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132 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘ABS Auto Collingwood’

I felt like this business tried to take advantage of me by quoting a huge amount of money for a service and other repairs & not explaining the other repairs at all. When I took my car elsewhere, it cost a fraction of what ABS were asking and the new place explained things to me more clearly so I felt informed. Would not recommend this business - it was a very unpleasant experience for me.

Eloise O'Reilly

30 Jun 2021

Really happy with customer service and job well done - explained problems and (show and tell) and fixed it. ALSO went extra mile helping with Remote-Key-Battery - that was very much appreciated... Definitely returning Sherif

Sherif Botros

04 Jun 2021

I've been getting my car serviced at ABS Collingwood for more than five years and they've always been excellent. They do a great job, they've fair prices and I've never had a problem with my car. Thanks to the team, they deserve all these great reviews!

Jill Farrar

10 May 2021

Was very impressed with the service I received from Craig and the team. They were super friendly, had a very quick turnaround and charged a fair price. Craig was also very happy to answer all my questions.

Ashleigh Cunial

12 Mar 2021

I found ABS Collingwood to be professional, attentive and good value . All of my repairs were explained in detail . My car performance improved after my service and repair . I was able to use Afterpay for payment, which was terrific.

Ian Mummery

24 May 2021

Got my car serviced with ABS Collingwood last week, Just great service, Great job, talked me through everything that needed to be done without just going ahead and doing it. Will be going back for sure to keep my car on track. Even came back cleaned. Thanks guys.

john warne

06 Jul 2021

I have used ABS Collingwood for many years; from the previous manager/owner to now. They’ve always had good mechanics and I have not had any complaints about their service, workmanship, reliability or price. When they fixed something, you know it’s fixed. You won’t need it fixed again, and again, and again…like I’ve heard from other people’s experience at other mechanics. Craig runs a good team. They’re reliable, informative and honest.

Postcode 3000

20 Sep 2021

Picked up the car from ABS in Collingwood a couple days ago and was impressed with the way the car felt. Sent the car to get new tyres and to fix the air conditioning as it had recently stopped working. Had been putting it off due to lockdown but now it was also due for a general service and oil change. The repairs and service were very thorough and a couple of other areas for improvement were also found. The staff were informative when making calls, explained the situation and gave an accurate quote. Afterwards the car was running noticeably smoother than I ever remember it running. The mechanics here seem very experienced and thorough - the car is significantly quieter, changes gears more smoothly (auto) and just generally feels healthy - which are aspects that didn’t seem to improve in past services. The staff here are friendly, know what they’re doing and really go above and beyond to improve how your car runs while leaving the options and decisions in your hands. Highly recommended


04 Sep 2021