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Since 1981, our mission has been to stay passionate about providing our customers with the best automotive services possible, including the best customer service and the most professional care for your vehicle, which means you can have peace of mind that your family is travelling safely all year round.

We are a group of Automotive Specialists that started out in 1981 as a parts remanufacturing business in Fitzroy. Even in our humble beginnings, our commitment to quality shone through in everything we did, and by 1984 we grew to the point to which our operations, systems and the ABS brand had bloomed into an impressive franchise.

In 1990, we opened our first interstate store in Tasmania, which was quickly followed by new stores popping up in Perth in 1994, and Adelaide in 1996. Today, we are proud to say that our business has grown to a total of 46 stores, operating in every state and territory across Australia.

We have also expanded and developed our services to enable us to be a one-stop shop for all our customers’ vehicle servicing needs, and we are able to provide a world-class service for:
Minor and major services
Logbook services
Brake and clutch maintenance and repair
Cooling Systems maintenance and repair
Suspension and steering
Any other mechanical repairs that you may need for your car

With years of experience and that personal touch, we make sure you and your car always have a second home with us. Our mission has stayed strong every step we have taken as a business, and will continue as such in our ongoing growth.

We take our customers feedback seriously.

ABS Auto are committed to providing the highest level of servicing and we measure this by using our specifically designed SMS feedback program. This SMS customer feedback program is tailored to deliver a method to ensure your suggestions of how the store can improve their service, and or an acknowledgement that you have received the highest level of service.

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Battery Services
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Tyres and Wheel Alignments
Brake Services
Logbook Services
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378-380 Moreland Road, Brunswick West, Victoria, Australia


Reviews of ‘ABS Auto Brunswick’

I had a minor service completed on my Mitsubishi Triton. I dropped it off at 8 am and it was completed within 4 hours ready for me to collect. A friendly professional and knowledgeable team. Thanks Bill.

Michael Blair

29 Mar 2021

VERY Happy with the professionalism and courtesy of the people who work there. They renewed my brakes to a high standard at a very reasonable cost and finished on time with a courtesy message after completion. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Robert Carter

25 Jan 2021

Honest mechanic, didn't force me to get things fixed I couldn't afford at the time. Will be going back for future service and repairs.

A Poor Mans Millions

11 May 2021

Great experience with their service all round. The guys were friendly and professional, will definitely go back.

Bruce Ian

21 May 2021

Just want to say, that the crew at ABS are not only professional but extremely friendly and helpful.

Dex Dorky

26 Apr 2021

I am so happy with the full service and work I had done at ABS Brunswick. I am most relieved to finally find a reliable, honest mechanic company who are friendly and explain things thoroughly too. They did a great job with my car, it feels so much better and smoother to drive now, I cant believe its the same car.

M. Hobs

20 Jul 2021

Absolutely the best place i ve taken my car to in the past decade. These guys are not just pros at what they do ... They will also go the extra mile and make you feel valued as a customer whilst being very reasonably priced at the same time. Special thanks to Minh who diagnosed my car's issues in literally under 3 minutes You guys rock


29 Jun 2021

I have been going to ABS Brunswick for the last 2 years and the staff and management team has always been A1 from friendly service to pricing. Always recommend them to my family and friends

Kim Nguyen

07 Sep 2021

I saw the guys today at ABS Brunswick for my roadworthy and they were so professional and helpful. I will be going back for my servicing, the team were fantastic.

Rhiannon Bausch

17 Sep 2021

Good friendly staff prices really good Go back again for service. .


20 Jul 2021

The Guys at ABS Brunswick were amazing, not only did they service my car they cleaned it as well. A1 service

Antonia Montana

20 Oct 2021

The service costumer! I came just to ask some questions and they help me really really helpful. They check for me something for free. Thank you very much!

Gali Talker

10 Nov 2021

Easy communication and great customer services and cares what customers needs. They even reported to me honesty about my break pad still in good condition even I've asked to change it along with new rotor. Is where i felt this shop trustworthy and comfortable.


23 Dec 2021

Fixed issues with my Ute, not only did they thoroughly explain added issues, but took photos of and really went into detail of what was wrong. Great work guys!

Todd Linton

03 Feb 2022

I had the best service at ABS Brunswick for my car to get it roadworthy for registration. Thank you so much to Bill & the team who went above and beyond for me. They took a lot of care with my car and explained to me what they were doing and why, so you know that they only care about providing the best service and to ensure your car is safe on the road. I will be back for my regular servicing!

Kristen Houghton

20 Mar 2022

Great service and communication. Called before repairs to outline overall cost of parts and supplied an itemised receipt at the end. Very pleased.

Nicholas Coughlin

04 May 2022

The service from these guys is awesome. I needed front rotors and pads, the car is a little unique, and they responded immediately, ordered the parts and fixed the car. I was impressed with the price at way less than the dealer service quoted. I am going back again now for the rear to be done. These guys are awesome with an excellent work ethic. Thanks


27 Jul 2022

Had been in for a service a few days earlier. team was very thorough. Found some things that needed urgent attention. 2 days later car had knocking sound coming from rear. Team found loose bolts in suspension and fixed right away for no extra costs. Very helpful, professional and quick.

rene thomson

08 Aug 2022

Brought my car for annual service. Staff was great, explained everything that needed to be done before the service and after the service. Friendly staff, great location and price.

Walter Scott

24 Aug 2022

The team here are great and supportive! Thank you for fixing/fitting in new light bulbs for my car. Highly recommend! :)

Edwin Raj Productions

26 Sep 2022

Friendly staff, were helpful, knowledgeable and honest in advising me what needed work soon without making me feel pressured into getting them done. 10/10, will definately be going back.

