jul 2022

Great staff and great work. No pressure and easy to talk to. Highly recommend these guys

Alan Mitchell

18 Aug 2022

Great service, approachable and knowledgeable staff that understand what you want without pushing extra costs like other mechanical companies.

Miss Arnts

22 Aug 2022

David & Alan were awesome to deal with. I had an issue with my auto transmission. Before I went to Midas Indooroopilly, I went to another Auto-transmission Specialist and they had quoted me $8k just incase there was more work to be done. I was pleased when David quoted me $4k , they ended up replacing it with a second-hand transmission and ended up being $2,800!! I was very pleased with their customer service and anything else that needed to be done, they would contact me first before working on it. *** Update: I tried to contact them 2-3 months later via phone & email but noone called me back as I was already experiencing issues with car! ***

Fayth Tuaoi

22 Oct 2022

Fantastic service. I had an urgent repair which needed fixing before I could drive home. Unsure what to do, I called Midas for help. They were incredibly kind, fixed the issue for me and had me back on the road in no time. It's rare to experience such kindness, I definitely appreciated it. Thank you!

Betty C

24 Oct 2022

The New owner vadym is Very good boss Best places for car service and wheel alignment I will recommend to everyone People near indooroopilly can have easy benefit ??

Mohammed Ibrahim

03 Nov 2022

I went in for a quote, was quoted a larger amount. Same day, got another quote from a reputable business. $340 cheaper than Midas. Don’t know where you get your parts from, or was it because I was female, and thought I might of been a numb nut..! Shame Midas !

Shirley Goggi

19 Nov 2022

Amazing experience with the new team at Midas Indooropilly. The staff go the extra mile to ensure customer happiness and safety. Thanks team

Brian Nicholls

24 Nov 2022

I get my service done for the first time at midas indooroopilly and I was nicely surprised. Customer service was brilliant, they promised me to put my car in to priority list, I wanted to get it by lunch, car was finished in time and more then that stuff was communicating with me about repairs. Great job ????

CUTE-icle Lab

24 Nov 2022

Could not recommend Midas Indro more. They’ve been amazing from start to finish. My car got towed in late Wednesday afternoon and was done by Friday afternoon even though they were jam packed, they managed to squeeze my car in. Thank you so much guys! You’re the best and I’ll be using you from now on ☺️

Tiana Beatton

26 Nov 2022

Had a service of my car, and the workers there are super rude. Quoted me a larger amount for service. My car doesnt have a service logbook, so there is a slight discount on service whenever you get it but i was quoted a larger amount. Then they gave me a list of things, saying i had heaps of problems with my car. However, i got another mechanic to look at it and most of the problems stated by midas were false. Simply trying to charge too much money for repairs. Poor service

Nischay Jain

22 Dec 2022

Midas was less than impressive. Attempted to overcharge me for an automatic transmission service because I'm young and seen as unaware of approximate prices for services, quoted me $400 for a $200 job. The reception staff and manager do not have a full understanding of English and was extremely hard to get a point across resulting in various miscommunications and frustrating conversations. Plus way overcharged a degrease, charging me $120. Would not recommend Midas whatsoever, so many better places out there.


18 Jan 2023

Courteous service. Fast and efficient to repair my tyre with a dirty big screw embedded in it. Very happy to recommend them. Great job!

Madonna Moore

25 Mar 2023

Booked my car in here for the first time, for a general service and was so impressed. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and they explained everything they were doing. I also received a courtesy call before they started any major repairs so I had the option to go ahead or not. Very impressed and will definitely go back! Thanks Midas!

Nicky Ward

30 Mar 2023

After working with Midas Indooroopilly , I changed my car service to which I used to have service before. Now I am served only in Midas. Very nice staff, attentive to my car, I like that they are honest. I 100% recommend them as one of the best auto repair shops I've ever been to

Vadim Hnenenko

17 May 2023

Very disappointing service from Midas Indooroopilly. Initially went in for a service and diagnostic of a particular problem that was occurring at a specific speed with the car. We described the problem in the contact form and to the receptionist at the time and were told it would be looked at. A number of things were brought up with the car (as expected, it’s a fairly old car) so we went in to discuss what was necessary given our budget and what would address the problem. We were told that the mechanics were unaware that there was any issue as it had not been communicated to them by the reception, therefore not checked. Extremely frustrating considering we had specifically asked for it to be looked at but thought the lack of communication was just a one off. Anyway, after much discussion we narrowed the service list down to issues they believed (couldn’t guarantee, which I totally get) would solve the problem we had now had to describe. These things were done and the work appeared good. After driving the car post service and work being done, we realised the problem had not gone away and therefore took it back to specifically address the problem. We were told that they believed the problem was likely one of two things, so we decided to go ahead and get those things done. The car was left overnight and we were told we would be called the next day when the work was finished. The day passed with no phone call, so we decided to call back early evening to find out if the car was ready, we were told the car had been ready since the morning but that the problem was still there and they couldn’t figure out what it was, but we were told the car was driving better, given the new changes and that we could pick it up. We thus assumed that the problem had at least been reduced and at least the car had new parts that were driving better. On route (10 minutes later), we called to tell them we were on the way and were told the problem had been found, a completely different issue that had neither come up in the previous service or the two day diagnostic until the very last minute. Despite this, we picked the car up and were told the actual issue was just something that needed to be accepted and was not a safety issue, which we were happy to accept. We drove the car away to find that the problem was now occurring at all speeds, not just the specific speed it originally occurred at. We called the garage the next day to discuss what had happened and why we were told the car was driving better even though it was clearly a lot worse. We were told by the head mechanic that they had discovered when test driving it that the new works had only exasperated the old problem, none of which was communicated to us over the phone prior to picking it up, or when we picked the car up and paid for the work. We asked what our next steps were to addressing the problem and were told that they didn’t know and could not help us further. We completely understand that fixing a problem can be a guessing game but it feels as though work has been carried out without proper assessment or honest guidance, as the issue was something that was eventually discovered after a full assessment. Irrespective of this, our issue doesn’t lie with the fact that the problem didn’t get fixed but with being led to believe that despite the existing problem, the car was driving much better, which was clearly not true. Overall, it is just a shame as we believed we were being given good, honest work and advice but have been left feeling extremely naïve and disappointed. We are young people with extremely limited funds and have spent a large portion of our budget on getting the car working properly, to have only been left with a car that drives more poorly than when we first brought it in. Anyway, many lessons have been learnt on this journey, one of which is to never take our car back to Midas Indooroopilly.

Lorna Preece

11 Jan 2023

I was recommended to try Midas as I was having so much trouble and dissatisfaction from the dealer I had been going to since I purchased the car. Apart from being only minutes away instead of the other side of town the job was attended to quickly, effectively and with a full explanation of the costs involved. Such a relief and excellent. I shall be going round the corner with my car in future to a genuine and courteous place!!

Elizabeth Morgan

16 Apr 2023

Excellent service. Great explanation of what needed to be done. Well quoted & at a very reasonable price with no hidden costs. Dan worked so hard to make sure I got the car back on the road as soon as possible. Once again a huge thank you to all the Midas staff. Exceptional .

Vanessa Taylor

07 Jun 2023

I had an overall amazing experience at Midas Auto Service. The friendly guys working there made me feel comfortable, and their recommendations for brake repair and other services were spot-on. Highly recommended!

Dominic Ford

18 Jun 2023

This is my trusted destination for all my car servicing needs. Their skilled technicians and attention to detail ensure that my vehicle is in top shape. The reasonable prices are an added bonus, making them the go-to place for quality car service.

Phil Metcalfe

20 Jun 2023

They provided excellent car service, including engine oil replacement, and their expertise was evident throughout the process. The prices were reasonable, and the overall experience was exceptional. I left the place with a well-maintained car and a smile on my face!

Edward Gray

19 Jun 2023

I had the pleasure of visiting this Auto Service recently, and I must say the experience was outstanding. The friendly guys at the shop provided exceptional service, addressing all my concerns and ensuring my car was well taken care of. I highly recommend their services!

Nelson Graham

20 Jun 2023

They exceeded my expectations with their great customer service and high-quality work. I brought in my vehicle for clutch repair, and their skilled technicians handled it with utmost professionalism. They diagnosed the issue promptly and completed the repair efficiently. The friendly guy at the front desk kept me updated throughout the process. Auto Service is definitely my top choice for clutch-related services!