Lacey Rosevear

04 Oct 2022

Excellent service as usual from ABS Moreland Road Brunswick. I take both of my vehicles to ABS and they look after both extremely well. I recently had an issue with my car and Bill and the team at ABS Brunswick had it all sorted quickly. I have peace of mind and always feel well looked after even at extremely busy times like Christmas. Thank you ABS and Merry Christmas!

Rosie Bianchi

16 Dec 2022

Bill and team are very professional and great at what they do. Got my mustang brakes done there. Prices are very reasonable and when there was a issue with the brakes done, they took full ownership and re did the job fantastic. Very happy with the service and workmanship.

Rain Thava

28 Dec 2022

Front drive shafts replaced on my Subaru WRX at a fraction of the price quoted by Subaru. Very professional business. Thanks to Bill & Minh.

Clive Reynolds

08 Dec 2022

When the local mechanic business folded during Covid, I asked my brother in law for advice. He said, “These guys are honest and do good work”. That’s how I found them. Between them and the mechanics before they managed to resolve issues that a dealership hadn’t in years. They explain things well and if I say I don’t want to spend that money they offer work around. I recommend them.

Mark Ford

11 Apr 2023

They did an OK job with service but their marketing is very annoying. They put a bumper sticker on my car without asking and a year later I am still getting texts and emails saying my service is overdue. I DONT LIVE IN MELBOURNE ANYMORE STOP TEXTING ME.

Alex Firth

18 Apr 2023

The guys at ABS Brunswick are friendly and honest. I was booked in for a service and they did a complete check of my car. Bill advises my on what needed to be on that day and gave me a list of what will be needed to be done on my next service. This will allow me to budget for my next service. I highly recommend Bill and his team at ABS Brunswick.

Gursel Ali

30 May 2023

I have always gone to a franchised mechanic but when they quoted me an expensive quote for a repair I decided to try ABS. They were professional efficient trustworthy and got the job done at a very reasonable price . The car was ready within hours. I think I found my new mechanics .

Javier Ramos

14 Jun 2023

Just had my car serviced here for the first time. Bill was great, super friendly and helpful. Answered all my silly questions and gave me some tips for the future!! Thanks Bill and the team!

Ollie V

05 Aug 2023

I have been using ABS for many years now. They have always been reliable and honest. Not once I heard that I had to do anything during servicing that I wasn't already expecting... Really recommend them.

Margarida Da Silva

15 Aug 2023

Fantastic team. They serviced the breaks on my 435i. I could not be happier. They were very knowledgeable and researched what components my car needed. The quote they gave was what I paid no hidden cost. They were upfront about what needed doing. They advised me that my front break pads did not need to be replaced at this stage, only the disks. I opted to have the pads done as well, but I believe this action showed honesty and integrity to advise me that a component that I believed needed to be changed did not. I would like to say a big thank you to the ABS team at Brunswick.


11 Dec 2023

Bill and the team at ABS Auto Brunswick have gone above and beyond to help me, they checked over my car for me before I had to take a long drive and it turned out I needed a new battery (to replace one already under warranty) - Bill facilitated meeting with RACV while I was at work and didn't even carge me for the time they spent checking over my car. You'll have me coming to you for as long as I live in Melbourne!! Thank you so much for your generosity and conscientiousness. Much appreciated.

Bronte Small

11 Dec 2023

I wanted to share my recent unpleasant experience with ABS in the hope of preventing others from going through the same ordeal. I own a 2016 Mitsubishi Sport, and I brought it to ABS with a DPF filter issue. Bill appeared to understand the problem and assured me they could fix it. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive as it was my first time getting my car serviced by a non-authorized dealer. They completed the job, but something bothered me when I picked up the car. Bill mentioned he was "surprised my car let his computer diagnose it," a detail he hadn't disclosed or mentioned as a potential issue when I dropped off the car. A few days later, I noticed the car was sluggish, so I returned it to ABS. They assured me the car was fine and claimed to have taken it on a freeway drive. However, a week later, both the DPF warning light and the engine light reappeared. Once again, I took it back to ABS, regretting not going directly to Mitsubishi. Unfortunately, ABS couldn't connect their computer to my car, leaving me no choice but to take it to Mitsubishi and pay twice for the same job. I called Bill to express my disappointment, believing he was aware of the potential issue but failed to mention it when I dropped off the car. Bill took no responsibility, blaming my car for their computers limitation. While Bill offered a free next service, I won't be returning to ABS. My advice for new clients is to inquire about the compatibility of their computer with your car before proceeding with any services. Sadly, out of pocket

Nicole Antonowicz

06 Dec 2023

Fantastic, professional and friendly service, thank you for making our xmas camping trip happen!! The guys as ABS managed to find and fix a problem with our car at last moment before close of business and get us back on the road! We’ll forever be grateful thanks!

Rhiannon Holden

22 Dec 2023

Bill and the mechanics are very professional and communicate all work done, had a clutch done on my 2006 Toyota Yaris, quick turnaround, good price, highly recommended.

Bass B

29 Jan 2024

I am a long term customer of ABS. They go above and beyond in the provision of their services. Recently, in a stressful situation when I was unable to get my vehicle to them, they came to me and assisted me in moving my vehicle to their premises. The human touch that they add to their services is invaluable in these stressful times in which we live.

John Whittam

12 Feb 2024

Bill and his team where straight up and honest with what I should and shouldn't do with my vehicle. By chance I found him by the app autoguru and thank christ I did. Every time I've taken it in for major works he delivered on time and above all!!! On budget!!! He was cost effective for me the customer!!! I highly recommend him and his workshop.

kosta Zarkos

22 Feb 2024