Keeton Ray

19 Jun 2023

Thank you so much for helping us with our car needs. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an honest and reliable car service place. All the staff was friendly and made us feel very comfortable. We will definitely return.

andrea larrotta

23 Jun 2023

I am not an expert in car mechanics and it was necessary to do a major repair to my car. Fortunately, there was Alejandro, a mechanic who speaks Spanish and he explained in detail everything I needed, what was priority and what was secondary in order to make the necessary repairs. Excellent experience with MIDAS and all their staff. Highly recommended!

Sebastián Gallegos-Berríos

12 Jul 2023

Got our car serviced here this month and was very pleased with the way Midas at Indooroopilly handled things, explaining all that we needed to understand and having the car ready in time for my requested pick up time. If you ever need a car service in Brisbane, definitely recommend these guys!

Tevita Tabilai

21 Jul 2023

Shout out to isuru for getting my car done! Customer service was great and understanding. They explained everything and gave me plenty of options. Prices were very reasonable. Will definitely come here again!


26 Jul 2023

Excellent car service Brisbane. Thank you for coming to my rescue and replacing my tyres after a dealership service left me driving around on a temporary ‘spare’. I really appreciate you and your team taking the time to explain my options and fitting me in the very next day.

Dale C

01 Aug 2023

Exceptional Car Service in Brisbane I recently had the pleasure of getting my car serviced at Midas Indooroopilly, and I must say that it was an exceptional experience all across the board. From the moment I walked into the facility, I was greeted with the utmost professionalism and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The team at Midas Indooroopilly in Brisbane truly knows their stuff when it comes to car service. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. Their expertise in handling a wide variety of car models and makes was evident, as they flawlessly diagnosed and resolved the issues I was facing with my vehicle. What truly sets Midas Indooroopilly apart from other car service centres in Brisbane is its unwavering commitment to quality. At every step of the way, they ensured that the work done on my car was of the highest standard. From using genuine parts to employing the latest techniques and tools, they left no stone unturned in delivering exceptional results. Not only did Midas Indooroopilly excel in technical competency, but they also demonstrated great respect for my time and convenience. The service was completed promptly, and they provided regular updates throughout the process, keeping me informed about the progress. Furthermore, the staff members at Midas Indooroopilly were incredibly friendly and approachable. They took the time to patiently answer all my questions, offering valuable insights and advice regarding the maintenance of my vehicle. Their passion for what they do shines through their interactions, making the entire experience even more enjoyable. In conclusion, Midas Indooroopilly undeniably deserves a 5-star rating for its exceptional car service in Brisbane. From their skilled team of technicians to their commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service, they have set a new standard in the industry. If you're looking for a reliable car service centre, I wholeheartedly recommend Midas Indooroopilly for its expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. Shaun

Shaun Clack

02 Aug 2023

I recently had an exceptional experience with Midas Indooroopilly Brisbane car service. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly impressed me. They went above and beyond to track down a specific car part and promptly fixed my vehicle. Their commitment to providing top-notch service is evident, and their advanced technology ensures a professional and reliable outcome. I highly recommend Midas Indooroopilly for their trustworthy and proficient car service.

Amal Bahbah

10 Aug 2023

Midas car service Brisbane, have great quality service. My headlights blew and they were able to fit me in the following day to get fixed. Thank you for doing such a good job ???? would definitely recommend!

Layla Mohren

12 Aug 2023

Used MIDAS Indooroopilly again for my Camry car service in Brisbane and they did another great job! Resolved a faulty part warranty issue with no fuss and completed the scheduled service on time and at the quoted price. They’re feedback on issues identified during the service was accurate and welcomed.

Herb Hamwood

15 Aug 2023

Had the absolute best experience with Midas Indooroopilly. My car has been overdue for a service for ages. Thank you to Dulanttha for fixing her up and special shout-out to Etelissa for educating me on every little bit along the way. I’ve always been wary of dealerships for overcharging needlessly but the team here really went out of their way to make sure I knew exactly what was happening and what I was paying for every step of the way. I had an extensive service done and all the work that was carried out was clearly laid out to me. Along the lines of “There’s absolutely no pressure to action anything else today but my recommendations are XYZ. The parts are $__ and the labour will be $___” All around a brilliant experience and I don’t see myself trusting anyone else with my car from now on.

Jazmyn Ward

08 Aug 2023

Had the absolute best experience with Midas Indooroopilly. My car has been overdue for a service for ages. Thank you to Dulanttha for fixing her up and special shout-out to Etelissa for educating me on every little bit along the way. I’ve always been wary of dealerships for overcharging needlessly but the team here really went out of their way to make sure I knew exactly what was happening and what I was paying for every step of the way. I had an extensive service done and all the work that was carried out was clearly laid out to me. Along the lines of “There’s absolutely no pressure to action anything else today but my recommendations are XYZ. The parts are $__ and the labour will be $___” All around a brilliant experience and I don’t see myself trusting anyone else with my car from now on. Best car service in Brisbane!

Jazmyn Ward

10 Aug 2023

I ended up here when my car broke down nearby. Absolutely lovely people, and brilliant communication. They fixed what they could, and were upfront about sending me to a specialist to have other issues fixed within my budget. Cannot recommend them enough.

Elise Wilson

15 Sep 2023

My car had squealing brakes and Midas were able to fit us in on short notice. We were shown the work required, including a component that had seized up. This seized component was fixed and new brakes sorted just in time for our holiday to proceed as planned on Monday! Great communication throughout.

Roger Yates

18 Sep 2023

The shop quote over the phone was fine then got to the shop and Vadym stood by it. The job was done on time and follow up call to remind me was helpful - especially as they're open until 6 weekdays. The lads helped me unload and load the wheels from & to my car too. I'm happy with their service and would recommend to others.

Russ TheMuss

31 Aug 2023

Highly experienced staff and affordable prices - that is what Midas Indooroopilly is about. Got my tires and brakes checked, wheel alignment has been done quickly and with full efficient report. Thanks Vadim! Will come back again.

Alex Holovanov

20 Aug 2023

Thank you to the team! It was an urgent situation and I am so grateful for the effort and care for my predicament. Friendly and helpful customer service from beginning to end of the job. Has restored faith that I’m not always being taken for a fool to make an easy dollar. Like it or not I’m now a loyal customer.


22 Aug 2023

I appreciated the team going above and beyond to replace my tyres at short notice. It was also very good of them to let me know of alternative options for further work that needed to be done. Thanks crew.

Bec A

12 Oct 2023

Very affordable after I got a flat tire. I was lucky that they had my tire size at the place! It was fitted quickly and the guys at the front were really nice to talk to. Will definitely go here again in the future

Indiana Reid

19 Oct 2023

Have been using Midas for years. Have always been satisfied with their friendly and professional approach. Never had a problem with service quality an think their charges are reasonable. Strongly recommend you give them a try.

William Green

31 Oct 2023

I was really happy with the customer service Ryder and Cameron at Midas Indooroopilly provided me. I felt they genuinely cared about doing their job well and took the time communicate my cars needs without pressuring me to spend more money (a rare find in my past experience with mechanics). Thanks again guys.

Shannon Armstrong

04 Nov 2023

Ryder helped my son get his car back on the road with a professionalism and dedication that is a testament to his commitment in helping others. I appreciate his follow up with how the car and my son are. If you’re looking for someone who will go above and beyond, these are the guys!????

Neil Faggotter

02 Nov 2023

Great service. They booked me in at the last minute and did a great job. They even stayed back to fix a tyre issue. HIGHLY recommend these guys and I will be to friends and family! Very honest and friendly too! First time with these guys and now have a new mechanic I can trust!

Kevin J.K.

11 Nov 2023

On a Saturday morning recently we had the need to have a tyre change for daughters front wheel. The guys from Midas happily made time for us and without much delay we were on our way. Thank you for your service. Cheers

Stanley Mann

15 Nov 2023

Great service, approachable and knowledgeable staff that understand what you want without pushing extra costs like other mechanical companies. Thank you Ryder and Cameron for all your help and showing that you care about the customers best needs and quality workmanship. I wouldn’t take my blue truck anywhere else!

Gypsy Girl

17 Nov 2023

I really appreciate everything that Midas Indooroopilly did for me. The customer service was amazing and I will only be coming to them for services from now on. The service manager was so understanding of my situation and did everything he could to help me out which I really appreciated


20 Nov 2023

Service on my vehicle was carried out very well - moved very smoothly after the service. I appreciated the care taken. My service advisor suggested replacement of tyres - gave good and sensible reasons. Overall I was pleased with service and am happy to recommend Midas to anyone who needs some work on their car. Good value and efficient performance

Jon Stanford

30 Nov 2023

My wheel alignment experience ? It didn’t take too long, they were nice blokes, it was close to home & looked like an impressive outfit . Car seems happy too. Can recommend .

Geraldine Trivett

30 Nov 2023

Outstanding service for my Holden SV6 at this mechanical workshop. Remarkably quick diagnostics—they found the fault within minutes. Their expertise in handling SV6 models is commendable. Efficient repairs and a team dedicated to excellence. Highly recommend for Holden owners seeking top-tier automotive care

isuru sandeepa

05 Dec 2023

I’ve never been to a mechanic before, and I went to Midas Indooroopilly to repair my first car to make it roadworthy. From the moment we pulle up, an awesome staff member, Ryder told us where to park it. The breakdown of costs were clear and transparent, and the staff were very patient with my decision to get it repaired. I now have a fully roadworthy car that will last me many years. The staff were super friendly and personal, and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Looking forward to being back, but with the fantastic job they did I think that won’t be for quite some time. Go to this Mechanic!

Seb Smith

05 Dec 2023

5 of the big ones for these guys! From start to finish the whole team at MIDAS provided a fantastic customer experience and a great service. It’s the way you make people feel that people will remember and for that reason I’ll be back to see Ryder, Cameron, and the whole team for my next service!

Joshua Sanders

06 Dec 2023

Extremely professional and friendly guys. Ryder was very thorough and took time to explain every details done on the car as well their recommendations. The team as whole is very professional and highly recommend them for any future services

Ananth VL

09 Dec 2023

Customer service from store manager was excellent. Reasonable price for tyre repair, break pad replacement and rotor fix. Also fixed my car keys without charge! Only short coming is price on AC repair. After getting comparative quotes I wouldn’t come to Midas for AC issues. Thanks for your help!

Braiden McKay

12 Dec 2023

Recently, I was very impressed by Ryder and the team who went the extra mile with helping me with a pre-purchase inspection on very short notice. The Midas team was able to carry out the inspection to a high standard and identify a few things that would need to be fixed. I was very impressed by their customer service and to add the issues were also corrected the same day and I went ahead with the sale. I would have no issues recommending Midas Indooroophily to anyone .

Marc Dupree Plato

16 Dec 2023

Live 1000 km away from Brisbane got a daughter there at uni she has been to see Rhyder at Midas Indooroopilly and the service has been exemplary. The attention to detail and the practical approach they have to servicing her car is second to none. They keep me informed up here as well to the resolutions of the few problems she had. Pleasure to do business with and great peace of mind that the job being carried out is both cost effective without compromising any mechanical or safety issues. We will be back Thank you

Anthony Jackson

08 Dec 2023

Ryder and the team were incredible. Communication was top notch and the customer service was outstanding. Never before in my life have I written a google review, but the guys were that good that I had to.

Joseph Smith

14 Dec 2023

Great customer service, thorough diagnosis by Ryder & Cameron, had all the work done in the estimated time, also communicated with us the whole way through, regarding what we needed done & negotiated a fair price. Great work.

Troy Smith

20 Dec 2023

I received outstanding service, I called and they made immediate time for me. The team was extremely friendly and listened to what I needed. They did not just try to make money they helped me achieve what I needed with a quick turnaround I have complete trust in the team.

Sophie Hobden

01 Jan 2024

Absolutely awesome customer service and excellent work done on my 1964 hard to work on car. The team fit me into their busy schedule at short notice and solved an unexpected problem! Very happy customer.

Nathan F

18 Jan 2024

Wonderful service at Midas! Recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and needed an urgent safety certificate to register vehicle here. Managed to do it through work-in which is amazing compared to others which need to book one week in advance. Great experience and thanks the team at Midas!

Alice Luo

20 Jan 2024

Good service, Cameron did a great job with the essential service on my car. Definitely will consider Midas for future servicing. Would’ve appreciated when my car was finished as I didn’t receive any texts. Overall good service.

Myles Ogden

28 Jan 2024

Ryder and the team are always friendly, jovial and professional. They go above any beyond to inform in layman's terms and ensure the greatest care is taken. I brought my new car to Ryder recently for her first service. He made me feel confident that my car was in tip top shape. He wasn't pushy to buy things or fix unnecessary things. I never felt pressured. I would 10/10 rate Ryder and the team at Midas Indooroopilly.

Emma Siepen

02 Feb 2024

These guys were awesome. Got a puncture on the M5 and managed to limp it to their store. Even without calling ahead they fitted me in for a plug puncture repair for a super reasonable price. I was in and out in an hour and they did give me a quote on some new tyres but didn’t pressure me to purchase anything even though both of my rear tyres are ready to be replaced. Also had a good laugh with them while I was waiting. Friendly and professional. Would recommend. Cheers lads!

Adam Hughes

04 Feb 2024

My favourite experience ever at a mechanic!! The whole team had my best interest in mind throughout the whole process and kept me in the loop and the cost down as much as possible. Shout out to Ryder for providing a calm energy while I patiently waited for my car to return! Totally went above and beyond for me. Can’t thank everyone enough.

Lily Hooper

08 Feb 2024

I can't fault the service Ryder & Cameron provided for our safety inspection & service. They took the time to answer all my questions and explained the process so I could make an informed decision. They kept me in the loop while working on our car and offered other helpful advice, knowing I was new to the area. Will definitely be going back.

Katherine Barnes

07 Mar 2024

The team was super helpful in giving a detailed view of my car’s health following inspection and helped me assess what to focus on repairing. Awesome communication and friendly service, will definitely be going back for future service!

Dane Davis

14 Mar 2024

My husband got new tires two days ago. And tyre shine was put on. I don't know much about cars but I do know it shouldn't be sprayed on to the point where it affects other parts of the car. The morning after there was an incident. I called to ask questions about the work done and the guy on the phone laughed at me and the serious incident. Ryder called back so the one star is for him. And his help. I am yet to get an apology from the other guy who laughed at a serious matter.

Neena Sarvia

30 Apr 2024

Ive used midas for a few years, at the beginning I found prices and customer service great. Today was not. I had booked a normal service (log book), $280 turned in to about $2500 of work for a car 70k km owned from brand new and used minimally and maintained to log book standards. I was given little explanation over the phone of what was necessary or recommended. I refused most as things like filters and brake fluids were in the next log book service. I fail to understand doing them this service and again next service as log book requires it. I called at 2:30pm and asked when the car would be ready, I was lied to and told the car hadn't even been checked or assessed yet, when I had already had contact at 9:30am with a full assessment. He was then rude when I stated I had already had communication and the car had been assessed. Later when I picked up the car I questioned all the recommendations as they felt way over the top... he explained they quote to make the vehicle roadworthy. I feel that is ridiculous - I'm not selling the car, and find it absurd to replace things multiple times through the life as recommendations to roadworthy standards instead of as they are required. I would have let one thing slide.. the quote. But the shortness over the phone when I talked to the store asking if the car was ready was the icing. Happy to go elsewhere.

Jackson Blank

29 Feb 2024

Yesterday, I got some great care for my car at Midas Indooroopilly. The guys here really work hard to put the customers first every time and I feel it was totally worth it to get my car seen to. I now have a much smoother ride (= and less anxiety) and can get back on the highway again!! Talking to Alejandro, Cameron and Ryder has gotten me back on the straight and narrow and im sure had it not been for these awesome folks and the great mechanics there that I wouldn't have been able to drive my car much longer which is so important in my work life balance. ???? Thank you guys!

Sara Johanna

09 Mar 2024

Midas Indooroopilly team was very helpful, courteous and timely. They booked car in for immediate service and completed the work by end of day. They were flexible with collection times and happy to accommodate my schedule. Tyres were replaced at reasonable price that was $300 less than tyre shops doing ‘Buy 3 get 1 free deals’. I’ll definitely return for next service.

Tracy MacMillan

06 May 2024

I had a nail In my tyre and because I'm always on the road, I needed a quick fix. I dropped into Midas Indooroopilly and the guys were kind enough to take me straight away. 1/2 an hour later I was back on the road and at a real good price. Thanks guys awesome service.

Kosta Comino

09 May 2024

Great service from Ryder and Cameron. My car needed to stay overnight, and was supplied with a replacement car and my car seat installed. Very kind and communicated well to me through the whole process. Car is now in good order. Thank you!

Claire Pearson

17 May 2024